belquin (OCE)
: Hey Klavinmour, As Seras has mentioned - we would love to get some more details about a player or game where you see this happening as we 100% will not allow this to happen. Would love if you could provide as many details as possible, or keep an eye out in case it happens again and let me know? Thanks for passing this on - I haven't seen any instances of this myself, but if it is happening it needs to be resolved ASAP so thanks for sharing.
Aye, was happening around 2am ish, and I did report it in game. If I come across it again I'll be sure to get some screenshots.
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24yejoon (NA)
THe only people who hate Leaverbuster are the people it's designed to remove from the game.
: it does means something.. If you cant climb it clearly means you're doing SOMETHING wrong. especially if you're stuck in bronze or silver. If you're stuck there. you probably have over a hundred things you could work on. In 100 games you don't have bad teammates in over 60 of your games, it's just how it is. For YOU to rank up it depends on how you play. Better performance means more wins. In ALL you're games YOU are the deciding factor. You can't change how your teammates play then change how you play. Although some games are harder to carry than others. League is all about Making minimal mistakes and abusing others for their mistakes (by knowing your team's limits and the enemy's)
And yet you completely ignore that your MMR is entirely based on if you win or lose. Again your performance means nothing, every game only one thing matters and that's who wins. If your team wins your MMR increases, if it loses your MMR decreases. It doesn't matter how you win, it doesn't matter if you went 23/0/10 or 0/50/5 only the WIN/LOSS matters. That's all that happens. Your performance has no impact on your MMR, if it did my MMR would be diamond according the stat comparisons available in the client now. PS: Fuck off with necroing a 9 month dead thread.
: Don't you think this kind of thing happens just a little too often now?
Your ult as Azir wont cancel damage that's already been initiated. You might stop Rengar's leap, but you wont be stopping the damage from applying unless if you stun him or stop the leap between the 10% to 40% mark. You been hit once the leap is about 50% complete. And Rengar does need to work for his damage, it's not as easy as some make it seem, and unlike many other assassins Rengar doesn't have an escape. Sure there's movespeed and cleanse on empowered W, but it's not so useful when you're balls deep between the enemy. Rengar's weakness is his greatest strength, he goes all in with no hope of coming out unless all nearby enemies are dead. (Yes it is possible to escape still, but it's not always an option)
: Banned for words and not bad play
Oh look another moron saying the game is dying. Yeah that explains why on OCE alone there are over 50,000 new accounts playing ranked in Season 8. If the game is dead, why is LoL ALWAYS the number one game on Twitch? There are more people playing now than every before, just because you bitch and moan doesn't mean the game is actually losing players.
: Poor idiots should ban the lowlife that doesn't know how to use mute function rather then try to surpress free expression of speech and live in a non soyed world aka reality. Talk about de-rvolution.
There are no free speech protection laws in Australia, never have been. On top of that the Free Speech laws in USA only say that you can say anything you want to say, there's nothing protecting you from the consequences of what you say.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mozzie25,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=dGqm3t3v,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-17T00:03:26.348+0000) > > Xayah doesn’t, reworked Eve doesn’t. There been a lot of champions with mobility but if you go back before keld 5 champions in a row either had no dive or gap closer or had a long cooldown movement ability E.g Taliyahs Wall and A-Sols Comet of Legend. > > Mobility creep is definitely a thing but you cherry picked the shit of your example Eve can gap close by ulting in the wrong direction...
"wrong direction" In which case she doesn't do damage and loses out on the bonus damage from stealth. It's intended use is an execute and escape tool.
: there are 50,000 more ranked accounts this season than last season... "plummet in numbers" indeed.
I was about to say. Fucking hate the gaming community half the time. "I quit this game, so that means it's dead!" "Hurrr Fortnite is better than this trash" then why the fuck are you playing LoL and not Fortnite? "Huurrr no wonder Fortnite is more popular!" right, yet at every waking moment LoL has more viewers on Twitch.
Turzo (OCE)
: So is "Nig*a" "Cu*t" "Dumbcu*t" and all other racial come other verbal abuses allowed on oce now?o.O
I always get an instant feedback message when I report for people saying those things. Hell just the other night my friend and I cheered when we got an instant feedback message saying that the person we reported in the previous match had been permabanned. %%%% however shouldn't be in the instant ban list for OCE, it's the most used word in Australian language and is culturally significant word here...
: How is PYKE playable in other regions but not in australia
Pyke isn't available anywhere but the PBE, there is ONE PBE server and it's in NA region. Plenty of Australians get access to the PBE and deal with the 300ping.
