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: Assuming what you say is true (I have my doubts), plagiarism is not and never will be okay. Claiming someone else's work as his own, and then setting up an amateur bot to flood the voting and reap the rewards over other, more deserving entries is not something you should condone as an older sibling, and shame on you for encouraging such behaviour. It is lazy, entitled and promotes an awful attitude as he gets older, leeching off the back of others hard work. Then again, given that you posted this yesterday: > I voted PROJECT HUNT this shit is a meme I have you down as a troll. In either case, you should take a good, long look at yourself and grow the hell up.
Yeah I wrote that because when I found out about it I thought it was funny. He literally told me with a straight face as though nothing was wrong AND HE WAS WINNING. Then I looked at all the comments and at first it was just people getting butt hurt over nothing which is just typical League community. Everyone on here has to become an entitled twat and tear down a little kids integrity. But then it got more serious with people messaging and emailing him threats, which is the lowest of the low, especially over something as minor as this. The main people who got mad about this were the people who were in the contest, just face it, no one would've cared if he was coming dead last, but because everyone on here is a piece of shit and sucks at writing short stories, they got mad when some 13 year old was winning just by copying and pasting a story, what a joke.
: ***
I can promise you he didn't use bots. He barely knows how to copy and paste
: There's really some horrible people in this world. Taking someone else's work and trying to make profit out of it?? What a terrible thing to do! Thank you Achenar for removing this entry, and thank you Mrs Buvelle for catching this! I'm off to watch TL vs KT, but OMG with PROJECT HUNT gone I might be able to make it! {{sticker:sg-lux}} I'll try not to hope so I don't get disappointed lol
That's my brother you're talking about. He's only 13 and has been getting death threats because of this mistake he's made. It's people like you who take things as they see them and can't think of the rationale behind ones actions or thought process. He's 13, doesn't have much money, sees an opportunity to post one of his favourite fictional stories and have enough rp to buy him and his friends some skins, why wouldn't a 13 year old do that. But thanks I'm sure you've done the whole community a great favour by exposing a minor, you must feel like a hero
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I voted PROJECT HUNT this shit is a meme


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