: Are Wolf's marks even worth going for anymore?
The only way you can perform well on kindred is by obtaining marks and farming until you have core items almost any junlger is stronger than kindred until she has marks and bork
Ticktic (OCE)
: leavebusters is busted
Probably catching up on the one where you afked 7 days ago
: Price of the game
I remember when I first started there was a pack you could buy that gave you all the champs at that current time
keremos (OCE)
: Is Draven good this patch?
With the nerfs to warlords bloodlust and lethality items he's not as strong but definitely still viable
: Allow me to rant for a moment while For Honor downloads
Xolute (OCE)
: How do you deal with a bad support???
Essembie (OCE)
: AP mage tank vs pure tank Zac
I don't know if it's that good anymore because you're most damaging ability is your e which has been made much much easier to dodge
: If something is working well in normals should you do it in ranked?
It's worth a shot but you will probably kneecap your teams damage because people think only ap champs go mid
: Suspended for literal no reason
Well for starters putting money into a game doesn't grant you greater privileges than anyone else, and from what I can tell you deserved a ban for toxicity
EkkoIsLad (OCE)
: Third banned account.
If it's your 3rd account I think that's telling you something
iWasted (EUW)
: Morgana Jungle
This is a joke right ?
: Losing the Chat i was having with someone
You should still be able to get the chat logs from your files
: Why is Lee Sin suddenly so powerful?
He's been a very strong jungler for as long as I can remember and his highish skill cap seems to attract a lot of smurfs and with the new season people are probably hiring boosters to get them a good rank
: Where is Camille?
At least 10 of these are made every time a new champ is about to be released, it has been the exact same way forever
Offense (OCE)
Does my flex rank matter coz I only got put in s2
Adam btw (OCE)
: MMR gain?
If you're getting 23 lp a win you're definitely above your ranks mmr, I'm only getting 27+ on flex and it's pretty impossible as far as I know to get that in solo q
Adam btw (OCE)
: MMR gain?
Is it flex or solo
Xpersha (OCE)
: 20 minute LPQ is F**king ridiculous.....
You don't just get a flat out 20 lpq it takes a fair while to even work up a 5 minute lpq
rondoge (OCE)
: hard reset idea for season 7
Did you not see the outburst of people blowing up about being matched with high elo players in flex q, it would take months to filter out the good from the average
Vhaegor (OCE)
: Placement matchs
TBH they will more than likely do a reset for flex q if they don't can the idea all together, there has been multiple statements made by riot employers saying how flawed the matchmaking and placings are, was watching a vod on iwdominates yet channel and he was versing silvers and bronzes on his challenger account
: How do you counter malphite support?
disengage supports are the bread and butter to countering malphite
: They didnt remake but I get an afk ban
You afk'd and are complaining about an afk ban ?
: Help a brother out. Will Alienware Alpha i3 suffice?
I think the i3 is a little outdated and I've heard terrible things about Radeon gpu's, like said above you're better off building your own pc it may seem pricey but in the long run it will save you a tonne and also gives you the opportunity to upgrade as you go, I've recently upgraded to 16g ram and I tell you I will never go back, my gpu and CPU is running everything I play on ultra at max fps without overclock and I love it
: Wow, Kha'zix
I've had kha as one of my picks for a fair while now and I can safely say this is the strongest he has ever been, with the updates to jungle camps clearing is almost too easy and banking solo lanes is a piece of cake, the new brush mastery and the new dusk blade you will have a hard time losing
: Why Kalista is weak
One of the main reasons she is weak imo is because of the meta shift in carry supports as she had hard enough time trading with the opposing adc let alone the support as well and she isn't a lane bully like most of the meta adc picks right now
: Why is the updated client so slow?
Mine runs perfectly even before I upgraded to a high end pc it went smoothly
: Riot destroyed akali
Probably stop playing only 1 champ and changes won't be such a big deal
: Ui Feedback
Custom games are still there I tried one out yesterday I think to adjust some settings
Dezzter (OCE)
: Reworked Talon Q
His q is a double auto reset now, it just doesn't work on turrets
: Smurfing is the end of League.
Low level games have a system in place where it will tell if you are a smurf or just a naturally gifted moba player and match you with skill levels equal to your own and put smurfs with each other
: How the hell do you get S+ on Thresh
Sell all your items at the end and build damage
: Free 2 Game Mentoring For Support Mains (Bronze/Low-Silver)
WetWorker (OCE)
: Smurfing and boosting
That's why you don't play at the end of the season
: Create Report for allies who ban ally champs
A lot of the time it's accidental and at mid to low elo if I see a dumb pick like support singed, I'm going to ban it
: S+ S S-
People are still whining about this ?
: Blue Essence Crafting Use?
What would be the point in converting it to ip if you already have all the champs ?
Essembie (OCE)
: Diana mains - help needed
All of Diana's power is in roaming fam
: When will the beta client be available
: I wish Caitlyn had a smoother attack animation.
Her auto attack animation does feel quite clunky and is very easy to cancel your autos
: I just fucking cant anymore
: Can i fall from silver 5 to Bronze 1
If you were silver last season you can't drop to bronze once you've got into silver, if that makes sense
: Ivern and Jungle timers
Predict his movements wait for him and kill him, he is useless in a 1v1 situation
Hot Pope (OCE)
: Botting in Intermediate Bots
Then don't play bots ?
: zed last hitting
So pretty much take out the simplest thing you could do in league and make it easier ?
Tunasalad (OCE)
: Should playing ranked and ending the match with less than 1.0:0 KDA be considered intent feeding?
Picture a top lane nasus that is 0/0/0 with 200+ farm and enemy team ff at 20
: Thresh Gods, please tip me <3
His play style is pretty versatile and also dependant on which adc and jungler you have, works really well with laners like Caitlyn and jinx who like to overextend for poke also works great for zoning any melee supports like Leo Ali and braum, but as soon as you miss a hook you lose a lot of pressure in the lane for the next 13 seconds or so, so you're better off using your hook reactively rather than as an engaging tool as is it quite a slow skill shot and pretty predictable
: How good is Aurelion Sol?
He isn't in the best spot at the moment with the meta shift but he is still a scaling Mage with a decent skill cap, though he does get demolished by a lot of meta mid lane picks
: > [{quoted}](name=Knuuckles,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=nA8EQ0Yy,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-30T00:21:31.912+0000) > > So you pretty much made this thread to tell people you have a girlfriend ? Lmao from your response i can pretty much tell that you are the same kind of people as him and no i didnt make this thread to tell people i have a girlfriend, im just sharing my thoughts
> [{quoted}](name=1 Million KhaZix,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=nA8EQ0Yy,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-09-30T00:29:57.141+0000) > > Lmao from your response i can pretty much tell that you are the same kind of people as him and no i didnt make this thread to tell people i have a girlfriend, im just sharing my thoughts So from me belittling your garbage thread somehow deems me a sexist bigot ? Jog on mate
: Sexist
So you pretty much made this thread to tell people you have a girlfriend ?
Atylia (OCE)
: What's with feeders using drugs??
Coz people think they are cool if they say they are on drugs or drinking when 90% of the time they are not
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