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: Complaints?? Feedback?? Fine I'll just post on a board.
Disable all chat. It really just encourages people trolling. Also and this is going to sound really stupid. You need to stop giving a fuck about what people that play this game think or say. I'm so much happier playing now that I've just stopped caring what the playerbase says. They don't know me, and I've come to the conclusion that the opinions of imbeciles and fools don't actually mean that much to me. At the first sign of negativity...mute, and just concentrate on doing your best. Also listen to disco. It helps. :-p Good luck.
: I hope one day Riot removes the leave buster on champ select. Should be able to walk away from a game if your team mates show signs of being a problem. Maybe even have a report system that lets you select why you want to abandon the game, stuff like * x player being abusive * x player troll picked Then the acquired data can be used to judge if a players behavior is up to the code. If you dodge to often then punishment could be acceptable as it shouldn't be used as a means to getting the lane you want.
I agree. I think the problem as you kind of said is that kind of systems potential for abuse. I haven't ever dodged yet. But there have been a few games where it straight up would have been smarter to dodge and I paid for it by staying . :-\
: I'm guessing they swapped champs with someone? I would of checked if someone was going to swap with them or asked what role is free. You can't be blamed for other peoples lack of communication skills.
He just ended up going
: logic dictates that he was gonna swap with someone lower pick than him.
I did consider this.... but I asked him, so I figured it was ok to assume he wasn't lying.
: Ikr, this guy locked top after i called top so i was like oh i will go mid then, call mid - wait - lock mid, get into game he changed summoners (to ignite from tp) and went mid, Just because he had to vs heim EVEN though he is yasuo - windwall. (i was fiora)
Yeah this. But I don't know, I needed some validation I think.
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: Lately I have been losing about 85% of games.
Katsprky (OCE)
: First thing to do is make sure you're not being mean, some things can sound nice but are very easily taken as a sarcastic remark. Second thing to do is not be a "big boss" as you said yourself you're new to ranked so more than likely don't know all the ways to win. A solid thing to do is not say anything even if someone provokes you. Call out what's happening and communicate what's happening so your team doesn't get crushed, ping objectives and see what your team say until you get a better idea, it'll help stop the flood of negative things you see. Also give's you some room to understand what the other 3 people not fighting are doing. If someone is acting aggressive towards you just mute them, don't go into chat like "lol muted nerd" because that just gives them a notification that they have to do something else to get back at you for whatever reason they have. I hoped I helped out at least a little bit! If you want to ask me anything reply with the question.
I mute people at the first sign of hostility as I can't be bothered dealing with toxicity. I also only ever say things like "gj" if someone gets a kill, I never harass people because from what I've seen as soon as people start bitching at each other the game pretty much always spirals into failure. Pretty much the only way I communicate in game these days is to encourage people who are doing well or to tell the adc not to worry when they go all in and screw it up......and even then only if they say "my bad". lol. I'm not sure what else I can do. I'm trying so hard to stay positive but there just seem to be a lot of people out there intent on actively fucking up the game because they get off on ruining it for everyone else. I'm not even exaggerating here, a couple of months ago if I read someone saying exactly what I'm saying now I would probably be thinking that they were paranoid or making things out to be worse than they are. Anyway. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.
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: Anyone else in OCE getting serious lag?
I want to say glad it's not just me. But that would be mean. Stupid lag.
Exhausted (OCE)
: What music do you listen to while playing?
Alamo (OCE)
: The hamster in your wood pc might have stopped running?
It's alienware and it's less than a year old. Also my computer being shit wouldn't effect my latency. Maybe my framerate if it was super old.
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mallasaur (OCE)
: ***
This has zero reverence to the op's discussion.... Maybe make your own post if you ... want to tell people about your ban.
Quayer5 (OCE)
: > Also legit question.... does it get any better when you get out of bronze? No
: Its like this at most lvls from what ive seen. Maybe not master tier but i was watching a diamond 4 smurf yesty and his teammate got super salty and mad for no reason.
The few plat\diamonds I have played with have been super chilled. But I'm guessing they are probably anomalies.
: This game is _serious_ business. There are no nice guys in this game, because they have all quitted lelelele.
I'm on the verge of quitting myself. I nearly uninstalled in frustration last night.... but I decided not to be defeated by other people who in the grand scheme of things don't actually mean anything to me.
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: Featured games to spectate, gone!
