: RP update: Cost and refunds
Uhh so i logged in to check my refunds, i have only ever used 1 refund token before (had 2 remaining) i now only have 1 lmao So i definitely did not get an extra refund token, thats for sure, i lost 1 instead Nice
Dagina (OCE)
: Something that confused me about the old honour system was that i had over 300 teamwork honours and 180 friendlies but never got a ribbon... i doubt i'm in the top 10% either so. *Shrug* i miss out i guess.
A lot of people have this confusion don't worry, but to get an honour ribbon it didn't matter HOW MANY you had, it mattered HOW OFTEN you were getting them, if you got an honour or 2 every game for like 2 weeks or so you'd have gotten whichever honour ribbon you were getting more honours from. i don't believe the exact amount of honours you had (even if you had like 1000+) really did much to determine if you got one or not.
: Will the passive of DoranĀ“s shield (basic attack damage+5) work on champions? If that works can I have 5 shields? lol
I just tested it out in practice mode, turns out the passive does indeed stack, however it only works on MINONS, i don't know why it doesn't say it in here, (Says it on the item in game though)
: New Client Rollout - Phase 2
Hey @Anyone, with Item sets still not planning to be implemented before this change, what 3rd party program can i use to make/edit my current ones. I literally only use the legacy client for item sets, so i don't care about it going besides the fact of not being able to make/edit my item sets
Kuro Josh (OCE)
: Eve Yes, but i believe it was posted before that Teemo will not be revealed by pinks, i cant remember if it said anything about twitch though
On the post that i saw Meddler said "Teemo passive will still grant invisibility. It is a longer duration, strategic effect, but it would generally just fail to function if proximity revealed Teemo. It's an exception to the usual guidelines as a result." Heres the post i originally saw (basically the same thing here though) http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/MrdMGLpj-assassins-pre-season-class-update-systems-tweaks-and-smaller-scale-updates
: Teemo and Eve are 110% going to be able to be revealed by pinks, same as Twitch. Their stealth is indefinite unless either moving or near an enemy, so don't worry, Teemo won't suddenly be able to sit in the middle of a lane and never be seen.
Eve Yes, but i believe it was posted before that Teemo will not be revealed by pinks, i cant remember if it said anything about twitch though
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: So. After like 3 years. Of controversy about the chroma on Shockblade Zed. It finally. Comes out. Thank you Riot. I'll be buying $25 worth of RP today.
Not sure if you have already bought the RP since the Chroma isnt out yet, but if you haven't, just a little info, that currently Chroma skins are on sale for 2000IP each (will last till 8th of September) so no need to spend money on them while they are on sale if you have the IP to spare(when Zeds Chroma comes out im sure it will be on sale for 2000IP each as well)
: It would be cool if riot could relate players reporting each other for dc's and ping/packet loss so punishments will be less harsh for those affected by lag. Riot could also warn players before getting into a game that they're lagging thus having players knowing if they should play or not. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Just my opinion :)
You should try using this program called "LoLReplay 2" it has a feature that can tell you your ping before you go into game, as well as other things such as recording your games(doesnt make a noticable difference in game when using it either, unlike a lot of other programs, when you play it it plays the game back in spectator mode) also has other features like showing who you are up against in game and changing the login screen with the click of a button and adding customized champion filters for in champ select, really cool program (also you wont get banned for using it or anything, rito says its all good, can look it up if you want as well, i have) but its a real lifesave when someones downloading something which will cause me to lag out, and there are sure people who will play anyway, but i feel a lot of people would not, if they knew they were gonna lag, as it can be very frustrating playing and losing mainly due to you lagging and not being able to do what you want, would be nice though if rito added in all these features into the actual client though so we wouldnt need to rely on a 3rd party program but oh well, will be a while from now till that happens
: Patch 6.10 notes
#MakeQSSGreatAgain I want to be able to fight outplay and survive, a lot of the time even if i am able to pull of an outplay the small amount of damage they got off that i cant dodge is enough to kill me and i die anyway, specially with a Zed ult if he's even somewhat fed he can kill me pretty easily, i just want to be able to have a way to counterplay that. I think you guys could have at least made it that QSS cleanses debuffs like slows and CC but then Mecurial scimitar removes things like Zeds Death mark, then as you said tanks wouldn't really be able to pick up that item to counter someone like Fioras ultimate, since its a pretty expensive item and not worth it for them, and ADCs can pick it up to have some kind of counterplay to all that damage, ADCs already have a massive target on their head, at least give them some more tools to help them survive certain death.
