: winters Rift skin
ok cool thank you and yeah its recent stuff, i saw Nightblue3 do a lot of videos and streams on the winter map and i kinda really want it ahaha
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: my power went out and i got leaverbusted..
yeah it sucks, but oh well i did the games none the less, its jsut a pain to do 5 of them with 20 min ques
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SaturnElf (OCE)
: This is an amazing idea, Like each champion is its own class
and not exactly i mean like the races, yordles, humans, void creatures, freljordians, shurimans so on
: Possible idea for the future of league..
no definetly not change league, i mean like how world of warcraft was just warcraft then they made the mmo version, i ithink league should do a world like that, it would honestly have so many cool features
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: 2016 ranked season ends
i hit gold! its the highest ive ever been in the 4 seasons that ive been playing, im so overjoyed {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: When is the next patch due?
dont they normally apply patches at 11:59
: Leader of the shadow isles
i actually thought no one was leader, there was a power struggle between Karthus and Elise {{champion:60}} elise all the way tho
Fitzky (OCE)
I think they should releasse this sigil, it would add a new area for them to base champions around, since they are running low on homeland based champs like tham how he is just king of all the rivers.. he doesnt actually belong to any place like cait belongs to piltover and malz to the void.
: This is too real to be real. As of Riot make is this . Is too detail for Riot, they dont care about the game as long as they make money.
actually they care heaps about the game, why else do you think they bring new champions, with highly detailed pages for themselves, for example when Reksai came out, and Tahm kench, they had a full page that was theme related to the champion, they take pride in their champions, stop giving them a hard time. {{champion:41}} Korpse out
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Upcoming change to patch day
ohh yeah .. love it all XD
: Riot Pls
i loved the {{champion:32}} song ..it was just amazing, and i doubt many people read this but im totally cool with what you guys are doing behind scenes and ..well visable scenes, ciao
YongBi (OCE)
: Me and a mate are playing and we both got booted at the same time at the start of a match. We left to see if we could rejoin but nothing. Anyone know anything at this point?
thats exactly what happened to me ..just got into game ..nice and fast ..then i place one trap as cait in a bush ..and "attempting to reconnect" happend i closed server thought it was my internet ..then i just cant re join
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)
wow ..i thought more would vote for fizz ..since hes everyones favorite trickster {{champion:105}}
: Elise and Thresh don the Blood Moon mask
why would you want a zed skin ..he has so manyalready ..let someone else have a skin like zac ffs ..i dont mind thresh because he is most played in games ..and actually requires skill plus he only has one purchasable skin ..so yeah riot just think about zac plz


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