: why didn't u just low-key give him your account LoL instead of making this forum post, now it's likely that you'll both get banned. comedy gold.
because low-key his account has whats called sentiment. Can't just give someone back their sentiment. Comedy gold? Doesn't surprise me to see there is still people in the community who are just as much of an asshole as I was in this game.
: The problem is that the person who is the original owner, gave out his account details to you and that person did not keep his account information private. The account will not get unbanned. Mark my words.
You seem rather optimistic... Again as I said above which you clearly are to blind to read. He did not _give_ his password to anyone. No point in beating a dead cow though. Have a nice day.
: I really do hope riot takes things like this seriously instead of just blowing it off saying its your own fault yada yada cause they don't want to use their resources to salvage a relationship. rito pls. Im cool that your JP branch decided to permaban my account that I spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on for _being a foreigner_, but at least sort this dude out.
Thank you for your kind words sir.
: The person who shared the account with you is fully responsible for all the actions committed on the account. This is a quote from a Riot employee when something similar happened. "As the account owner, you are held fully responsible for any actions that occur even if it wasn't you that did them as others who play the game are still negatively impacted by it. This includes all actions done by those you freely gave your account information away to."
As I stated below to another, the owner of the account had no awareness of me having access to the account. I could understand in a situation where friends were both playing actively on the same account, but this is not the case. There is a clear change in personality from when he stopped playing and I started.
PurpIe (OCE)
: Its cool of you to own up to your mistake :)
Well I might be a salt lord, but I still have morals. Thank you for your kind words sir.
Etav (OCE)
: Submit a ticket. (From personal experience takes about 2-5 days). Riot's usually pretty cool with helping you out if you ask nicely! Although...why were you an someone else account without their permission????? Does the original owner even want his account back? Putting aside the toxicity ban wouldn't Riot freeze the account for this violation alone? ........Seems like you really messed up. You want Riot to unfreeze an account you've been abusing for 6 months....so you can abuse it more? Yehhh Good luck mate xD Not sure anyone would lift a finger for you.
I understand that _sharing_ your account with others is a violation, but he did share it with me. I saw his password when he entered it at my house one time. Also your accusation about me wanting to get the account unfreeze to abuse it more is wrong. As I said, I quit League and could not care less to play again, but I do care that a friend of mine (who has spent quite a bit on this game) has lost his account because of me. Yes he does really want his account back as well, I wouldn't be here posting this if he didn't. "Yehhh Good luck mate xD Not sure anyone would lift a finger for you." I can see where you're coming from. Looks like a typical salt lord who is asking for his account to be unbanned so he can go back to salting. Well jokes on me, cause I ain't a salt lord asking for his account to be unbanned. Im a salt lord asking for his friends account to get unbanned and for his account to receive the rightful punishment.
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