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: RP adjustment in Oceania
I dont mind the price increase, its the tribunal that Im wondering about. You speak of fairness when there's no one to monitor sportsman like conduct in League. Right now, OCE is considered to be one of the most toxic, if not THE toxic server globally.
ToxicHawk (OCE)
: Patch 5.3 Bugs Megathread
In game bug where I was playing Heartseeker Vayne against a default Quinn (I dont know if skins matter but Ill say it anyway just in case). I was fighting her one on one in bush and I died just before I auto attacked quinn. The damage from the mid-air bolt did not count and neither did {{champion:67}}'s w passive nor the {{item:3087}} passive. Which shouldve killed her.
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: New Champ Suggestion
You mean {{champion:222}} ? Because that's very similar to her Q ability Pow Pow... Attack speed increases per level.
Sethane (OCE)
: I personally don't like this idea and I can see why riot hasn't done a champ like this yet. If you look all the champs in the game can't go full tank and still deal tones of damage. This hero can. Rokhan can get like 300+ armour and 200+ magic resist and destroy teams as fast as {{champion:421}} can and we all know how broken he is. All the tanks in the game have ad and ap scaling damage abilities do this doesn't happen. In saying this their are some awesome ideas in this champ. Like the lower his health is the more tenacity he has. That is a cool idea. And his healing is great. So the champ in a whole is stupidly broken, none the less some awesome idea's mate :D
I see your point and I agree, but I havent been seeing any tanks taking the limelight lately and wanted to make a champ with that 'leading the charge' feeling to him in a teamfight, if I name one at the top of my head that has that kind of feeling, Id say {{champion:89}} would be one. Every champ comes out broken at first but they're eventually nerfed or countered. Thanks for the feedback.
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: Jungle Help
The jungle has changed quite a bit since it's change. A good way to counter this is to get champs that completely bypass that change. For example, play {{champion:35}} because he doesnt need a leash and he completely avoids damage from blue and you still have your pots in tact. You can head straight for red with all that regen and smite ready in your pocket for that extra heal. Or play {{champion:14}} , because of his knock up and low CD on his q, he barely needs a leash. It all depends on who you play and how you play them.
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Falconite (OCE)
: ===Is Shaco a good jungler and is he hard?===
Shaco is a high risk, high reward champ that is kinda hard to play... at first but after a couple of games, you get the feel for him. I remember the first time I played Shaco, I immediately bought him after that beautiful game. Anyway, he's not to difficult, he just requires a bit of thought more that most junglers.
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: How does the new Alistar look guys?
I love how each skin has its own different set of horns on alistar.


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