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: This wasn't an S performance,
she was in a support role so her score and grading was based around a support ashe role not adc, thats how it works. i had a sick zac game where i went 7/0/19 and got an a+ in the jg but i went top a few days later went 5/1/12 and got s. its also based on the position you play in and the score. play lucian mid or jg and go that and its an s+ every time because it bases your grade by that of an average of all players who play that champ in that position. get it now?
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Queue Schedule (updated)
Im curious on why NA has Normal Draft mode and we don't. I really wish we had it so players (very much included myself) could avoid having to deal with the whole drama in champ select like instalockers and such. random picks im cool with but having your role taken after calling it and/or locking in. to many times do you have to dodge pr just forfeit a game because of trolls locking in jg or top lane or adc or something along with you. Are we ever going to get a normal draft?
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hey there, Sorry about this. We'd announced the sale time and release time as both being 7AM but in reality the sales weren't scheduled to start until 5PM. The sales should now be up on running on the first set of skins.
yea thanks :D i just noticed after i sent a customer support thing 5 minutes before they went up.... disregard that :3 but again thanks for the skins rito :D
: Battle Boss Blitzcrank sends skins into hiding!
riot made any comments on the skin sales not being up? 2pm now and still not on sale
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SexP3ke (OCE)
: Getting sick of percentage based damage
yea that % health damage is pretty op, take a full tank for example and tahm support, 100 ap on support tahm against a full tank with 5k health, thats 2000 hp of damage... from a support
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends


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