Spín2Win (OCE)
: F*** up, its not like that. This is a multi billion dollar company here, and they cant even cater to the things they promised? Wtf is your problem of course the community is gonna be upset when (like it said above) people arranged their schedule around being available for clash, meaning shifting work and all that.
Even if you were the smartest person in your grade during school, does that mean you will never make mistakes?
Penny13 (OCE)
: How is it not their fault? They're directly responsible for failing to foresee the obvious increase in server load.
the games and servers itself did not actually crash, so it wasnt really due too much to the overload. Moreso that the amount of people who had quit league had come back along with those who do not normally play so much was not expected as the increase in numbers led to crashing to a program meant for a normal amount of people normally playing. Surely when you've submitted work or done tests, not everything is perfect. This is just one mistake of many that Riot has made. No need to be so toxic
: Hey Riot! This is how you fix the issue. Step 1) Reset the system, and start it at 8:30, 9:00 or 9:30. Step 2) Make teams re-lock in 30 minutes prior. Step 4) ??? Step 5) No angry summoners!
The tournament would stretch too long for those who had only organized an earlier timeslot, plus the fact that most people go to sleep at about 10 whereas starting at these times would end the tournament latest at 11,11:30 or 12 respectively
OShen Man (OCE)
: my wife was giving birth but I decided to play clash instead, because it was what she wanted. you made me miss one of the greatest moments of my life for naught
Spenzeit (OCE)
: Complete disgrace....Your game is dying you cannot afford f ups like this.. Joke of a company officially done with your game. Complete BS that all you can say is you are "really sorry" and that if you lost then you lost. How ridiculous...many people met up in real life at PC cafes all over Nz and Australia and all you can say is "we are really sorry" what a complete waste of everyone's time and efforts. Not good enough Riot.
This is the first run in OCE so its more of a test run. The chances of it failing probably wasn't that high due to it being run in NA previously but this is just one mistake. Riot is still putting out this game that you're playing and you have no reason to berate. Like if you truly think this game is a disaster right now and the company is a disappointment for making this mistake, then reconsider whether you should play this game.
Euryale (OCE)
: Wait you guys seriously RNG'ed who won and lost? Are you kidding me? Thats so infinitely unfair to those who were assigned losses, a refund in ticket isnt the problem; WE HAVE TO WAIT TWO WEEKS FOR THE NEXT ROUND OF CLASH. People set aside times in the day JUST FOR THIS, and you give us RNG win losses? This is a real disgrace, to be perfectly honest. Not only did we not get to play something YOU GUYS HYPED US UP FOR, we also HAVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF YOUR SERVER'S INCOMPETENCE TO UPHOLD ITS INTEGRITY. This needs to be reset, if not, to all those who were assigned RNG'ed losses, should be compensated or put into a** NEW BRACKET JUST FOR THOSE WHO WERE ASSIGNED LOSSES** You guys need to fix yourselves, and really re-evaluate what you're trying to do here.
Everyone was refunded tickets, and plus this is the first time Clash was run on the OCE server. Just because this is a game company who creates one of the most played MOBAS out there, doesn't mean everything they put out there is absolutely perfect. Riot has its rights and wrongs, and for a company that continuously puts out fortnightly patches, I dont think you really have that much of a right to blame and berate them. How about you try taking the place of a riot employee in charge of the whole situation. You would be pretty stressed out by this as well. This is just a mistake, albeit a big one. This is just the first clash tournament in OCE, so its more of a test run than anything, so don't blame riot for being a complete disappointment or a useless company who cant even manage their own game when they already have made this game that millions of people play. If you're so mad and disappointed at Riot for this or for past issues, reevaluate why you're even playing this game then.
Cohen (OCE)
: Everyone I know came 4th, couldn't this just have been scheduled to start at 8:30 instead? Everyone is hanging around waiting for news anyway, make teams re lock in so they can get a sub if needed.
I dont think it works that way as if that was the case and they started the brackets at 8, the entire bracket would take at most 160 minutes which wouldve end up very late at about 11PM where people have to go to sleep
: Unleash Kayn's Carnage to Earn 2 Special Icons
Have they posted the mission in the mission log or does that appear when you buy Kayn?


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