: > [{quoted}](name=KawtYouNow,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=z5L39UK4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-17T00:46:22.558+0000) > > That mastery i have found to be amazing on Renekton due to his W and Darius due to his E. It is definitely a strong mastery pick. Thanks, but highly irrelevant
Struggle (OCE)
: Lets start with looking at your opening items. You probably shouldn't have started long sword and pots, dorans shield and pot or cloth armour and pot probably would've been better starting items for you. I see you sold that long sword at the 5minute mark. You won't always be able to favourably trade in every match up so you will have to learn to play more passive at times. Allow them to push the wave to you and try to last hit at or very close to your tower. If they are continually pushing like this then call for jungle help or let the jungle know that they are pushing and can be an easy target to gank. Maybe look at changing ignite out for flash in some situations. Or if you're confident without flash then think about exhaust maybe.
Yeah, at 5 minutes i tilted and just decided to try going full tank, the olaf did come but he got outplayed and the graves doublekilled us, it was probably miscommunication as i didn't stay in after i used my combo, but then olaf got chunked down and yeah :/
: .. i was expecting a lot more advice than that.. ill take that into consideration? Thanks anyway lol im pretty sure everyone whos Gold+ _"Should"_ know that...
its a piece of advice nonetheless. Don't take it for granted friend.
: Sudden Influx of Karma Supports taking Courage to become unkillable.
That mastery i have found to be amazing on Renekton due to his W and Darius due to his E. It is definitely a strong mastery pick.
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Ninox (OCE)
: You were S5 0 LP in season 6, so a B4 placement is far from unreasonable. You will almost always be ranked a little lower after placements. The original placements were broken and unfair in matchmaking, seeding and ranks all around, hence the need for a fix. The full explanation can be found here: http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/XMZm8OPI-ranked-corrections-to-placement-results-and-ranks
i Found that i got ranked b3 after being b5 last season and then re ranked to bronze 5. However this last ranking happened after i went 15/6/3 as Gnar and not to brag but completely carrying my team with a 4.6:1 KDA, 58% KP. Maybe a little unfair?
Ehrny (OCE)
: What champion for a 1v5 match?
Can i just imply that there is a reason why champs aren't meant to be 1v5 champs... It would be so unbalanced and highly broken. Sure there are champs better at fighting groups due to crowd control and things but there isn't a specific champ that will be best at 1v5ing IMO. if i were to have a crack at it, i'd say darius is your best bet.
Ninox (OCE)
: Control wards still reveal camo, and therefore still function the same as pinks as far as Evelynn's stealth is concerned.
Evelynn can't be seen by vision ward though right? I am right in saying that yes?
: To the Supports out there.
: Does Poppy w cancel Plant jumps?
i Would assume it does. Personally, i don't know though.
: Personally I think that Brand can still be very strong in the mid lane. Coming in with the season 7 changes nothing is set in stone though and we will definitely have a shift in metas when it comes to the mid lane with how the assassin rework is changing the state of the game. The main thing that is important though is that if you think you can handle the changing state of the mid lane playing Brand. He has a very high damage output and can very much carry team fights and games. However with the new assassins coming in are you able to survive the mid lane matchups that you will get and be able to snowball into mid game from them. That is the question that you have to ask yourself, league is always changing and looking for new ways to play the game. If you can find your own niche way of playing the game that works for you, stick with it and see if you can make it an effective strategy for climbing the ladder. Hope that answers your question and helps, if you have any more questions feel free to let me know and good luck with your ranked adventures. ~Elam
Thanks Elam! I did purchase Brand, and i find myself doing quite okay, with him. Thanks for taking the time to give me some information, and i feel like if i put some decent time into Brand i will be able to lane him quite well against champions like Talon, perhaps Kat etc. One champ that was a tricky matchup for me was Malzahar, i found that his voidlings were harassing and i couldn't get out much damage onto him without being badly traded due to those voidlings. Any tips for a Malzahar matchup for Brand?
: {{champion:112}} is one of my personal favourites.
