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: You must understand that you are judged purely on your own actions. It doesn't matter who started it, you don't have to respond to them. When other people try to provoke you, you need to be the bigger person and just mute them before moving on. Responding to them isn't going to do anything. If you reported them at the end of game screen for their actions, their accounts would have also been flagged and perhaps they would have been punished. If this 14 day ban was your first punishment and you skipped the chat ban phases, you must have done more than just swear at your team.
Does riot usually give the chat ban for the first punishment? Because it's my first time, and I just sword the guy who blamed me. I didn't swear to any irrelevant people.
: You expected a chat ban, and got a 14 day instead. that speaks volumes. it says you weren't concerned with the chat ban.. because your behaviour wouldn't change and you could still cause damage with the chat ban active regardless. with a 14 day ban. you have time to think and reflect. you have no control over the situation and you are denied the privilege of interacting with others, its also riots way of saying. we've reviewed your entire history. you one of the worst of the toxic players. Last warning. Improve or we don't want your business.
I acknowledge that I sword them, that was 100% my fault because I could ignore them. But if you check my history it didn't happen before ( I started to play this game since season 5).It was my first mistake in my life. Seriously, if you give me one more chance(a chat ban), I won't make this happening anymore. If it happens again, you can ban my account permanently. Also, it can't not be the excuse, but English is my second language and it's not really good. So, I just tried to argue them, and I just sword them. But I just want you to know that my actual purpose wasn't a personal attack. Anyway, this happening was 100% my fault and it won't be happened again.
: Well Firstly, swearing your teammates equivalently means that you are using abusive language If your teammate somehow did bad, you could have smartly done by muting them and focusing on your own gameplay. You are allowed to freely mute people right?
Yes I know that, but for win the game, I needed to communicate with my teammates. I wanted to sort out the troubles, but it didn't go well. Because his trolling was on the purpose. I need to learn how to ignore them, and I think chat ban gonna be helpful for that. Because I can't react with any offensive comments.
: >his punishment is quite excessive for me, at least you should give me chat ban first ... Why tho? i personally like the fact 14 day bans are coming out. No body is afraid of chat bans. yet they certainly tuck their tail between their legs and come to the boards to complain when they get 14 day banned. Harsher punishments like this might actually change the way OCE behaves, and hopfully toxic players learn and improve from it.
well.. I think if I play games with chat ban, I can't react with any offensive comments. So, that's gonna be a good chance to learn how to ignore toxic players and offensive comments. If I blamed them with no reasons, it's pretty fair to get 14 bans. But this time they started first, and they induced to swear them. Also, it's my first time, so I think just chat ban is pretty enough for me and that will be helpful to prevent next time happening.
: I can't agree about my penalty
This punishment is quite excessive for me, at least you should give me chat ban first ...
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