Flúffy (OCE)
: mate they are playing on the PBE
: Not to mention the "campaign" version of Fortnite is also terrible... Most regrettably purchase I've ever made... I don't know if they've changed any of it to date, but I'm about 99.99% sure they haven't. Bottom line, the monetisation is skewed way too far into "all we care about is money" territory. Other than the "influx" of pinatas you get when you first start playing, it's dam near impossible to get them (can manage 1 every other day, if you play several hours per day) and even so, the loot you get from then is usually generically terrible. Get a bunch of low-tier sh!t when what you really need is some mid-tier sh!t so you can "recycle" it all just to make a measly amount of progress on upgrading something else so you can sit on the same difficulty for several months at a time... Generically terrible game no matter which version you're playing...
Epic Games also refuses to fix the networking issues in their engine because they managed a work around for Fortnite, but if they fixed their engine then PUBG would be more stable and people would flood back to it. I used to respect Epic Games... used to.
Atylia (OCE)
: Leaverbuster??
That would be a lot of bullshit. If you're waiting for 20 gold, that's nowhere near the 5 minute mark where the message pops up.
: Fortain???? You mean Fortnite? there's no way riot could do that, they're shit, their client is shit, and their champ design/balancing is shit. There is no game currently that could surpass fortnite
Except Fortnite is actually terrible. It's RNG on RNG on RNG. Oh what's that? You found a Gold Assault Rifle? Good good, now shoot at that person over there and watch as the game decides you do no damage because RNG despite hit markers saying you are hitting them in the head. Fortnite is only popular because of certain D list celebrities joining certain streamers. The game itself is horribly buggy, crashes like a bitch constantly, and not to mention the ending of every match is this horrible convoluted bullshit of stacking walls on top of each other until someone gets a lucky shot in that five layers of RNG decided is enough damage to kill the other person. If you think LoL is so shit? Get off these forums, we both know you'll never offer any real criticism beyond "GAME IS SHIT" so you literally have no reason to be here.
: Pantheon Rework
You can't rework a champion just because you're bored of them. Especially in a case like Pantheon. Yes he's old, and his kit is old, but it's still very relevant to the current state of the game, and more than viable enough to keep him competitive. He doesn't NEED a rework. If you're bored of a champion, play someone else. There's plenty of others with similar style or theme.
Rioter Comments
: Why does Riot allow players to forcibly steal roles with no repurcusions?
Report at the end of the match, if you're in Draft Pick (which you should be, there's literally no reason to ever play Blind Pick) and someone takes your roll that was given you to by queuing and you don't agree with that, then you have grounds to report and they will suffer the consequences. Death threats typically use words that are picked up by the automatic banning system, if you think it's not working THEN REPORT AFTER THE MATCH LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO.
: A reflection on movement speed creep in today's (and tomorrow's) meta.
More movespeed for the movespeed gods! I like having high movespeed, but at the same time on certain champions (most notably ADCs) I loathe buying boots on, 2 zeal items plus whatever MS passive you have and boots are quickly irrelevant if you're not going for Swifties or Mobos. There are plenty of champions I feel are heavily lacking in base movespeed like Evelynn after her rework, her kit is so dependent of being able to navigate through the back lines of an enemy team and take those picks, or ganking like a maniac but she finds it difficult because of extremely low base MS, especially compared to other assassins in her flavour. What does more movespeed mean for Skillshots and AOE? Short answer: nothing. Longer answer: you get used to it and improve your timing/skill/strategy. Does it effect split pushing? Well not at all, the most effective split push champs in the game are ones with high MS/mobility and good wave clear. Tryndamere, Yi, Udyr etc. -------------------------------------------------------------- And don't forget. ALL PRAISE THE SPEED DEMON HECARIM!
: Kai'sa is going to be nerfed.
She's actually really well designed with clear strength and weakness. Her numbers might be a little high, but it's too early to know, we'll need at least two weeks of her on live to know how good she really is.
: The sexualisation of women in League of legends
Most of what you're asking for here is already in the game. Hell when I look at League I see far more overly sexualised males than I do females.
Spaghetty (EUNE)
: Season 4 map
The old map was an outright eyesore, not to mention the terrible inconsistencies with geometry which caused issues with Blink type spells and warding.
: Called my perma banning whilst flaming a trolling support who my team agreed was trolling, why am I
: What happened to neon pax sivir ?
