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: Once you have finished your 10 placements games you are meant to be able to lose LP. Not quite sure what is happening with your friend, is he on 0 lp? Are the games in different queues? Perhaps flick an email to [Riot support ](
My mate did his first 10 games this season going 4 wins 6 losses, he was put into silver 4. Since then, he has won 4 more times and lost 9 more times. However, each of those 4 wins he gained LP while each of the losses his LP didn't drop at all. Therefore, his played a total of 23 games so far. (I think maybe on his most recent 23rd match when it was a loss, he finally lost abit of LP) Regardless, I'm just confused as to what's going on. Is this normal? If it is then perhaps my account is bugged because as soon as I finished 10 games, my losses made my LP drop.
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: Jungle Main Looking for Like-minded players
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: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
I think this is an April fools joke.


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