IgnyteL (OCE)
: Matchmaking bs
Generally speaking you will lose a lot of games, like 50% of them so don't get yourself down after a few bad games it happens to pros as well, even really good players will still lose 40% of the time, and is not always your fault a lot of people will feed for whatever reason BUT take the blame anyway think of every game as a winnable game, that you could have done something better, find out what that is maybe you died too much, maybe you could have counter ganked somewhere maybe you could have gone in for this kill earlier find these mistakes and work on improving so they don't happen again (recording your games and watching them for these things can help a lot try using this program called LSI has a lot of features including recording games (http://www.leaguelsi.com/) Don't worry you wont get banned for using it its all good with Riot), but what i have notice through solo-queue (ranked and normal's. i don't play ranked that often ATM but was Bronze 1 this season now Silver 3 in ~40 games) you have to be the leader, you have to take charge and tell EVERYONE what to do and when to do it, doesn't matter if you call the wrong shot, it happens, just try your best to make the right decisions and learn from mistakes/bad calls. Okay more detail: First thing is first, start playing a snowball like champion (the easier mechanically they are the better) probably someone mid lane or Jungle(as they can roam and make things happen around the map more easily can be any role or champion though) someone who is also fun for you to play(its still a game, don't play it if you don't like it) and get good at them, know every bit of them, all their combos, their tricks how their spells can work with flash or with other spells, everything, know it all - the LoLWiki will help you with this stuff too (leagueoflegends.wikia.com) (easier the champions mechanics the faster this step is) and once you have this champion play them until you can play any match up with them and win (preferably play them in normal's so you don't fuck your Ranked MMR) You might want a second champ to be good with if first one is banned or you can't play that role/champ for whatever reason. Next win your lane, (you don't have to it just makes the rest a lot easier) League is basically 40% Mechanics 40% Decision making and like 20% luck (i dunno making shit up as i go) if you have their mechanics down then its all up to your decision making (of course there's still a bit of luck involved but its okay you are always going to lose games just stay positive) (also extra tip for me with ranked games if i lose 3 games in a row or maybe just in general that day you might want to stop and play again some other time play some other games go out do something and play again tomorrow or at least in a few hours) Now if you can win your lane and shut the enemy laner down that's one person you don't have to worry about, next start roaming and shot calling, and be nice, don't swear to people, don't call them names, for me when i play i yell at everyone i call them idiots, and so on(maybe a bit worse than idiots) BUT i don't say this in chat, that's only gonna make people play worse, just be nice to them in chat, Make sure to constantly press tab to check scores if one of your laners has died twice, tell them to build defensive, or play defensive at least until you are able to help them, however if the enemy laner that's fed is someone scary like a 3/0 Riven, you might not want to go up there if you are not as strong if not stronger or she will probably just kill you both, instead gank other lanes and get them fed enough to deal with that Riven. Okay now thing is not everyone will listen to you, getting fed is a good thing, since generally you can show them stat wise you are good, you are winning lane and they are more likely to follow your orders when you are 4/1 than if you are 0/5, but next you want to be in charge of making plays, catching people out, taking Objectives, in the end League of Legends is an objective based game, kills just help you get them, ALWAYS focus objectives, if you can get a free tower or dragon get it, kills come second, (ALSO if the Nexus is wide open and you guys are going in for a win JUST ATTACK THE DAMN NEXUS don't wait for them to spawn to get more kills, you will end up throwing a game or 2 like this, and its just never worth it) now in order to be the shot caller, you need to be talking in chat a decent amount, but mainly PING, ping everything, if you just killed the enemy jungler and mid laner, ping