Neo PAX Sivir was limited time event thing, if you want a copy now you gotta go get a code.
: ***
Well jungle is better and doesn't require a specific path to make even dedicated jungle champions viable. Zoe can fuck off though.
: When can i get my honor level back?
You must capture the Avatar and bring him to the Fire Lord.
Vasoleen (OCE)
: Key fragments
I get a key fragment almost every time I log in, got one each time that I logged in yesterday. Boxes are far harder to come by, not getting them when I get an S is pure bitch.
Joiksu (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Klavinmour,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=gTOLdrfY,comment-id=0004000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-24T09:40:18.168+0000) > > In fact many higher elo players Plat and above believe that if you know how every champion works you should be easily able to climb to at the very least Platinum on champion knowledge alone, without the mechanical skill or overall game knowledge needed to climb higher. Correct. However getting back to the point of the topic, the balance team constantly change meta when one item is abused... why? Just fix the item in a way that doesn't break the meta in a stupid way, or ruin playstyles or player's **skill enjoyment. ** That's the most important thing, keep or raise the skill level of the game, not reduce it just because its pander to noobs time.
The balance team have no actual control over the META, it is entirely controlled by players. There are still ADCs buying relic shield despite it being nerfed so that they wouldn't buy it, and you're going to see this constantly for the next 3 months because players are both stupid and stubborn. Hell you still get Diamond players buying both Triforce and Iceborn Gauntlet from time to time and it happens a LOT in low elo. These are items Riot should have long ago made so you can only buy one of any kind of Sheen item (like Tiamat) yet the believe the community is not stupid enough for them to need to do that. Don't get me wrong I criticize a lot of changes Riot makes. Like right now I am fucking furious that they nerfed Ezreal's Q yet again when it clearly is not the issue, and it's entirely Kleptomancy and that the tree it's under is blatantly not enough of a draw back for carries to not be taking it. And while they nerf Ezreal purely for his use of Kleptomancy, they refuse to touch any of the other champions that are using it. I don't even know if I should try to get used to CSing as Ezreal right now, because I fully expect to see his Q nerfed again for literally no fuck damn reason next patch. But those are changes that have been consistent since the creation of the game, there are still guys from DOTA All Star's team at Riot, and I'd say their experience balancing MOBAs for over a decade far outweigh any belief that the Devs should be high elo players, and for fuck sake we haven't even touched on the fact that it's not feasibly possible to climb to high elo if you have full time commitments, like I dunno, working on this game for the majority of your waking hours than playing it competitively. I could name several Australian Challenger players that last season had no choice to drop rank and finish the season lower than they normally would simply because they got jobs. Riot's approach is also extremely consistent with the rest of the industry when it comes to balancing a game, the only outlier I can really see is Valve who for DOTA2 "balance" by making everything over powered and bloated, or "balance" CS:GOFUCKYOURSELF by what's popular rather than based on the real world statistics of each weapon. Take a look at how Blizzard nerf Mercy over and over again because "she's too popular" their belief is that she is too strong, when it's simply that other healers can't compete with her well rounded kit.
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: No, you are still incorrect the majority of players are in bronze silver and gold and most know all the champs and what they do below level 30 nee players is where saying people only know a few champs is valid
Yeah no, Bronze, Silver and Gold players only play and know the champs they see on Youtube and Twitch, which surprise surprise is at best 15% of the total champion pool. Why do they do this? Because they are stupidly trying to emulate whoever is the flavour of the month "pro". Before Yorick's rework 99% of players in this backet couldn't possibly tell you what he does or is, the same for Sion. Right now it's the same for Aatroxx, but unlike Yorick and Sion, Aatroxx has no use and it doesn't matter if players don't know what he does. Go and actually take a look at champion use in those elos, you'll find that it very much is nothing more than an emulation of 3 month old youtube videos. You'll find that any champion with a low pick/ban rate is something that you could call "sleeper OP" because these players wont know how to deal with that champion, they don't know what the strengths and weaknesses of those champions are. Your individual idea that just because you know all champions, doesn't mean that everyone in your bracket does. In fact many higher elo players Plat and above believe that if you know how every champion works you should be easily able to climb to at the very least Platinum on champion knowledge alone, without the mechanical skill or overall game knowledge needed to climb higher. So if what you were saying was true, the majority of the playerbase would be Platinum by default. New players below level 30 do not count in ANYTHING, as far as measuring the player base they DON'T EXIST.
