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Lunä (OCE)
: Support main LF duo
Not Ranked but I'm an ADC Main
ciaô (OCE)
: need 2 more for premade worlds
Skyla (OCE)
: Looking for either an adc to duo with plat + or a team to play with! (Don't mind rank)
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Kimiya (OCE)
: Looking for cool people to play normals with ^_^
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: Unranked-Ranked
{{champion:117}} {{champion:21}}
: free coaching
I'd be more than willing to have some coaching <3
Wuks (OCE)
: Mystery Champions being distributed, What'd you get?
Bakon (OCE)
: Free Champion
I got Sion just then. Probably the only Champ I don't enjoy. . . .oh well


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