Viktor is quite challenging to play though
Sneed (OCE)
: or you know they dont
> [{quoted}](name=Mesprit,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=VbE68k2W,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-15T02:07:37.342+0000) > > or you know > > they dont #roasted
span (OCE)
: silver looking to start up and manage a ranked team in 2017
I got ranked b3 in pre season, i'm a Renekton Main.
: > [{quoted}](name=Klavinmour,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=cslAL0ld,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-14T06:28:06.091+0000) > > Yes bring back something that's only used for the first ten minutes of the game and then completely forgotten. uhh, the gromp buff was awesome late, as was the raptor buff. the wolf buff was good at maintaining jg control and vision wihtout the use of as many wwards, and the krug buff was nice on towers till game end.
The reason Riot ridded the game of Jungle buffs was because it meant that every jungler had a set path and there was completely no variation in how you would clear. Smite was always needed to be saved for the next buff and riot was believing that smite should be used the way you want to, not a compuslory use to make sure you had vision of your jungle or maybe to get that pink ward vision, that is why riot added in plants, to get vision, to get health and etc. The jungle buffs made jungling less of what the term clearing is meant to be.
: For mid Lane champions to learn to get better at the game I would recommend Ahri, Annie, Lux and Orianna. For my reasoning behind this let me explain a bit more in detail for each champion. {{champion:103}} Ahri is a very important mid Lane to learn in that she will teach you many mechanics that can be transferred to other champions. When you are leaning she will teach you how to poke between cs using autos and abilities through her Q poke. She will teach you how to take advantage of fog of war and dance around vision to catch off targets. If you need practice with skill shots she will also give you practice with those. {{champion:1}} Annie is a very simple champion in concept but can be very effective when played correctly. Her passive has some Interesting things that you can take advantage of in Lane such as holding the amount of stacks you have at a certain amount to play mind games with your opponent. For example sitting at 5 stacks ready to stun will make your opponent scared to fight you, whereas sitting at 1-2 will often make them be aggressive making it easy to bait for ganks. Plus on top of this a good flash tibbers in a team fight is always rewarding. {{champion:99}} Lux is great for teaching you mechanics such as how to combo your abilities and being able to burst down targets in one combo. You can play Lux many ways such as defensive looking for picks or offensive making flash binds so she is very adaptable to the current in game situation. She will again teach you about skill shots but will also teach you how important positioning is. While Ahri has 3 dashes to get around Lux has no natural escapes or moves to chase. {{champion:61}} Orianna is the last Champ on the list. I advise you to get used to Lux before you try Orianna as they are very similar in what mechanics can be transferred over with positioning and combos. The good thing about Ori is her raw strength in team fight if you hit a good shockwave but a lot of people find controlling her Ball hard so that will take practice. All up let me know if you have any questions. I have listed these champions because they are relatively easy to pick up and they will teach you global mechanics. Hope this list helps! ~Elam
Brand is currently on free week, i played 2 games with him, beating a mastery 7 yasuo in lane and then beating a malzahar in lane with him, losing the first game but winning the second. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Do you think Brand is a viable mid laner to play? As he is very high damage and high magic pen.
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Ninox (OCE)
: I'll answer your last question first, just because it's easiest. > if there is proof of two players (one boosting another), do both players get a ban? Yes. The punishment for boosting (or being boosted) is typically a two week suspension with loss of ranked rewards for that season. > But what process would you go through to ban someone due to duo boosting? On Riot's side, not a clue, but it's likely handled case by case. Player side, same way as anything else, report it in post lobby, or failing that for whatever reason, submit a support ticket. > a reason to ban someone for suspicion of duo boosting As far as I know it's handled case by case, but if they're playing with someone who they can legally queue with, even if the skill disparity is high, they aren't going to be punished (i.e S5 playing with a G1, even if said G1 belongs in Plat). > but if i were suddenly to get to platinum, and you could see a player that i had consistently been playing ranked with, would that give a reason to ban? Honestly, I couldn't say for sure. If you got to Plat within a couple weeks, I'd probably say yes, otherwise difficult to say. I'm afraid even us volunteers aren't privy to much detailed information here. Hopefully I helped a little, I know I couldn't give you clear answers on everything you wanted but hopefully it clarified a few things at least.
yeah, cool thanks for taking the time to answer. Its just interesting to wonder about what kind of proof they need for a ban like that.
