Sn4ke (OCE)
: LF Duo Bot Support
i mite be able to help
Rengorax (OCE)
: But they aren't in game, unless you are talking about going into the files and completely changing the images to others, which you need to get software to format and the actual images no one has made templates for let alone custom huds. So yeah. Get them for about 20 bucks for the software required to make one on your own. Or how about not waste a week of your life and listen to this guys idea? He isn't talking about stream overlays, he is talking about huds that you can buy with RP that would change your IN GAME hud. Changing the announcer voice is one thing, but changing the hud requires experience in coding, file formats and photoshop. Not exactly what the everyday player can accomplish.
if u made them yourself and changed the coding wouldnt that be a "hack"
Tele (OCE)
: False reports don't trigger any kind of punishment. If someone reports you, and there is no evidence of reportable behavior, then you will not be punished. Furthermore in the future, the false reporter's reports will be ignored by the system. Read more about that [here]( Just wanted to clear that up.
so the reporting system (not just leave ban) works now?
Fitzky (OCE)
: Riot are doing everything they can, but no matter how many times these players get banned, new ones just rise up. Therefore the only option is to find a better non-toxic game, maybe one not so many people know about...
yeah a non toxic on line game.......
Cygma (OCE)
: when does s5 start?
: Team chat in loading screen. :)

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