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: most people that play this game are gold or bellow and know all champions only under level 30 players know max 10 champs pls read what you write before posting
No, the majority of players only understand the champions that are meta. It's why you can dominate a game by picking an off meta champion that people don't expect. Go on, ask a Gold player what Nunu or Trundle does.
: > [{quoted}](name=Klavinmour,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=gTOLdrfY,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-01-22T13:18:36.292+0000) > > Take a look at the coaches of the pro-teams, most of them are Silver to Gold elo, yet they know more about the game than the pro-players themselves who know very little and specialised pieces of the game. > I think that's stretching it a bit, man. Hardstuck silvers or golds should not be on the balance team for their moba game understanding, and I seriously doubt any coach is at that level.
It doesn't matter if you doubt that they are, because they are. The Devs being Silver and Gold has been how it is ever since rank was introduced. The changes to the game that have been the most loved and praised were made by Devs who are hardstuck Silver.
: It was ABUSED because the braindead balance team made a change nobody asked for and was nerfed soon after. ABUSED. The only reason it went under the radar was because it happened after World Finals as opposed to during the competitive season. AP Cho'gath would also get abused if Riot reverted all of his abilities back to having 1-to-1 ratios or something equally stupid. EDIT: Why am I even debating this with a Hardstuck silver?
That's big talk considering you too are Silver, and looking at your history it looks like the one season you were Gold is suspicious. But sure, use rank as a means to insult people, I'm sure that'll make you climb the ladder for sure this time.
: I mean, when Riot released reworked Galio they literally said if people started abusing AP Galio they'd immediately gimp his AP ratios.
Abuse isn't the same as play. Abuse is in the type of gameplay where Ekko was in with Tank/Bruiser having access to stupidly high amounts of %HP damage without even building AP. If you see an AP Cho'Gath do you think he's abusing AP Cho? No, because you recognise that you can deal with the weaknesses present. The same is for Galio.
: >They know the game inside and out mathematically, and they see how every little tweak is effected in gameplay. AP Galio ratios. They only needed a calculator to see how stupid that was.
You need to actually build AP to get those numbers, which as a Tank he shouldn't be. Risk versus reward. Cho'Gath has similar high AP ratios, but you still would rather fight an AP Cho than a Tank Cho because it will die so much faster and easier.
: I expect them to actually somewhat understand the game that they're unknowingly butchering.
And as I said they clearly do, more so than you that's why they are the developers. Rank means nothing to actual knowledge of the game, that's been proven time and time again. Take a look at the coaches of the pro-teams, most of them are Silver to Gold elo, yet they know more about the game than the pro-players themselves who know very little and specialised pieces of the game. It's the same for the majority of players. Most people who play this game know very little about it, they know how maybe 10 champions work, and most of those champions will be in the position they play. They'll have a general idea of how most champions that get played kinda work. But you throw in something that's almost never played and they'll lose to it 95% of the time because they don't know what they are doing against that champion. Take a look at the win rates of pre-rework Yorick/Sion mains.
: Lead Gameplay Designer has been hardstuck silver for 3 seasons and has played 1 game in 7 days.
So what, you expect the Devs to be Diamond + ? Just because the Devs are low elo doesn't mean they know nothing. They know the game inside and out mathematically, and they see how every little tweak is effected in gameplay. It's worth noting that while the majority of Riot employees are Silver to Gold, the game has always been balanced around Diamond + level of play, and never below. You want to know why the Devs want bruisers in bot lane? Because ADCs have been one of THE biggest issues this game has had since Season 2. It's stale gameplay and every time the Devs push to try and change up the macro meta, the players are stubborn as fuck and refuse to listen. Every other position has variation. Top lane ranges from Tanks, to Bruisers to the occasional Mage/Assassin/Marksman. Mid lane has variation being Mages and Assassins mostly, with the occasional off macro of a Marksman. Jungle can be literally anything (when Riot aren't nerfing the shit about of EXP/Gold gains) Jungle even allows Supports like Leona to be played as ganking Tanks. Support even has a variety of champions that can be played as Support. But ADC, you play something that's not a Marksman and watch how everyone bitches. But sure, let's fire someone from the Dev team because they aren't Challenger, you know so much more than them so they should hire you.
Pingas1 (OCE)
: 8 Lux skins but 1 Camille skin??
Popularity and age of a champion. Camille is new and not very popular, so she hasn't had the chance for a new skin yet. Hell we're only just getting an Illaoi skin now. Lux has been in the game since like the Beta, almost every champion from back before Season 3 has many skins simply because they are old. With a few exceptions here and there *cough* Sion/Yorick.