DipperOCE (OCE)
: She was released pretty much this year a few days before 2016 and Rengar got his last skin the start of 2015 pretty much so even though new skins could be made for Illaoi I'm just representing what could be good as an Arcade since they make those every year now same with Pool Party.
: Quinns really good at harrassing thanks to q or e, landing harrier(passive) then getting the as and ms buff from w passive Her abilities proc harrier even if its on cd which make for great damage combos. And her ult gives her such great roaming potential. I mean at rank 3 the ms is insane
: quin has better poke shes like a AD Teemo who just does well at melting tanks.. but id have to go with vayne just because i use to main her ADC and havent played quinn long enough
: I mean, you could play Vayne. But if you want a ranged top for certain matchups, Jayce or Graves would be ok too. I personally think Vayne top is garbage. She is all about being cheesy with her range and damage. I've vs'd a few vayne tops with Flash/Exhaust and simply, if you can get the advantage vs her, you will snowball and she cant do crap. She is also easily camped if she doesn't have flash in the long lane alone. Vayne wins any Ranged v Melee matchup early. As most ranged champs tend to with a few exceptions. Renekton at level 3 and Yasuo at level 2 will gladly kick your ass and continue to do so the rest of the game. As Vayne top, if you don't have a huge CS lead or a couple kills before 6, you are doing something wrong. To be fair, with the item changes I heard Vayne is busted, but i haven't seen it yet. So she might be more viable top now (and in season 7). Quinn is different purely because of her ult and roam potential. I don't like her style, but she is a better top laner than vayne. She has her W for vision if she is pushed up, her vault and blind so save her from ganks too. -------------------------------------------------- I used to play a lot of Renekton, Nasus and Malphite. I recently (in the past month) started playing Graves top with a lot of success. I have a 19-7 record with him in ranked playing Jg/top (mainly top). If you are going to play an ADC top, you have to make sure of 3 things. 1. your team is not full AD (if your enemy has good tanks) 2. your team still has a somewhat tanky champion 3. your team has the peel/engage/follow up (depending on who you play) to help you play. For example, Quinn can engage, but if she does so alone, she can get focused and destroyed. So your team needs an Ali or Ori or someone else to follow up with CC or damage to help you out. If you are vayne, you need the classic vayne things. Your team to engage then peel for you. If you are Graves, you need your team to have engage. You have enough self peel and innate tankiness to survive on your own but its hard to start fights as graves without simply walking into the enemy.
Can i please say that no Renekton at level 3 cannot beat vayne. Vayne has her condemn (the one where she shoves u away) to stop your and e and by then you are too low to try and commit to anything without instant death. Thank you for your time on assisting me. I think i might go with Quinn. ^_^ I will think about Graves and/or Jayce however jayce is a lot harder to learn and a lot different from many champs due to his kit so i will lean more away from jayce.
: Quinn is better than vayn top imo. Take ignite and dominate lane. Then roam with your ult at lvl 6. Good times to be had.
Ninox (OCE)
: Pretty much bang on, though "duo boosting" is a bit more of a grey area, and it's pretty unclear how harshly it's judged. That said, if you're a D1 smurf queuing with a B5 you know what you're doing and how sketchy it is.
Of course. Seras? I know you went through this a bit. But what process would you go through to ban someone due to duo boosting? I know you said it is a bit of a grey area but what would be some other pointers for Duo boosting or perhaps a reason to ban someone for suspicion of duo boosting. See i have dynamic pref meaning i lobby a lot, being b5 ofc im not being boosted but if i were suddenly to get to platinum, and you could see a player that i had consistently been playing ranked with, would that give a reason to ban? FInal question, sorry if it feels like im wasting your time Dx, if there is proof of two players (one boosting another), do both players get a ban? (or same punishment if not a ban?) Or is it only the booster who gets a ban? Thanks for reading :D
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DipperOCE (OCE)
: Arcade Rengar
Tell that to Illaoi She hasn't a skin since she came out. She has one skin.
