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Selwyne (OCE)
: Looking for people to play dynamic wif us (silver 2 - low gold) must commuicate
: Looking for a silver duo or team to climb
ciaƓ (OCE)
: Looking for players to play normal 5v5 and ranked 5v5 with
Shiney (OCE)
: Team LF Jungler Main Only
JG Main {{champion:64}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:266}} Added you on league Silver 5
Kenjix (OCE)
: JG?
LeapiWolf (OCE)
: LF Players for RankedTeam
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Gehirn (OCE)
: Queue schedule - Updated for 6.15!
Sub my youtube boys {{summoner:4}} {{item:1408}} {{champion:64}}
Max Range (OCE)
: P5 Syndra/Zed Main Youtuber!


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