: Does a 14-Day Ban reset?
system is broken. just had 2 accounts banned within 2 days. a grand total of 4 non-bots games played. 2 with premades. just give up on this game. its not worth it. you get banned for OTHERS abusing and theres nothing you can do about it cos OCE and LOL as a whole is toxic AF.
Lilc9 (OCE)
: Do You Guys Think My Permaban Was justify
holy shit, you are 1 billion times more toxic in 1 game than my 2 accounts that JUST got perm banned. i dont understand this bullshit at all. mine also said it was from player review, less than 30 seconds AFTER THE LAST GAME PLAYED! like wtf? thats gotta be a lie right? its like they forget this is OCE and has AUSTRALIA here. swearing is the first thing kids are bloody taught!
K3vin (OCE)
: L4T for wards reward
i want to get the reward for my silver acc. kingdinger. add me.
Talon12 (OCE)
: "Compared to bard's they are made of crap"
so...just because you dont like something it doesnt exist and that is the complete basis of your need to shitpost?
: Problems With The Latest Patches
i get and have told EVERYONE about those EXACT PROBLEMS! but no one i tell seems to believe me! i also get mad lag spikes even with perfect ping, nothing open and insanely good net speed...like things just stop happening and then rush all at once...
: Vote for the IWCA showmatch!
ultimate bravery doubles....best idea EVER!
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Found this on Channel 10
ive not logged on for quote a while, and this got me to... this is the most disgusting way to report LOL and the OCE finals on a news source... really pissed by how poorly it was done and how poorly it was viewed by the project. while Tim did a fine job, he made it out to be a joke. and so the rest of the panel thought it was a joke, and so most viewers of the project will still see E-Sports as nothing but a joke/gimmick. sad day for e-sport. not to mention it was late, cos some stupid fuck punched a shark. such brave. so wow.
: Every champion has their own strengths and weaknesses. This spell gives EVERY champion a ridiculously easy way to engage. And that unbalances everything. "Learn to dodge the snow ball"? It's not that simple. When there's five players on a team in a small lane, as well as minions, it's hard NOT to hit something -- increasingly so the more snow balls a team has. Not to mention the low cooldown and the large hit box. Many tanks have their own gap closers as well, so even after jumping in with mark they can catch anyone trying to escape with their own abilities. This essentially makes it impossible to guard one's rear team members. For example an Amumu with Mark, Flash and his own Q would be essentially impossible to stop. The thing that skews the game is poke. It's because you can have five champions on one team with no poke, and five on the other with insane poke. And the snow ball doesn't fix that.
so essentially you are saying this summoner spell needs to be balanced and not just a spam engage tool... not remove it....BALANCE it. not everyone SHOULD be taking this spell, sure as hell not ADCs. but because its spammable and decent poke with 5 flying out all the time....its the go to spell. increase CD. bam, helped balance.
: Sounds like a good plan but hard to pull off since a Lee Sin from what I've seen can't carry a whole team by himself and ADCs in Bronze aren't really that good at carrying. I guess I'll camp the best and worst lanes to get the best guy on our team fed and prevent the worst from feeding.
its talk like this.... you shouldnt complain if you arent willing to play meta picks. lee sin is bad atm because all tank junglers are better. with BC change lee got even worse too.
Ritual (OCE)
: it was when i just started to play. like i would like to see how many people are queuing so I can guess whether I'll have 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes left in the match. If there are 9 people in the queue I would be less likely to get up and do something. If people are joining quickly I would be more prepared for a match.
what? like i said...theres almost ALWAYS 100s of people online trying to play at any point...its only when the selection area of players is low, IE MMR too high or too low. or TB...cos no one plays TB. the time it shows at the top when you try to play a game...thats usually pretty spot on most of the time. unless duo queue. so even if it showed you that there were x amount of people in queue, even with 100-200 it should still take SOME time to find the right balance of people to match you with. in the end...your suggestion is both impossible to implement AND useless to 99.999999% of the community. which you are part of.
