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Fitzky (OCE)
Snitches get stitches, hope you get shiv'd in the shower
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: 1. sad sad. he is such a world class goalie. I was all behind Germany in the world cup, what a performance! 2. not gon lie. i have no idea what that is!! 3. soon.TM add me first
1. :o I'll take it you meant goal scorer 2. Wireless LAN standards, duh 3. Can I just add Rioters from their name?
: Yet il get a d in some games cos I went 2 10 0 but I got 5 outer turrets, 2 inhibs, 1 nexus turret so I did all of that yet now I get 15 lp and not 20 as I died a lot if at anything I carried you. Do you under stand how much global gold I got you that's about 2k to all of you so that's about 10k for the team. but now get less lp makes sense. keep up the good ideas.
Wonder how much gold you handed over for those 10 deaths. How much that person that got those 10 deaths went on to roll your team? Don't feed
: I dont intend to leave! you can't make me! 1. hahahah what if i say it is not!!! OOOOOO *insert Zed's facebook icon" 2. I think we should start becoming.............. vegetarians *________________* 3. does this mean we'll see privileged youths awkwardly dancing?? not sure if i want that
Round 2: 1. How did it feel to be rejected by Müller? EPL money can't beat Bayern Glory 2. Do you believe that 802.11AD will be a successor to 802.11AC or that the market will make do with the current standard until 802.11AX is finalized? 3. When are we going to duo queue?
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: Hello! I'm FerlynYoshimi, Esports Player Manager at Riot OCE, AMA!
Welcome to Oce, you can never leave. 1. What's the best champ and why is it Zed? 2. Given the current trend of the AUD falling against the USD, do you think it's time that the Australian government started culling the elderly and weak? 3. Can we open dance studio for over privileged youths?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey man, I'm sorry you feel that way. Hopefully you can still enjoy the skin though! Have you checked this post by **Insanity Kiwi**? > Okay, so when I first looked at this picture, I failed to see how this skin had a connection to OCE. Kassadin's attire seemed to be rather not matching the culture of the region as I know it. > > That was before I realized that the art contained stars, many stars. The stars appearing on his costume and in the background suggested to me that the skin is meant to be very celestial inspired. Certainly stars are not uncommon on the flags of the region (particularly the Southern Cross), but that's not really anything special. In that case, we have to look at the cultures of indigenous peoples. > > I first looked at the Maori people of New Zealand, already knowing they have some folklore around the stars and have used them to navigatre the oceans way back in the past. I did some light digging and found this: > > For Australia, this: > Papua New Guinea has some mountains called the Star Mountains. That's all I was able to find quickly. > > Most other countries in the region are small island nations, which probably at least used the stars for navigation. Astronomy is therefore likely an appropriate theme for Oceania, though I await further information on the skin.
Haha, Marauder, stop posting that awful spin as a response to it. Astronomy was not unique to Oceania and wasn't as progressed here as the rest of the world. Can you explain two years in development for an unthemed skin that we still have to pay for with only 25% discount
: I just want to point out...
Hey man, two years in development for an unthemed skin, worth the wait! Praise Riot for giving us a 50% discount, despite other regions getting 25% discount on 1350 skins on release, so really it's only 25%. And make sure you focus on the charity part, to distract you from the terrible choice of skin and how they're getting in one last f*cking over in this Oce skin saga :)
: My initial thoughts on the new skin.
"probably used the stars for navigation" That's pretty restricted to only Oceanic countries, hey? It is not even close to specific to Oce. This is probably some Oce Rioters smurf coming on to prop up the public opinion. Don't forget to thank Riot for the 50% discount, even though everywhere already gets a 25% discount on release of 1350 champs. The charity donation is a distraction too.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: The original post was more discussing the pain around the regionally inspired skin. We were planning on talking more about the inspiration when the skin was actually released. Like I said earlier it may not 100% yell OCE. But we had a lot of trouble creating an acceptable skin that was a blatant representation of our region. There are a lot of different cultures in our region.
Hahahah noooooooo way. You're just ditching some other skin on us and pretending that was the intention all along. No WAY that took two years in development. 100% someone said "Oh you made a Kassadin skin with stars, f*ck it, we'll call that one the Oce skin, people in Oce have some stars on their flag, draw in a small southern cross or something in the splash so it looks like it was it all along" "Don't forget to charge them too, even if others servers had multiple skins free, and we made them wait two years for an unthemed skin!" "If they bitch, say we'll give them a 50% discount, even though we already discount all 1350 skins by 25% on release. Hopefully they'll be too dumb to notice" Weak effort Riot, seriously.
: About the Oce Server skin
It's not even Oce themed, they just picked one they were already doing and threw it at us. No way that was one they designed specifically for Oce.
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
Hey Rioters! Just wanted to jump in and say that I love that you're dodging the harder questions about why it's not actually free (others servers got multiple skins free and we waited TWO YEARS) and why it's not actually Oce themed (rather you picked one, said "fuck it, that'll do. Give that to Oce to shut them up") Glad there was a 2 two year wait on an unthemed skin, well done. Glad you had time to cherry pick the easier answers though!
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Bipolar (OCE)
: Riot, would you kindly remove the surrender option?
If anythnig, the surrender vote needs to be 3 yes's, instead of 4. 3 is a majority, why is the majority's opinion discarded in favour of the minority. Also, Riot need to learn what abstaining means. A 3-0 surrender vote SHOULD PASS. ABSTAINING IS NOT A NO VOTE, IT IS NOT A VOTE, LEARN THE DIFFERENCE, 100% YES VOTES SHOULD PASS.
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Mar3thyu (OCE)
: its because most tanks have a hp scaling ability/passive/hp% like volibear, shen, Sejuani, naut, sion, amumu, maokai and now singed so yes they will deal a bot of damages but they have cons. Voli 3 aas. Shen must aa. Sej must aa and stay close. naut must aa. Sion must pop shield. Maokai must w onto a target. Singed must e. They all have to get into aa range except Maokai and even then his w range is really low.
Well, most of these aren't an issue and some aren't relevant and most also don't matter because tanks live long enough to get into melee. -Voli 3 aas. Q is gap closer, E is a slow, W gives attack speed, all 3 are enough to get that 3rd AA. That alone won't burst, but frozen mallet will let you stick to them. Shen must aa. Shen isn't relevant at the moment, but he has a gap closer E Sej must aa and stay close. Long range AoE CC ult, Q gap closer, Passive from W combined with E gives you a large slow to stick to people naut must aa. Long range CC ult, Ranged CC Q, Snare on passive, E slows Sion must pop shield. Large gap closer ult, Q and Roar (can't remember which one) build a thornmail and randuins and you'll never take damage, but they'll slowly die from a combination of your spell's base damage and killing themselves on you. At the least you can keep them out of the fight or CC them if they get into it. Maokai must w onto a target. W is a gap closer, flanks, usually with TP, E is a ranged slow. Singed must e. Large move speed buff, ranged slow, CC with fling, combined with snare into sticky patch Sion, Voli, Cho, Sej are the main ones that are a problem at the moment, getting into melee range is not a problem for them since they all have some combination of gap closers, ranged CC and/or close range CC combined with the fact they can burst 60+% of an ADC by themselves without a single damage item is just silly.
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Boards - Universal Rules
"No mature content" Only immature content it is then
: It's not the crappy servers idiot, it's evidently Optus users and it's been consistent throughout the year... Don't start blaming Riot for problems out of their control nerd
Before you start just flaming people, explain why non-Optus users also cannot connect. It's just Riot shifting the blame game again like they've done all year.
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