: A message to all those that think their games are super quick.
losing lane does not equal losing game regardless unless you like get rekt hard enough in lane that the enemy carry ends up beng 8/0 with a 70cs and 2 tower lead with an early rift herald or something ridiculous like that which snowballs the game out of control. Fact is, the pre-season changes were designed to make early game more important and that's why games end faster. Has nothing to do with playstyle as much as it does with the fact the meta is now early game snowballing into a 20 minute victory. It's the reason Lee Sin and Elise as well as other early game junglers are super popular at the moment while late game devourer junglers have fallen off in popularity (aside from Yi, of course).
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: Any system that makes it OK to dodge in certain circumstances is going to be exploitable, and there will be people who will exploit it (e.g. dodging because you didn't get the role you wanted or something) and make it unfair on those who dont dodge at every opportunity. It's fine the way it is. Sure caitlyn mid might not be ideal, and maybe you have a lower than average chance of winning if someone picks something troll, but you still have a reasonable chance so you might as well play it out if you're in a series.
I guess that's true, still though you shouldn't lose your entire series just for dodging one game...you should get the dodge timer and all the regular penalties, but if I'm in my series I'd rather have to just wait however many minutes it is to re-queue up rather than play out a game with a troll or something like that.
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Divoid (OCE)
: {{champion:37}} Sona nerfed. why? She is already one of the slowest champs. ~~**********~~ This patch doesnt address her major failing- Mana consumption. The mana costs for a full support Sona are the highest in the game. Simply cast heal twice and see your mana just dwindle. ~~**********~~ {{item:3070}} This makes her more reliant on items that almost any other champ. No other champ MUST have items just to fulfil their basic functions.
just build mikails like you're supposed to, and don't constantly spam spells and actually manage your mana. I've never had any game breaking mana issues with sona and I've played her a fair amount.
: Any champ is unstoppable if they get fed enough so don't tell me that crap.
getting fed enough doesn't apply to early game, Sona's early lane phase is pretty oppressive when combined with an ezreal or caitlyn poke. This nerf just lowers the consistency of Sona's poke with power chord so as to give her opponents a little breathing room instead of just getting constantly perma-poked out of lane if you are playing a support other than thresh or leona and can't just all in her.
Noop (OCE)
: So basically you want ADC's to build IE then PD instead of IE then Shiv. What even is the point in that? You don't like shiv anymore? Phantom Dancer looks more attractive? You want ADC's to ignore unit collision?
you can still go IE and shiv with ghostblade, you just lose 5% total crit chance in exchange for a 200 AoE magic damage proc every now and then it gives PD and Shiv better defined identities, with shiv being used if you want to push harder or deal some AoE damage in teamfights, like sivir, or if you want to excel in pounding single targets like vayne or draven do. perfectly fine changes imho.
Noop (OCE)
: The IE change to marksman also nerfs Yasuo! With the standard 5 percent crit runes used on Yasuo, IE + Shiv doesn't give 100 percent crit chance only like 91 percent. I thought Yasuo at this point was balanced maybe even slightly weak considering his (arguably) high skill cap, how easy it is to gank and/or dive him and how many counter picks are available. In my eyes this change is a nerf to Yasuo that he didn't deserve.
just build PD instead of shiv then if you're really worried about having /only/ 90% crit chance. The average late game marksman crits fairly often and has around about that crit chance or slightly less lol.
Dezzter (OCE)
: except they did nerf Rek'Sai if you actually read...
you should learn to read comments before telling others to read something....
: > FOCUS FEAR Dealing magic damage or casting Terrify applies Dread to enemies for 2.5 seconds, reducing their magic resistance by 10 > GO BACK TO YOUR MACHETE All jungle camps now give 10 less gold > THIS IS NOT FIDDLESTICKS JUNGLE Hunter's Machete now grants +10 gold per large jungle monster {{champion:9}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:9}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1039}} ... 60 gold less first trip back, 250 less gold second trip back thanks riot Force jungler must have jungler item yet saying > The big theme of the 2015 preseason (and boy will you hear this a lot) is Strategic Diversity. > With these new paths in place, how you strive for victory will vary with each individual game and our hope is that all of this adds up to more far more strategic diversity and experimentation in League. > In 2015, our focus for bringing Strategic Diversity (still a better phrase than end-game fantasy) to the jungle comes down to ironing out a set of strengths and weaknesses for each champion. > This preseason, rather than trying to kick the best champions back in line, we instead focused on taking bigger steps to bring strategic diversity back to the jungle. > Our objective with items is the same as our overarching 2015 preseason goal: strategic diversity. strategic diversity? strategic demotesity!
then just buy a hunter's machete at the start of the game


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