Mindstar (OCE)
: [MAINTENANCE] 9th/10th Oct 2018 - Ranked queues disabled due to emergency hardware maintenance
Hey guys, just a note that you didn't convert the date to DD/MM/YYYY from the American MM/DD/YYYY for the notification in client. Not the biggest deal but could be confusing for some.
: will there be opl tipping?
https://opltips.com.au/ The tab on the top right of this page.
Ozchuckle (OCE)
: Hi guys, unless Frae is playing 2 roles at the same time, you might have made an error in the table.
: Default Runes
To check how many rune pages you own go to - Collection then - Runes. Near the 'Create New' button it should have xx/yy. I have 20 and now it says have 14/20 as I've made one for each Keystone except Unsealed Spellbook (who would actually use this?) well as the preset ones. You can also click the checkbox for 'Hide preset pages' but this only works in this page and not in lobby. I managed to even remove one of the presets on an alt account which only has 2 pages but not sure how I did it. They also removed the ability to move rune pages as well which is annoying as my Fleet Footwork page is stuck in a random position so be careful when creating a bunch of pages if you like order like myself.
: what would the request come under?
I guess "I am having technical issues." That's the only one that it might generally fall under. It shouldn't matter too much anyway, once you explain it they will understand.
: play style isn't such an issue, it's in game knowledge and mechanics I'm after. Match ups/item build/champ knowledge etc but thankyou :)
mobafire.com and lolcounter.com is not a bad site for match-ups/item builds and champ knowledge but make sure the information is up to date. Probuilds.com is also pretty good for checking out item builds and what is being played a lot atm. Mechanics is just something you mostly develop from playing more and the same goes with game knowledge. New players aren't very good at punishing players when they stuff up and blow their cooldowns. Say for instance a Blitz misses his hook in bot lane early game; you know he can't do much for 16ish seconds and you can punish him during this time.
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Yuudachi (OCE)
: Support Nidalee
Friends don't let friends Nidalee Support, nuff said
Niji (OCE)
: Why are there Diamonds etc in my normals?
As far as I know there is a different MMR rating for Ranked and for Normals. I'm sure they're mustbe somewhat connected but a lot of people play pretty much just Ranked games. As a result even if they are Diamond in Ranked they may only have 200 or so Normal wins so their MMR wouldn't be that high for normals. Also just unlucky if they're queued with some Bronze, they can't play Ranked with their Bronze mates so they have to play normals, I'm sure you'd be getting some on your team too just unlucky if you're laning against one.
: how do u know if your name is on the reef?
http://promo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/oceanweek/ Sign in and you should be able to see your progress although you had to earn it before the total was reached so I'm not sure if it tells you if you did. I sure hope I did!
Chipies (OCE)
: Looks like Kha'Zix diving too.
Hmm Gragas, Lulu, Ahri, and Urf the Manatee as well


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