: I'll be reaching out to my contact at NSW fair trade if they do something stupid like send me one skin code (3 tickets booked online). >:(
Same :/ like I ordered 2 tickets and my friend ordered 7...
: So everyone who attended the George Street Sydney Event viewing party will receive a full refund? A second issue was saw a number of people with tickets who could not receive their bag of loot :(
Wow really? I went to get my swag bag at around 6:20 and I think there were still plenty left. Majority of the tickets were booked and I don’t think there were any tickets that were bought from kiosks...so they should’ve have the right number of loot bags?? Idk, but man that’s so unkucky....
: Went to the viewing party in WA. It was perfect besides the random millisecond of no audio, once every, say 20 minutes, and when the confetti happened the quality went down to 360p haha. Sad to hear you guys had an awful experience. But we also didn't receive the skin here either.
Man...I guess we were just unlucky with the satellite feed...it lagged so much and the sound wasn’t that good. The opening ceremony was alright, just a few lags and the quality was like at 380p lol but I could hear it fine...but as soon as the games started...it just went downhill...glad to hear you didn’t have a bad experience though! At least some people managed to enjoy it.
Heckko (OCE)
: Not sure when you walked out but during game 3 the stream crashed on ban phase and to my knowledge never recovered... stayed around 10 minutes and when first blood was out stream was still frozen.
I walked out halfway through game two when a guy came in and yelled that they were giving out refunds. I stayed for a bit and left when majority of the people in the cinema left...but man...that’s some really bad management. If Events were actually using satellites, they should’ve tested to see if it was stable, because I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any weather problems, so the feed should’ve been stable with proper equipment...
Fawn717 (OCE)
: We had either no audio or very quiet audio for a majority of the opening events, which was partly why we even went to a cinema. The screen also kept cutting out and it was being streamed off someone's laptop (since when we asked to turn up the sound the volume icon came up on the screen), we even got a twitch add. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Wow...if they were streaming off Twitch using a satellite, they might as well just stream off YouTube with a 20 second delay. Honestly wouldn’t have minded if the quality was better. :/ But man, Events really did a poor job...
: How do we redeem Cosmic Ashe skin from viewing party?
I submitted a ticket asking about it but apparently last year they sent out the skins via email a few days after. It’s probably only available to those who ordered tickets online. Anyways, if I find anything, I’ll post it here. Hopefully we all get the skins.
Prodïgy (OCE)
: dude i was in row f aswell haha we were on the end seats to your right i believe anyway quite sad honestly. I think the tech management is generally questionable though.. this shouldn't happen at a riot-sponsored event..
Yeah I agree, if Riot sponsored it, the tech should’ve been better and if Events didn’t have the proper equipment for a stable satellite feed, then Riot should’ve partnered with Hoyts again. Anyways, I was quite fed up, I was looking forward to watching this with my best friend cause we missed our last year, and we were quite disappointed with how things turned out. Hopefully this won’t happen at future events, I was thinking of maybe going again next year in hopes of a better experience or if one of my favourites were playing, but if Riot don’t find good movie companies to partner with (don’t think there are any major ones apart from Events and Hoyts) then I might just not attend any of the viewing parties and just watch from home.
Xp1re (OCE)
: I did the exact same as you also in Sydney haha. Sadly I didn't get a goodie bag this year I did get a refund on my ticket tho but agree that the free ticket to a different movie is a pretty mediocre compensation. Last year we got the free corki skin code in an email a few days after the event I think the same will happen this year.
Hopefully...I was in the Vmax 1 cinema in seat F10, and I had a good view of the screen, so I was pretty content with it for the first 10 or so minutes, but once the lag started, I had worries that it’d get worse. Apparently other places in Aus didn’t have the same lag, so I’m quite disappointed with the tech management. I didn’t stay until the end, but did any of the cinema managers say anything about it? I would’ve lined up for a ticket to watch Halloween, but the line was just too long. The swag bags were alright, but I’m a bit anxious about the skin. I just submitted ticket asking about it to see if I could get any answers about it because so far no one’s got explanations. Even if Riot were going to give out the skins a few days after Finals, it’d be nice if they gave a warning. Anyways, hopefully I get the skin, otherwise I just wasted time and money booking a ticket to a screening that wasn’t even that good.
Byte (OCE)
: I think they're meant to get emailed to everybody who purchased an online ticket. The swag bag is a separate thing.
Don’t think so, ordered mine online and didn’t receive a skin code at all...
Prodïgy (OCE)
: Bad viewing experience and false advertisement..
Hey, I looked a bunch of other comments and forum posts and looks like those who went to the viewing parties around Australia and New Zealand didn’t get skins either. I also went to the Sydney viewing and I didn’t line up for a refund because I heard that they were only giving free tickets to other movies. I just went to then PC cafe downstairs to play League. To be honest I wouldn’t have minded if they streamed from YT or Twitch with a 20 second delay. The quality would’ve been better and I wouldn’t have to storm out disappointed with the quality and sound. :/ So far none of the Rioters have responded to questions about the skin. Anyways, I hope we can get some answers soon because I’d really like to get the skin as some form of compensation for the poor quality of the stream.
: Can’t make it to Korea? Your local cinema has you covered!
So the screening in Sydney wasn’t that good. Two entire cinemas were booked but everyone left in the second game due to screen glitches, freezes, sound being cut off, screen going entirely black and etc. I get that it must’ve been a problem with the satellites, but it was pretty disappointing. There wasn’t a skin code either and everyone demanded a refund and weren’t given one by Events.
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