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Bencel (OCE)
: Our schedule is somewhat dictated by what times our internet is good lol. We scrim and play solo queue when it's good (Usually not peak times) and then everyone can do their own thing like go gym, do uni work and review our own gameplay the rest of the time.
Generally our schedule is: Breakfast then Scrims, Break/lunch then Scrims again, Dinner then Free time after. Although that sounds really "loose" the players generally practice in their free time in Solo queue. Bencel and I don't really enforce a very tight schedule as the boys do it themselves. If you really want specifics... Dhokla's Breakfast: Cereal (Cocoa Puffs with Milk). Juves's Breakfast: 2 Sunny side up eggs on multigrain toast. Ry0ma's Breakfast: 2 Scrambled eggs with bacon on white toast. FBI's Breakfast: 2 Sunny side up eggs on white toast. Rogue's Breakfast: 4 Sunny side up eggs on whatever toast there is. :^)
Vendra (OCE)
: Ryoma- How do you feel about being labelled the future best, if not best player in this region? Has it affected how you play the game and how you view your own gameplay? Dhokla- How's your transition to full time professional league of legends been? Is this something you can see yourself doing in the future/long term? How do you feel about OCE as a server in comparison to NA? FBI- How do you take your steak on a scale of rare to well done? And has it been difficult as a Marksman in Season 7? Do you think your role is as impactful as it has been in previous seasons? Juves- What's it been like to see the team you created come so far as one of the original members? Do you miss playing soccer professionally at all and is it something you'd go back to if you ended your Pro League career? Rogue- Do you think supports have a stronger impact on the game today in comparison to past seasons? Least favorite champion and why? Bencel- Are you a chess Grandmaster? Sebbie- If sin win finals will you dye your hair neon orange? All- who is the most adequate on the team? :^)
I mean my hair is pretty orange as it is with the dye job... I mean if someone paid for it then probably. :)
Toppinna (OCE)
: Will Katy, the most beautiful girl on the planet. Go out with me?
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: Question for all, cats or dogs?
: How many hours do all of you spend on playing solo Q and scrims per day? Do you believe that being an "Oceanic E-Athlete" can be a long term job? The most valuable thing you learned since joining Exile 5? What are the player's reactions to constant losses? Why is Guts so handsome? Sebbie what are the responsibilities of a manager? Lastly how confident are the team on "winning 1 game by the end of season"?
Hi there! That question is something I've pondered a lot. There's no such thing as a "Managers Handbook" that tells you what you need to do. My responsibilities this split include but are not limited to: Booking Scrims/Managing the Schedule, Communications with Riot on any issues, Communications between "Upper Management" and the team, Paperwork for the roster/players, Organising for Riot events (Filming and THIS AMA!), Shopping, Cleaning, Booking necessary transport to OPL games for all players, Helping with the Ownership Transition etc. TL;DR: Basically anything that helps the team. Hope that helps!
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Rogue1 (OCE)
: I love the Pokemon one. Christian > everyone else is a grub After me? Probably Benny
As much as you love tear cull? ;) <3 See ya tomorrow!!
: You then marco The one of me Uh Id say Me > Bencel > Flaresz > Vitkor > Rogue
Starjun (OCE)
: Sin Gaming is here and ready to deliver the spiciest OPL team AMA of the season.
Who's your favourite Other manager? and why is it me? :) <3 What's your favourite FivetoEight Video? Who is the cleanest out of all of you (Ranks please) Who's the second best cook in the house?


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