Crumpets (OCE)
: Hi i am interested, Please add Crumpets
: im keen :D ive come back from a break, im playing super well and feeling super fresh. Main Role - Midlane Can play ADC, Top and Jungle quite well but mid is my most Dominate Role feel free to add me IGN - ZoDuS
Great. I’ll add you tonight and we can give it a go as a 5 man team
: keen :D any lane, gold player
Thanks will add you sometime this week when I’m not so busy
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: Error Code 003
Mines still not working. Anyone having luck or know when Riot will fix this?
: Patch 6.8 notes
Still no fix to sound glitch on mac??
: New Ranked team being created
I would be keen to join. Can play most roles but top/adc is my best. add me in game: i small wang
Sha4o4 (OCE)
: Victoria university?
I'm from vic uni in wellington. i would be keen to join
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: Looking for three people Aged 16-20 to play normal's and ranked with.
HI. I am a silver 3 adc main. would happily join you add me in game: lachiesummer


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