00shots00 (OCE)
: I play for around 40-50 hours a week and I got suspended for 1 game mate. keep your unknown knowledge away from league discussions because you're giving out false information. and to the person that posted this. I know your pain and feel sorry for you. you've more than likely been pushed to the edge time and time again and finally gave in and said something along the lines of " k.y.s, f**g*t" something that's a 1 shot for instant bans. you wont be able to fight riot I tried for 14 days and they don't give a fuck about the passionate players, which sucks because if we actually didn't care about the game why would we be pushed to say these things? then the wankers that get on the game and just wanna get carried and troll they just get away with it because there's no reporting option for trollers or people that won't help the team. you just need to mute all and play passive and scale to win. don't listen or read the other comments either the people that defend riots way of banning and not caring are the people you get in the games that don't give a fuck about winning a ranked game. another thing - try not to report a lot of people, ive found that I can have 10 good games win or lose with decent players but the second I report someone I get the most toxic trolling not caring fucks I have ever gotten in my life. so I'm not reporting anymore because id rather make it to a higher elo than sit in low elo. good luck man start a smurf for the 14 days :*
Saying the specific black list words is outside the norm of being "toxic". Shouldn't even need to clarify that using any of those words get you instant hammering like you deserve. The blacklist words are above anything else, like for fuck sake you could be Faker and use any of them and get permabanned on the spot. But as Riot points out, practically everyone who says "I was only toxic for one game why I get punished!?" was outright toxic for far more than one game, and have a major history of being a prick. It's funny, I get literally the opposite when I report people, when I report I get better team mates and opponents. Perhaps it's simply you being toxic that attracts it, from your post I wouldn't find that difficult to believe.
awf (OCE)
: Am i really this bad
You seem to know what you're doing on Malphite, but you're playing him into every match up, you're gonna want to expand your champ pool a bit. On the otherside of things you probably shouldn't be playing Evelynn, she's not the easiest champ to play, and her jungle pathing and ganking is not easy for someone with your skill. But if you're insistent on playing her, look up junglers like NightBlue3 on Twitch and try to adapt what he does with the champ, don't try to directly copy however.
: This is bullshit.
I guess the majority of my friend's list having max honours last season wasn't a thing. I regularly get honours, unless if I'm playing with my support main friend who will typically always get honours over anyone else. As for getting a 14 day suspension, it's not about one game, it's about a large number of factors, and the less games you play the more that so called "one game" weighs on you. More than likely you've been toxic quite a lot, it's only just now caught up to you as it should. When I'm playing LoL I'll probably put in like 20 games a week, playing that many I could AFK one whole match each week and never get Leaver Busted. I'm quite thankful for that since my internet cut out for 15 minutes during my last match and when it finally came back the match was over and I didn't receive a warning.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Of course the mods are biased, whenever a post is made which is against something Riot has done there is ALWAYS a moderator commenting on it, and they are always writing their heart out in order to prove the person wrong. Because there obviously can't be any constructive criticism with such a PERFECT game as League of Legends. There can't be anything wrong with it, all these people complaining are obviously mislead and are overreacting. Well damn, that's A LOT of people who are "overreacting".
To be fair the greater majority of complaint threads are nothing more than shit flinging and whinging and can in no way be taken as constructive criticism. I'll see maybe 1 in every 20 actually be a properly typed out and thought out complaint/criticism on a change to the game, while the other 19 are effectively "HURRRRR TAKING SIGHTSTONE OUT OF GAME RETARDED CHANGE STOP BEING SHIT RITO".
: So I Can No Longer Play ARAM Before the Afternoon
According to Riot bots are only an issue at certain MMR levels in ARAM. Win more and you wont see them.
Essembie (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Klavinmour,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=vZ7ih6qM,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-05T03:30:45.517+0000) > > Whales is a term that refers to players who spend mass loads on microtransactions. > They don't exist in WoW. > There isn't any, apart from character tokens. > > Other than that it's the traditional monthly subscription, or you could grind gold in the game and use that to buy game time. > > No player in WoW could have the term "whale" applied to them. yeah a fair distinction. another distinction is that WoW doesnt really occupy the same space as FTPs so whales may not be the best term given the connotations it has of irrational high volume spending vs a known monthly subscription cost. But allow me to explain: I was thinking they are whales by virtue of the amount of time (which directly correlates to cash as it is a time based subscription) invested. You're not gonna turn your back on a character into which you have invested 7 years worth of subscription fees and 7 years worth of time without some internal reflection. I dont know the stats so I am only making an educated guess, but I'd wager that subscriptions in WoW are not coming from new players but from people who already have sunk a great deal of time and money into the game. Not a whale in a compulsive spending sense which makes them a higher potential net worth than their non-whale peers (ie someone buying all skins in LoL vs someone who only does FTP), but a whale in the sense that they have sunk a great deal of cash into the game to the point where they would rather keep sinking cash into it rather than go cold turkey and walk away from a toon they spent years building. Once the hooks are in to this type of person, they are a reliable source of income for Blizzard. I was genuinely surprised to hear how big the population still was. Even though half its peak if I remember correctly, still a lot.
