Krimzonn (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with
Everyone who is interested add me to your list
: I would volunteer, but I'm so much lower/worse that I'd most likely bring you down :(
And your match history looks brilliant!, i have no clue what you are worrying about.
: I would volunteer, but I'm so much lower/worse that I'd most likely bring you down :(
Your skill doesnt matter at all dont worry, i just want a group of people to have fun with on the game! :)
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Wean (OCE)
: Consider buying Zed if you don't own him. I know he is expensive in IP at the moment, so you may want to wait until his IP price gets reduced from 6300 to 4800, if you have enough RP you don't have to wait to buy him. While you wait for Zed's IP to be reduced, you may want to consider buying Irelia, and Yorick (I do not mean to let you buy both of them at once, buy them at your own pace). Trundle and Camille are also good picks. Kled is a funny champion, though. Nocturne is also a good champion, consider buying him if you don't own him. When you used one champion for too long, you will somehow get bored by him/her, so consider switching champions once a while would be good. Overall, not a single champion is totally unbeatable in a 1v1 fight, all champions have their weaknesses and strength.
I own Zed and Nocturne, I may consider Kled, I recently bought Rakan and Bard so I dont really have any other champs im interested in, may look at kled at a later date
: non of them get twitch his ullt melts i team fights and gives him good distance
Everyone on the list are champions I DONT own, Twitch is a champion i already own, hense why hes not on this list.
Krimzonn (OCE)
: Which champion should I buy
Thanks for the ideas guys. Ive decided to go with Rakan and am currently really enjoying him, I got an S+ in my first game and am planning on buying Bard next, Appreciate the help especially to BarryButcher :)
: Not having played Kayn, i cant tell you how "necessary" buying him is. However for the rest. Must Buys: Braum, Viktor, Graves, Leona, Rumble, Maokai, Trundle, Irelia, Jarvan Should look at buying: Rakan, Camille, Ivern, Kled, Bard, Zyra, Varus, Sejuani, Shyvana, Karma, Olaf, Rammus, Shen Buy them if you like them: Aurelion Sol, Diana, Volibear, Swain, Malzahar, Kog'maw, Zilean Don't really need: Yorick, Mordekaiser, Taric That being said, its good to own all the champions so you can trade people in ranked. I'd say buy Jarvan or Rumble, since they can both play Top and JG comfortably and if you want to experiment, they can also be ok midlaners. Maokai can also be played Top/JG comfortably and can also be played Support or Mid if you really wanted to. Also a sneaky tip is, buy all the cheaper champs, and when you only have 6300 IP champs left, just buy 3 champion shards and reroll them. It only costs 5100 IP for 3 shards that guarantee you a champion you dont own upon rerolling. Saves you 1200 IP per champ which is nice.
Thanks for the reply. Im really liking the idea as bard as he seems like a champion that could be really fun. In your opinion what other champions out of the list would you say are really fun to play. Im really stuck but ive definetly came up with a short list of Braum, Leona, Bard and Rakan. Thanks man
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Glow (OCE)
: Nocturne sounds like he'd fit the bill for you, as you can build him either damage or more tanky. Plus his ulti is like the assassination ultimate that dreams are made of and is virtually the best gank in the game. Gragas is always incredibly consistent as a jungler and brings a lot to a team too.
Now im crazy torn between nocturne and gragas ;-;
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Xuízunä (OCE)
: Hello Krimzonn! Riven main here that would like to help you out! It is essential you know how to animation cancel with her as she is a high mechanical champ and has a ton of combos! I suggest watching some clips on Youtube on how to do that and also watch BoxBox. He is a streamer that only plays Riven and in every match he explains what he does when he vses other champs. Just make sure to practice and don't give up as she takes skill. If you need a hand on anything else please ask me and I will help as best as I can! :)
Thank you Xenomazul! I'm definitely going to watch some videos on Riven and I am probably going to buy her as well. Thank you for the tips! :) See you in game sometime!
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: Depends on how you see fun If fun is winning, easier champs like amumu would be good mechanics - azir, riven etc trolling - any champ bard's passive is pretty fun and other stuff, so it really depends on your playstyle
I like winning games, however I don't like REALLY easy champions, that's why my friends were telling me to get riven because apparently she's really good however she isn't easy. I also like lane bullying and dealing hefty damage early and mid game.
: Poppy is a pretty fun top laner. Fighting as her can be interesting due to the shield and wall mechanics inlane. Low cooldown Q is fun as well. She's cheap too and fits into teams nicely as a tank who can deal a fair amount of damage. If you're looking into someone a bit more expensive, Illaoi is a pretty interesting champion as well. If you want to try ADC, I'd recommend Miss Fortune (Mainly cos she's the only one I play). She does alot of damage, and her in lane Q poke can seem pretty insane at times.
Thank you! :) I think both Illaoi and Poppy are great, however i really enjoy incredibly offensive and bursty lane bullies. Your descriptions seem really elaborate, so im wondering if you have any more suggestions under what I like to play. More Bursty, annoying to deal with champs like zed or fiora. Would really appreciate it! :)
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