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: _*~~1~~*_ No tolerance language like suicide encouragement and hate speech is grounds for instant escalation to a 14-day ban. That's not to say the system is perfect and will escalate every time, but in the vast majority of cases, such language is met with an almost instant ban. On the other hand, defending yourself (fine) and retaliating (not fine) are not the same thing. ___ Balance isn't my strong suit but I'll answer these as best I can. _*~~2~~*_ Champions have different strengths at different levels of play. Having different balance for different levels of play doesn't make sense, and balancing for every level of play is far from easy, particularly when it comes to the simple champions. EDIT: Also see Barry's very good poitns about scaling champs. _*~~3~~*_ Champions are (usually) intentionally released strong, this is to help with the learning curve. After about a week, once most players have a passable knowledge of how they work, and if it comes to it how to play them, they *have* to drop that strength or they slide into OP very quickly. If we're using Neeko as an example, she's still plenty effective and still played, but she's fallen in line with other mids. True they pretty much nerfed out on hit Neeko, but the build was problematic. _*~~4~~*_ They pretty much always balance item changes with champion changes for just this reason, but if an item is too strong on everyone who can buy it, of course they're going to change the item instead of all the champions who were taking it. If that means some more niche champions suffer a bit, then they'll buff them accordingly. _*~~5~~*_ At a point, you run out of completely new things that are also balance-able and possible to implement with the current technology, but that doesn't mean such abilities are just carbon copies. Would you not agree that Neeko's ult feels and plays very differently from Nunu's? Particularly with the interaction with her passive? Would you not agree that while Darius's and Pyke's are very similar, there are different use cases (Pyke's is a dash, Darius is tankier), setup conditions (Darius stacks, Pyke's is a skill shot) and counterplay (Again, Darius stacks and Pyke's is a skill shot)? If you think the game is trash, why continue to play it? After all, the purpose of a game is entertainment. If you aren't enjoying League, but are enjoying those other games you feel are better, go play them instead.
a note on point 5: why not let the community decide the abilities of the next champion and what they should look like, it will bring the whole community on one big project and give them a sense of achievement
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