It's really annoying me to. I actually enjoy watching a lot more than i do playing a lot of the time.
Jink (OCE)
: You didn't even read what I said did you?
Don't try and reason with them.
: When i right click a friend that is in a game it has the option to spectate but its shaded out
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: Too Yorick or not too Yorick?
Do it. I've seen Yorick do really well ..... sometimes.
: Will any MOBA ever get it right?
I think you mean balance. Blance... not a thing.
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: ***
This kind of fucking attitude is the real problem here. It's not weak not to want to be treated like shit. Why are people on here so fucking stupid.
: League = ego boosting
Not everyone is like that.... but yeah a lot are. :-p
: > [{quoted}](name=xDarkRavenx,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=RAFueYEm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-15T15:05:05.003+0000) > > The community has improved. You just got unlucky that you matched up with idiots. Are you serious? i havent been around since season 3 or earlier, its gotten worse from then on tbh
It keeps getting worse in my opinion. Most people would sooner tell you to go fuck yourself than actually greet you.... and often do. Also very limited vocabularies.... (fck you fgt cunt pussy bitch noob feeder) seems to be the extent of most peoples abilities to communicate with each other. Makes me sad.
oops (OCE)
: Get more than 3cs per minute and don't feed and you will escape bronze pretty fast.
I never feed. But sometimes I feel like I don't have a big enough impact on the game. TBH it's really hard to climb when every single game the same thing happens , which is what I wrote about ^^^^
: There's people like this at every rank (maybe a little more at bronze), just gotta mute them staight away. Theres nothing to be gained from trying to argue or reason with those kinda players. Tell your teammates to mute them too if you notice people are arguing with them. Once people start spending more time typing to each other than actually playing, your chances get alot worse. Also remember theres gunna be plenty of people like this on the enemy team so stomping your lane or picking one lane to camp the hell out of (whether you're jungling or just roaming a lot) will likely make someone on the other team start raging and increase your chances of winning. This is particularly effective vs opponents who are all-chating about getting camped/not getting help/having bad teammates. If you want chill games just get a party of 5 for normals, either with friends or just by adding random teammates who were friendly/nice to play with.
That is actually good advice. Thanks.
: Well. there is a reason your in there, its bcz you didnt do too great in promos no matter what your team does. this is justice, might be cruel but yelo
Yes, because I did bad in my promos I deserve to be treated like crap in bronze forever. Justice. Right.
: Im not having the same issues bcz i stopped playing ranked until i can get 5 wins with 5 kills more then deaths in a row without losing (on 1 champ) but im in s5 and its the same. will be like that till gold prolly >_< Just mute or be super nice.
I hate that my only counter to this kind of behavior is mute the whole team and hope for the best. Like.... how fucking sad is that.
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LucidFall (OCE)
: help?
Keep at it. You will get better, it just takes time. Much like anything that's worth doing. :-)
: ***
Only ever blame lag on skype ;-) Not in game.
oops (OCE)
: yes i also get bad team mates in 100% of my matches making them impossible to win, when i carry and go 54/0/500 and still lose wtf, but then i sometimes carry and win, i should be challenger but my noob team mates make me lose 100% of matches gg
Urgot Bot (OCE)
: Oh hey, I played with you earlier. I was the Swain in one of your games, and I completely agree with you. I hope I wasn't one of the demoralizing people, although I was a bit angry in that game since the same thing happens over and over to me in ranked.
Nah you were fine.... but same thing happened that game. :-\
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: Who goes good with Vayne for support
I find lulu,janna and thresh work pretty well with her.
Daejel (OCE)
: Dear OP, the same shit happened last year or did you forget? It's good for a couple of games then everyone just spams Nidalee and it becomes boring as fuck. Why did you think it'd be any different?
**" It's good for a couple of games then everyone just spams Nidalee and it becomes boring as fuck."** This. For all game modes.
: can you create a naughty corner in summoners rift?