Delorial (OCE)
: Good tip with the Fog of war - thanks man.
So true. i'm a renekton main, hes so badass :p
: Should I main Nami?
Nami is actually played in many pro games, going off this i would say that she is a good pick. Part of the reason why i picked up Renekton was because he was played by skt1 last year at worlds. Now of course i know he is out of meta a little but still the point stands, as well as champs that i play like poppy and kennen.
Ninox (OCE)
: It depends on what you are punished for, it is possible for example, to be on a chat restriction for negative behaviour, and then receive a 14 day ban for MMR boosting, upon the conclusion of which you would still have the remainder of the chat restriction games waiting for you. To the best of my knowledge, it is also possible to have multiple 14 day bans to serve in a similar scenario. If the punishment was only for negative behaviour, then usually no, the automated system will generally escalate you one punishment tier at a time, however a manual review is capable of escalating a punishment. Was there a particular set of circumstances you were curious about?
Just out of pure interest. How would you get "found out" for MMR boosting?
Talon12 (OCE)
: you will still have like 23 win boots after getting 30
holy crap. I mean no offence but you have to understand my skepticism when you say that you haven't reached level 30 and yet you are ready to beat platinums? I mean you can't have "natural skill" at league. Its learnt and its practiced.
: Top is the easiest lane, ADC being second. I 1,000,000% prefer Support because it's so intricate and fun, but I got sick of being Silver so I resorted to spamming top and ADC. As soon as I hit Gold, I stopped caring again and went back to Supporting. If I solely played Top and ADC, I'd be a Challenger.
this is a load of crap. Im sorry but it is. Firstly, no you wouldn't be challenger get your head out of your arse mate. Secondly, i would agree adc is the easiest role to play but it doesn't mean "oh adc and top take no skill". I felt like you were insinuating that from everything you've said here and its not true at all. I think you're really just exaggurating a bit.
Bambooze (OCE)
: But you can tilt your opponents AND teammates off the face of the Earth
I dont understand. Aurelion Sol is an extremely strong jungler????
Fukushu (OCE)
: Free Coaching/Mentoring :3
i'm a top lane. Renekton main. Mind giving me some advice?
fum422 (OCE)
: renekton
Renekton main here and ill give you a few first class tips bruz. 1. if the rene is building up fury, it means he's definitely about to all in, so back off 2. one his fury is down, its good to engage as his abilities dont do nearly as much when not enraged. 3. This is a tip for any lane, just try and last hit, let the renekton push up and over extend so your jungle can come for an easy gank. Basically, renekton is a really strong top laner at the moment, i don't lose many matchups to him apart from when i verse a quinn, or a vayne or someone like that. Renekton's q heals him also. His q heals him triple the amount for each champion hit and triple the amount again if its empowered so make sure you don't underestimate him when you go in. Thats all from me. Hope i helped :D
: Is that why no one plays her in Worlds? She's pretty useless now unless some guy is a Illaoi god.
: Illaoi needs the biggest nerf I've ever seen
You have got to be joking me, Illaoi is strong but she is not even near broken dude. Get an illaoi behind and she's gone. Dude she has no escapes which makes for easy ganks whenever she pushes up, she is so low mobility so champs like fiora, yasuo. Its so easy to beat illaoi legit. When she ults, just walk away. When her tentacles go down (that spawned from ult) go in, she's powerless. Dude you forget to mention that illaoi is FULL AD ALL HER ABILITIES ARE AD. IF U WANT TO BEAT HER IN TEAMFIGHTS JUST GET UR TANK TO BUILD ARMOR I mean seriously your making it seem like Illaoi is the Malzahar of like 10 patches ago when he was mega broken. She is nothing like this. You know if she was broken, why isn't she being played in worlds? Do you have an answer for that? Nah didn't think so.