Every expansion the population returns to near peak levels for roughly 3-6 months time. There are still plenty of new players coming into the game as well, many people who try MMOs for the first time in other games like ESO, SW:TOR, or during the Korean MMO hype two years ago turned around and looked at WoW.
Essembie (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Klavinmour,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=vZ7ih6qM,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-30T05:16:13.206+0000) > > Activision forced abandonment of Diablo 3 as far as anyone can tell. > > WoW and Hearthstone are consistently in the top 10 on Twitch and the numbers for their playerbases is still unreal. > Hearthstone is even out performing Magic the Gathering on Twitch. > Players always flock back to WoW, and if you've ever paid attention to the MMO scene you'll know that even the Korean MMO craze was short lived. > > StarCraft is still the single most popular RTS in the world. > > Just because YOU don't know anyone that play these games doesn't mean they aren't insanely popular. I am surprised that WoW is still limping along. I guess the whales have invested too much to quit.
Whales is a term that refers to players who spend mass loads on microtransactions. They don't exist in WoW. There isn't any, apart from character tokens. Other than that it's the traditional monthly subscription, or you could grind gold in the game and use that to buy game time. No player in WoW could have the term "whale" applied to them.
: Can you please keep us in the loop Riot?
We heard rather early that Magma Chamber was scrapped, Riot outright told us "it is very glitchy and we can't fix any of the bugs within reasonable time frame". That went under the radar for most players somehow, probably because Magma Chamber itself was a meme from the moment it was originally mentioned and the meme drowned out everything Riot said on it's cancellation. It took like 2-3 years before people actually believed it was canceled. I would not consider this Riot's fault. Pure community issue here.
LennonbYl (OCE)
: I can agree riot is so dumb they cant even make a game mode fun why dont they just go back to the normal urf where you have a choice they ruin the game they think theyre so good but they are so fucking bad i could make a better game by fucking miles. What are they doing? just release normal urf the one that everyone likes and not this bull%%%% shitty snowdown fuckfest.
Then do it. Fuck off and make your own game then.
: Welcome to the damage meta so far.
No one seems to actually pay attention that the Klepto rune is for supports, and thus the tree has nothing that really helps Gangplank or certain others that take it. Yes, they get a speedy advantage on gold and some consumables, but overall their damage suffers in the long play. You can't complain about an assassin doing what an assassin is meant to do, there are plenty of ways to counter them, ranging from CC, to damage negating items depending on what you're playing. Are you an ADC? Then get {{item:3046}} {{item:3812}} you'll be tanky enough to survive any assassin, especially if your support brings {{summoner:3}} . I find Electrocute to be very very niche. Not many champions can hit the requirements for it. Where thunderlords was simply hit three attacks, this is hit three attacks within a time limit.
: This meta is still better than tank meta though, thank god it is gone
Except tank meta wasn't about actual tanks, it was certain assassins with high %health damage building tank. While real tanks were being melted within seconds by everyone else. So no one was playing real tanks.
: they are not of small portion now...soon they will flood the servers just like they flood australia market
Calm down Pauline. (though admittedly she wasn't wrong)
: The context of this thread seems to be that it's an issue exclusive to Chinese/Mandarin speaking players, yet I'd argue that you'd find significantly more English speaking players who do the same kind of things in-game. The difference is that it becomes more apparent when the players in question are using a different language, especially something as different as symbol based languages, in a typically English environment. If you want to whinge about something, at least cover the whole issue, instead of trying to pass it off as something only a small portion of a particular group-set does.
One of the points that gets raised whenever this comes up however is that these Mandarin speaking players were banned permanently from the Chinese server, and that's why they are on OCE. They SHOULD be region locked out. They WOULD be signing up for the Japan server if Japan didn't have a region lock, there should be a lock on China to prevent them accessing the game in other regions.
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