Maybe if they are disrespecting you it's because you say stuff like "fgts". Just saying.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seasons of Love,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=alGammON,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-03-31T14:32:40.297+0000) > > * **How is ADC a "hard role". ** > * **I&#039;m used to all these foaming at the mouth ADC mains trash talking and saying how the rest of the team is shit if we are losing. (ok not just ADC that does that but adc does tend to do it a bit more than most I find). ** > * **You right click. The rest of your abilities are basically utility.** > * **Not only that you get babysat for the first 15 mins if not the entire game.** 1) There's many different reasons which have been stated earlier in the comments such as positioning, farming, understanding the Champion and recognising the strength of your bot lane vs whatever you're facing. Yes, other jobs require positioning, farming and learning the Champions, but it's more of a make-or-break for ADCs. Top lanes and junglers need positioning to engage (usually), mid laners usually need positioning to get off a spell rotation, but ADCs need to be constantly positioning themselves properly since they're a) The squishiest, b) Have the highest damage output and c) Are naturally targeted the most heavily by the enemy team. As for farming, mids and ADCs both need a lot of farm while top lane usually doesn't need as much since their items are generally cheaper. 2) I can't deny that. ADCs usually have the worst attitudes from my experience because they believe that it's their job to carry the weight of the entire team on their backs by themselves, which isn't right. 3) You do so much more than right click. As stated before, you need positioning, focusing, spell control, map awareness etc. A lot of ADCs' abilities are built for damage output mixed in with utility, and you need to learn how to use both properly if you want to succeed. e.g. Graves needs to know when to Q, which way to put it, and exactly how much damage it does. He needs to know where to put his smokescreen since it's a dead ability if used in the wrong spot. He needs to know when to dash for offense and when to dash for defense, and when to not dash at all. He needs to understand the size of his Ult (its hitbox is pretty small until the cone which you can't actually see), who and what it's going to hit and how much damage it's going to do. Don't want to write too much so I'll just leave Graves as the example. 4) Supports aren't babysitters. They help you when you need it, and you aid them when required. Supports aren't the guardians of small children, they're the partners of marksmen. ADCs bring the damage, supports bring the utility to bot lane.
Thank you for the comprehensive response. I still believe however that almost all these points apply to ALL roles. It sounds like the intensity and importance of said points may be higher for the ADC. Given me a little perspective though and some things to think about, so thanks :)
Risvik (OCE)
: ADC is by far one of the more difficult roles to play. It may seem like it's right clicking but it has more mechanics behind it. 1. The positioning - positioning is so important in a game especially in higher elo, or even Gold + 2. Learning the mechanics of a champion - All ADC champions have different mechanics, e.g. Vayne relies heavily on mechanics and being able to evade enemies using her invisibility, whereas someone like Caitlyn relies heavily on outranging the enemy in a teamfight to avoid the full brute force of the enemy team. 3. Learning what is safe and dangerous when laning and roaming - As an ADC you'll probably be the most focused target if not one of them. So you need to make sure you know exactly what is safe to do and what is risky, as these can usually be a game changer.
All good points but to be fair that's something that ALL roles need to be able to do. It's certainly not exclusive to ADC although perhaps more important for them to be more proficient in...if they like being alive. (That is to all three points you made by the way). I get that there is more to it than right clicking. But seriously people need to stop making it out as if it requires an amount of skill that other roles don't require. I got a triple just by being in the vicinity of enemies during a team fight and it wasn't to do with MY skill as an ADC (which is woefully lacking) but due to my teams ability to keep them off of me while i just auto attacked. But I get the credit because I got the kills? F*ck that. Kind of going on a tangent here. But ADC entitlement is something that also kind of pisses me off. x-D
Lumer (OCE)
: Depends on who you are playing as adc. I find MF very easy, easy to hit ult and a w that just buffs her. Kalista, however, I tend to get distracted while jumping and not pay enough attention to last hitting, and my rends always seem to be a tiny bit of damage of the kill. Bud I don't really know much, I play mages more than anything (<3 {{champion:43}} )
I look at Kali and I think that she would be a challenge. She looks hard.... but I always thought cait looked hard as well. I play mages to <3 Karma is one of my favorites. Play her anywhere and she's good. Except maybe jungle..... I haven't tried that.
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: poor soraka broken beyond repair
Just a heads up..... spamming your starcall on creeps doesn't heal you. It only heals you on champs.
: if ur trying to win at ranked, learn mid or adc. do not support because even if your teammate gets fed, they wont know what to do. dont go tanks or engagers. go the hard carries. for me my hard carries were rengar and nid. jg if u can play a late hard carry
Thing is I don't play a lot of hard carries. I play team orientated champs based on my teams composition.... that rarely ends up being someone like Katarina or Riven who you can just mash keys to win with.
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