: I am always ALWAYS guaranteed one of the roles I pick because I always pick support - the 'Automatic' Autofil lol Love it! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
yes! thats one reason i do play support a bit because then you get an autofill giving you your designated role which is rlly good and it gives incentive to play support.
Essembie (OCE)
: It would be awesome eh!
it would truly be amazing
Essembie (OCE)
: The only things you can control are : 1. How well you play 2. How much you tilt others in chat 3. How much you let others tilt you in chat
yeah. i have to take that into account. Thanks for taking the time to leave me such helpful advice!
Essembie (OCE)
: I consciously stopped criticizing others, and offered encouragement instead. That stopped me tilting them. I also muted all for a while so that others would not tilt me. And I stopped giving up if we got behind. Not all games are winnable but it is easier to lose if you lose hope of winning.
yeah. I'm finding it hard to stop the instant "what are you doing" or "wtf was that help me" or something like. ughhh
: If you start playing bad don't worry about it going on your match history, just stop and think about how your playing. What are you doing to make bad plays are you going balls deep with no vision are you chasing kills you can't finish off. If you think your tilting just take a break or play an Aram or some other game. How to emotionally detach yourself from a game? You realise it's just a game and that there is no life or death consequences for making a mistake or having a bad team one game or playing bad yourself. What's the worst thing that can happen? You lose lp and get demoted, but is that really something to get so emotional over? End of the day it's just a game
Yeah. And i think i sort of forget what game even means, i need to have fun when i play league and not stress to hard. Thanks ^_^
Gr1fter (OCE)
: I think the simplest way to detach is a matter of perspective. Even pro players rarely get above a 55% win rate. That is a lot of losses over the course of a career. And remember, they will play 1000+ games a season. Everyone has bad games and everyone has losing streaks. It happens. If you think you're playing badly, take a break. Even if its 15 minutes, you'll feel better. Set yourself a goal to do something better each game (CS, ward, not feeding). If you reach that goal put the game to down as a win because you played better. Remember, your match history is no worse than anyone else at some point.
That seems like a good idea. Perhaps setting myself a death count of under 5 or a cs count of above 250 by the end of match. I think this helped. I mean obviously it's not going to happen overnight but i am going to try to change my attitude and perspective. Thanks for taking the time to leave some advice ^.^
Essembie (OCE)
: I tilted so hard because of negativity and I'm back on a win streak and the only thing I changed was my attitude. Oh I also had a look at which champs were statistically my strongest, tweaked and updated runes / masteries, and made sure I researched the best builds (I was doing a s5 build on vi which was no longer good with the absence of sated and the nerf on botrk and I picked up a new Diana item). I became a 2 trick pony.
how did you changeyour attiutde? What did you change exactly?
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: What happened to the star guardian login?
ikrrr i loved it and now its just some crappy ivern music like bring back the badass star guardian one
Fitzky (OCE)
: The League Alpha Client
LOL i can't wait until ur hopes are smashed. Like yes yes its a beautiful client but your game will be glitchy, buggy unoptimised and just unpleasant. Thats the feedback i've heard from others anyways.
: The Alpha Client is literal trash for blind pick.
I have a friend that reported this. He said that in a game, it crashed and while trying to re-connect it crashed again, resulting in a 20 minute cool down. He did also say what you said it was buggy, glitchy, clunky and un optimized. I didn't know what the "perks" of getting the alpha was but now that i've seen feedback like this im deffo not getting it.
Essembie (OCE)
: stacks and no limits
dude, that would be so cool. You could legit just max rabadons, infinite seraphs or infinite bloodthirster xD.
: Yes you will receive a message when you get a chat restriction. That sounds like a bug if they aren't able to see your messages in champ select. More information about chat restrictions can be found here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752984-Chat-Restrictions
My client probs just bugged out then :P thanks for that
: all good, and its not so much the break(although it helps) its more try out a different game for a little that requires no effort to play, and when you are in the mood for league get back to it, feel free to send me an invite
yeah. I will do! What rank are you? know that im only bronze 4 so don't expect anything from me. DX
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