Wumachine (OCE)
: sorry cant hear you over draven half healthing scrubs with his ult
Maximum Physical Damage (two hits): 350 / 550 / 750 (+ 220% bonus AD) Maximum Physical Damage: 250 / 350 / 450 (+ 100% bonus AD) (+ 25 / 30 / 35% of enemies' missing health) thing is, draven needs to hit with both sides....jinx only needs around the range of her ZAP! for her max damage and what? 1500 missing HP for hers to start outscaling his. still, his is deceptively strong...when i used to play draven it never really seemed like a huge damage hit...but thats quite nice. still, not exactly easy to hit twice even at point blank range. where jinx ult is being nerfed. anything past her AA range when normal (500? 525?) and its already doing the same damage as before...
: Play the most skill deficient, brain-dead easy champions there is. Like Lee Sin, Riven and Tristana.
from the words of literally every high rank streamer and pro player in a non-OCE environment: no one in bronze can play lee sin. riven is pretty easy and freelo, but apart from scaring the shit out of the enemy team into surrendering, it does get a bit hard to 1 vs 5 a team with her without knowing how to use her. even in bronze. trist is a hypercarry. but she sure isnt braindead easy. a better tip would be to use early game dominant champs and get a CS lead. a massive CS lead. oh and try not to die.
Myko (OCE)
: Problem is, she's banned in literally every game in bronze.. (everyone thinks shes op lol)
...because she is...she is banned in almost every game everywhere....or not banned so she can be picked. EDIT: or intentionally counterpicked, coaxing the enemy into picking her.
Urgot Bot (OCE)
: I thought a trolls sole objective was to "Ruin everyone else's game because they ruined mine by not leashing" Since when do trolls teach lessons xD
since 90% of them say "im doing this to teach you a lesson"
Ritual (OCE)
: A better way to know how long before a match will be joined
not sure i get what you mean...there is almost always HEAPS of people looking for games in queues. its just with MMR differences it slowly widens the gap and you can get matched with more and more people.... so it would show something like 200-300 people all the time for most ranks... only at the very top and very bottom would the numbers come close to 5-20. and then as it widens the gap that number will be larger and larger still. almost never is there less than 5 people playing anywhere but the tippy top of challenger...and they get matched with dims anyway...
: America has 6x the population of South Korea not even including Canada. Kappa.
: Is this a joke
its justified...point blank ults shouldnt do a shit ton of damage...its meant to be a long range ult. its like ashe stun on ult. not great at point blank.
Wumachine (OCE)
: makes more sense now
pretty sure its tolan...
Yuudachi (OCE)
: ***
i have a friend who never leaves games....infact he cant. he doesnt play any games. because he is a massive troll and just dodges games at the last second once every few days when he is bored. mostly ranked 5s team games to piss off the randoms in teams he offers to play for. (being gold 1, not playing doesnt harm his rank and he wont play properly till end of season if he goes for plat) he has LPQ and CBF playing to stop it.
Sackboy (OCE)
: Do you suck at URF? Do you want a good W/L ratio?
lux is also really really easy. and you dont have to worry about the fact moving the ball is about as long as the CD of abilities. more importantly, is anyone else having massive lag issues when playing only urf? it feels like playing on NA again...
Yuudachi (OCE)
: ***
dodging causes LPQ...fool
: Regardless of who your support is, you should take Heal or Barrier.
or cleanse.
: They Limited Maokai's Saplings... Im going to limit my lifespan :^)
5 is still enough for the cheese early game. but yeah....past 20 mins you needed AT LEAST 9 even with full AP.
: patch done in 20 seconds as usual get rekt kids
i didnt even see a patch...i click open...it open and ding at same time... get rekt fool.
: Obvious troll post is obvious.
not really, runaans is the coolest designed item in the game, sure it does nothing for sion, but really...its counterpart is hydra...one of the best items on sion. AD ahri actually is ok, esp now with her added kite power. and 3rd one is flat out truth. no idea why she stopped being even considered a counter to riven....she still has the CC to stop and lock down riven and she is a great top laner. and ult = denial of riven ult execute.