for Dragon or ping to get a tower, and if they are recalling, just ping a million times get their attention and make them follow your orders, also tell people who to focus, sometimes its really obvious who the fed one is, but say it in chat anyway to "Focus Iriela, or Lucian or Quinn", whatever say it so they know and in fights ping that champion so they notice them, and go for them, specially if you end up dying first, make sure they are targeting right targets. Also make sure that your teammates are building right, you would be surprised how many times I've seen a Vayne build a hurricane (If you didn't know Vayne's silver bolts (W) can only be on 1 target and hurricane puts it on 3 targets, so if there's ever at least 2 people or minions near, she will never proc her silver bolts) again its fine being bossy chances are you will never see these players again and if do neither you nor they will remember you. just be nice though, lift peoples spirits, Say GL HF every game, say thank you or good job if they do something well or give you a buff/save you. make them feel happy and they will play a lot better, if they lose lane or die a few times tell them "its okay say we can still win this game, (even if you don't believe it) just try to play safe, i'll come help you when i can" and anther thing NEVER SURRENDER, for all you know the entire enemy team could suddenly get a heart attack and all die, more realistically that fed person(s) could have their internet cut out or computer shut down suddenly giving you enough time to pull a win, its always possible, you can also just win but catching people out or stealing a baron or making plays its possible to win every game. Okay i didn't actually plan to write this much, but bottom line or **TL;DR** be the leader, control your teams movements, make them do what you want so you can win, to do this you need to watch them all carefully, they wont always listen to you, so play a champ you are good with (that can snowball hard preferably) and win your lane so they will be more inclined to listen to you, then apply pressure around the map through ganking and be sure to focus on getting objectives over anything, and don't forget be nice to everyone. At the end of the day it is a game though so enjoy it, if you don't like ranked, or are still unable to climb, just play normal's, or ARAM's get better eventually you will if you seek to improve, look at every game you play as a way to improve as a player and you definitely will, and make sure to put as much blame as possible on yourself, sure this guy died twice to the enemy laner, maybe you saying something about it could have helped him to not die, maybe roaming there to stop that could have help there's always room for improvement, then when you feel ready, get back into ranked and stay positive, If you want anymore tips or help with anything (Cause there's a lot you can learn) i know i'm not a Diamond player or anything (would probably be a bit higher if i didn't lag so much i could actually play some ranked) but i'd be more than happy to help you out/give you tips to win, i can even spectate a game or two of yours if you wanted and try to give you some tips If you really wanted (though i'm not gonna try carry you out of whatever elo you are in if you are after that i wrote this so you could improve yourself) Anyway have fun out there and i hope this helped.
: Champion and skin sale: 04.03 - 08.03
When is Project Lucian going to be on sale?
: Champion and skin sale: 09/02 - 13/02
Damn when is Blood Moon Elise going to go on sale? hopefully next time
Quayer5 (OCE)
: 1v1's?
Yeah i really wish they could bring out a 1v1 game mode at least for customs, it would be really nice to have the 1v1 map rather than just going on howling abyss, since you cant recall or anything in howling abyss, plus the 100 cs/first tower/first kill idea is pretty cool ,would be nice if they also made it so you could customize what will end the game EG. first to reach 3 kills or first inhib or go till 200cs or something along those lines
One day when Warring Kingdoms Jarvan goes on sale...one day{{item:3070}}
: December sales schedule
Riot please put Warring Kingdoms Jarvan on Sale, been wanting to buy that skin for a while now, its just so cool, but i am super poor
: Patch 5.18 notes
I'm super happy about the Recall animations in ARAM now i can show of my River Spirit {{champion:267}} recall!! Or show off the new Championship {{champion:429}} recall cause that looks super sick

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