: I mean one of them said that this was a great drawing, and another said he wants to hire you for a job at an editorial company, based on nothing but a ~1000 word Kat-Talon fanfic.....seems pretty bogus to me.
I do know who he is and i am considering hiring him on as staff but, maybe we will discuss that at the next board meeting later this month. I am looking throughout these forums for young talented writers it just so happens that i am acquainted with currypuff1234.
: Idk man that seems pretty low using all your friends to boost you up illegitimately.
im just exploring and i read this, very good!
: Katarina's Misson
This was absolutely exquisite, good work i work for an editorial company and would seriously consider hiring{{summoner:4}} you as an employee for my company we may be in contact soon


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