: hes a bit of both range/melee
personally went through to see what other shit you post... this is hilarious. gragas is melee. just because he can toss a barrel...doesnt make him ranged. learn what ranged and melee MEAN. and please, do not play ranked. ever.
: It's frowned upon, and you aren't allowed to deliberately lose in order to play at lower elo. If you want to smurf you have to level up a brand new account. Honestly I don't recommend it. Sure the idea of "smashing bronzies" is "fun", but have you ever actually witnessed a real bronze match? It's in no way "fun" you get Sion's building {{item:3085}} Ahri's taking a {{item:3153}} and Lulus "counterpicking" Riven in top lane.
1: runaans is literally the best item in the game. 2: extra kite power on a kite mage? hardly a bad idea...extra damage to towers, extra slow, extra attack speed. 3: lulu WAS the counterpick vs riven when lulu was one of the strongest mage tops...i dont....what?
: no flex
1: name and shame? kys plz. 2: 500 LKS in under a month, 300 odd in 4 days....boosted? 3: lvl 15? kys plz. if you aint got the balls to post from main, dont post. 4: u proly the shitter.
Excited (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mar3thyu,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=XnRGIZ9y,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-03-28T13:35:16.734+0000) > > adc can cc? Yes they can, and here is a list: {{champion:22}} can use her ult to stun and run away {{champion:51}} can drop a trap at her feet net away {{champion:42}} can Valkyrie away {{champion:119}} can use "stand aside then blood rush away {{champion:81}} can arcane shift and Q to slow (frozen fist needed) {{champion:104}} can smoke screen and dash away {{champion:222}} can zap, trap and run away {{champion:429}} can ult for knockup Q for the distance and kite away {{champion:96}} can drop void ozze and run away {{champion:236}} can dash away (outrun if has ghostblade) {{champion:21}} no CC available {{champion:133}} can blind, vault then ult away {{champion:15}} can spell shield the engage and ult away {{champion:17}} can blind, shroom the run away (speedboost) {{champion:18}} can knockback with ult and jump away {{champion:29}} can go invis, slow and runaway {{champion:6}} does urgot things {{champion:110}} can ult and run away {{champion:67}} condemn, ult go invis and run away i think i've made my point
yeah, OP also has poor reading comprehension. i said IF she targets someone with CC its their job to CC.... but yeah, a LARGE % of ADCs have some form of CC...
Mar3thyu (OCE)
: Poopys Ult is so BS
if she targets someone with CC...its their job to CC...simple.
: > [{quoted}](name=KingDinger,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=IrNArLMo,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2015-03-26T22:34:26.274+0000) > > welders dont create, they join. so shuts it together is a literal transitive. > > i suggested wielder because she USES/controls time, as you said, in the passive and ult...and ofc the item. > > also saying for me to look it up....yes, time is a metal or plastic or polymer. such knowledge of the shit your trying to spiel. Harsh ooomph, your language is hurtful :< But if you actually read her abilities she shuts time out using different ways. 1. Her passive. 2. Rooting like stopping time. 3. Her ultimate. It's a temporary amount of time being shut together, hard to explain but I'll hope you get it and delete your comment or at least edit the words. This isn't a place to be toxic, maybe try doing that in game lobby.
such toxic right right right right right. ugh. cant take constructive criticism to your poorly attempt at making a champ based on an item. thats been done 100s of times before, but better. and on more popular forums.
: Plat 4 ADC looking for Plat - Diamond Sup
: He's in one of each champs screen caps.
twice for nami....lower right and left.
