: Need 4 People (any rank i dont mind) To play Ranked Team for Ward Skin!
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: > Sion's passive? This shit is op early game. wt you on about?
LOL hard g{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Banned
haha shame
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Kairutox (OCE)
: [LFM] Looking for a Mid Laner
Add my account Judge Dredd im looking for a team that needs a mid laner i have been trying to expand my champion pool by practicing control mages and ganking with jungler alot early game. I just starting playing so this is my first season but i have adapted to the game quite well. I am a chill player who doesnt like people who rage at their team mates. Current Rank: B2 first season Highest Rank Achieved: B2 Top 5 Mid Champs {{champion:4}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:245}} What do you want from a team: Good team comp chill players and heaps of wins Rank 5s Experience: Have played decent amount of 5s
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: League themed twitter banners I recently made.
could u make me one that shits dope bruh or how u done it {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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drag66n (OCE)
: ***
Thanks for the positive feedback :)
: LF top lane main and mid lane main for 5s
In Game Name:Judge Dredd Preferred lane and champs:Mid {{champion:238}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:63}} Preferred role (eg. Assassin):Assassin Current rank:b2 Your preferred hours for practice:just le me know
cow (OCE)
: Making a Ranked Team!
add my acc judge dredd {{champion:91}}
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: The 2015 ranked season draws to a close
When will ranked be up next season?


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