: Ask Us Anything - Oceanic esports team
Hey all, Really appreciate the work the team puts in, hoping to see more OCE players on the big stage! My question: Is there a champion that's been out of the meta for a while, that you're hoping will make a reappearance this year? Reworks or otherwise count
: State of Gameplay: Pre-Worlds Updates and Beyond
Something like the DOTA system could work - ban a couple, pick two, ban a couple, pick two. It's the Champ Select phase that I want to see, so why not integrate the two? This would affect the strategy of the pick-ban phase, but we could also see a wider range of champions being picked to fill roles.
: Roster swaps: OPL teams gear up for Split 1
I'm very excited about seeing these teams show us their best - it lifts the whole region's game. (Eeee! k1ng meets Legacy!)

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