: > [{quoted}](name=KingDinger,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=IrNArLMo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-03-26T07:20:13.132+0000) > > welder? she shuts time together or something? > > or wielder? she USES time. Eh, welder as in she creates time. If you search up the definition of welder you'd know. Like welding metal, a process to sculpt or put them together. Like welding a sword. She melds time together with her ultimate and passive to stop time, it's hard to explain and there isn't a really good enough word in my short range of vocabulary to have a word that can describe it. It was previously going to Bringer but...
welders dont create, they join. so shuts it together is a literal transitive. i suggested wielder because she USES/controls time, as you said, in the passive and ult...and ofc the item. also saying for me to look it up....yes, time is a metal or plastic or polymer. such knowledge of the shit your trying to spiel.
: ***
badyrs.... ok how bout you just go neck yourself. you arent funny, stop trying to be.
: Zhonya, Welder of Time [Re-Created]
welder? she shuts time together or something? or wielder? she USES time.
: ***
in OCE? in silver? lol its more they dont want the badyrs coming off not playing him for a week or 2 cos of the disabled skin.
: ***
it seemed a LARGE number of players felt the same way. udyr play rate went down quite a bit during the ultimate skin being disabled. it was quite funny, because for about 3 days after it was re-enabled i saw udyr bans, lots and lots of udyr bans.
SirBubbs (OCE)
: Kalista's W
only kalista gets the gold. she can use her support to last hit. but both dont get the gold. and it messes up with relic, since it doesnt proc correctly with relic and doesnt share the gold... its why its ill advised to use relic WITH kalista.
: I dont think this is the problem Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG1AJXyxQ5U
i vsed a yas last night, as nasus top. he could literally Q any direction and hit me as long as he was within an inch on my screen from me. but at the outer edges of his Q i could sidestep it easily. whereas jannas nado gets bigger with length, yas stays the same. so maybe thats all it is, especially in that vid it looks like he sidestepped it towards the end of the animation.
: because she's a no skill cheese champ. you can either wait for her to ult and not use your cc, whilst the enemy beats on you, or use your cc on the enemy team so kat can get a full ult off. people hate annie because she can hold her stun for however long she wants, forcing you out of lane because of the risk of her flash-ulting for an easy kill.
its not only that, kat does TONS of damage even without a full ult... kat is just TOO easy for the reward she gives. but sadly, there isnt much to tune down now since the fix to how her reset works. kat bans are understandable, annie bans less so since she has seen quite a bit less play lately. either way, both are low risk to their reward, and low skill to be able to do what they do. still not sure how well the new AP item fits on either of them tho...but the 120 AP is really nice, same with the MS.
: wtf 10 LP
winning more than im losing: 49-52 win loss... or do you mean more LP per win than per loss?
XxStormxX (OCE)
: LFM> Clan name being decided Join now
adc/jungle. can fill support. sign me up.
kaiyunman (OCE)
: Creating ranked team
im down for all those roles. im better at other ADCs tho...and i pref vi over J4, but can still do those 2. the other 2 are perfectly fine, but would like to add leona and braum into the mix, and taric any time the enemy picks kalista.
: Yasuo Max Q or E
max W. then E. but seriously, last hit with E and max E...supa easy game.
: If they gave Kat an energy bar, they would have to give her a big energy regain on her passive, otherwise it would completely kill her kit, she is completely based around getting resets, stop her from resetting and its over for her.
"resets CD by 15 seconds and refills energy on kill or assist if kat dealt damage to the target within the last 3 seconds." bam, energy kat = balanced for energy use...lel but its still not needed.
: Ping spam.
you mean like the one there already is?
: I could imagine Riot when they created Nidalee.
nid was around long before the cat form buffs that made her stupid... old AP nid poke was stupid because if you couldnt move you got fucked over. but old cat form was weak. especially after it got nerfed because of AD nid being SORT OF OK. but it was hell of a lot more balanced than the current nid...Q doing stupid damage in both forms....
Ritual (OCE)
: Rose Zyra for valentines day next year
also, a feature never been tested: the only way to get the skin....is to have it gifted to you. and you can gift it to others ofc. same price as a mystery gift.
: Where did the rune combiner go?
dont buy shit runes? also...an avid collector would just buy all the runes anyway.
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