: GOLD 4 looking for a mid or adc to duo with
Yo, I'm keen on duoing. Usually play Friday Sat and Sundays. Gold v last season currently silver 2 bit stuck without a duo on a hypercarry role. Usually play jungle but playing adc for a bit. IGN kylokylo
d3viant (OCE)
: looking for gold-plat support for team
Me!!!! hehe xd P R A N K E D
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: LF Adelaide, SA based Top and ADC for team
d3viant (OCE)
: lf gold-plat adc + supp
Reeaa (OCE)
: do i also have to suck your dick?
Gia (OCE)
: Need Friends ♡
Heyo im an adc main. im keen to play with peeps im looking for new peeps to play with! add me on league and i look forward to playing
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: Lets get out of Bronze!!
You girl or guy. Id be keen to help you
: Lynx Academy Looking for Manager
Does it matter what rank you are? I would be keen but i would need to chat more.
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Niege (OCE)
: Silver 2 Player (Support Main - Thresh 1 Trick)
Hey there Birdious, I wouldnt mind to duo with you i play adc: Lucian and Ezreal are my best currently i can play all other adc's aswell so its ok. I got curse and discord. Kylokylo
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Mind (OCE)
: No
I could help you. I watch alot of esports and im familiar with analyst and coaching. I usually just keep up to date with patch notes and matchups. Not the best at the games but i could help. Since im a school student i can only do weekends and some weekdays dependant on homework and exams. Ill add you ingame and we shall see from there. Thanks
Mind (OCE)
: [Achieve E-sports] Recruiting Coach & Analyst
Regarding to this is there a certain rank you have to be?
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Mega9102 (OCE)
: Bronze/Silver Top and Jungler Needed for 5 man ranked
Yea sure add me kylokylo jungle main I have a silver 5 account as well TiltSecond
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Kairutox (OCE)
: Looking for Dedicated Jungler Bronze/Silver
Summoner Name:Kylokylo Top 5:Rek'Sai,Master Yi, Lee Sin, Ammumu, Kha'Zix Reason:I wanted to start playing more competitive and im looking for people who can play during weekends and are on active on certain days and trying to get better. What i can bring to team:I can bring good tactics, friendship and lots of wins. I tend to be the one who is like a captain because i spend most of my time reviewing my games and what i did wrong and so i tend to help friends in need who i can show where to ward position and others.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)
I picked Fizz because i use to main him alot in mid lane so now I feel like picking him {{champion:105}}


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