: His Shiv does physical damage now, not magic. He's lost most of his burst.
But it still has AP scaling the type of dmg is just different...
: A moment of silence for AP Shaco.
How is AP shaco gone??
: So carried myself over the 50% winrate hump on my way to b2 just sliding into those promos and then.
Dude everyone in bronze elo even B1 are full retard it only gets better once u like hit silver 3. ive been silver 2 for a while then flex put me in b3 holy shit i forgot just how bad bronze players are even if i do well theres no carrying a full feeding team no matter what you play Side note: i never surrender a game unless its 100% lost, ive done some major comebacks from 100 hp nexus lol
: Item set taken out of the beta client?
Simply no one used them and everyone said they didnt care if rito had them or not.
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