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: Hi, I want to join a club with Eve players. But I can't join a Club in your region right ? What can I do ? Here is an automated club mega thread on the Evelynn Mains Reddit, it seems that there are 3 EUW clubs for you!
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00shots00 (OCE)
: freljord in the south mountains im pretty sure
Dr1bbles (OCE)
: Well Played Riot
this is why id rather wait like 2 - 4 weeks for the champion hype to calm down by keeping off ranked aha.
00shots00 (OCE)
: How awesome has riot done their interactive map? i actually freaking love it :D
gotta say im in love with it too. out of curiosity, where did you find bandle city ? (assuming you found it at all)
Sttaseen (OCE)
: No development, he just stabbed his brother. Brother dead. Done.
"just stabbed his brother"
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3noobs (OCE)
: Who is the easiest champion to play?
{{champion:54}} would be my pick for the easiest champion to main and climb with. He has a very easy to understand kit, and can be incredibly useful to his team even if he is far behind through initiation through his ult. Also, being a top laner allows you not to necessarily worry about objective control and roaming all around the map, and as you are an inherently tanky champion, so you don't need to worry about being blown up so easily as opposed to playing a marksman or a mage, and it's hard to go wrong with him when it comes to builds. I don't necessarily think it would be as fun, but {{champion:54}} is definitely the pick if you want to minimise as much micro and macro required play as possible
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: So, what'd you get in 'Your Shop'? Might get Kitty Kat Katarina so I can be a furry and third wheel Rakan and Xayah woo.
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: Patch 6.22 notes
did they seriously just rename twitches ultimate spray and pray. hahaha
Atylia (OCE)
: Holy crap the client is so fkd
managed to land myself leaverbuster because of this, couldnt connect till 9min into the game. rip
: Thank You
I think some of my most memorable, treasured friendships have been forged thanks to the wonderful game that is League of Legends. You've done a lot for me particularly in the past few months, although I can only really shower you with my money, my gratitude goes far beyond that. I am honestly blessed to have been apart of this community. Happy birthday Riot, here's to another year of surprises, shenanigans and more importantly, fun.
: > [{quoted}](name=REAKTOR 6,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=8Ul8KwZH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-28T11:55:33.767+0000) > > They're two champions who have just as many similarities as differences. > > The biggest difference of course is that one's a tanky AD fighter and the other's a utility AP mage, but overall their jobs can be quite similar. Both can lock down a TON of people with a TON of CC and both have pretty good sustained and burst damage. > > The only difference is, is that Gnar is somewhat less reliable in the sense that his major teamfighting ability, his ultimate is only situationally ready. Not only is it only able to be casted as Mega Gnar but also runs on a cooldown. Lissandra on the other side, her CC is more than reliable and sometimes downright unfair. Gnar has slows, stuns and an airborne+stun, Lissandra has slows, snares (I'm pretty sure her W is only a snare) and stuns. The main difference is, is that since Gnar's ultimate is rare, a good Gnar ultimate and your team will praise you like a god. On the other hand, land good CC as Lissandra and that somewhat unfair ultimate on the enemy ADC and you'll be able to tilt the enemy hard. Works both ways in my opinion. > > That said, Lissandra can be built as a 'tanky' mage with items like RoA or Abyssals and due to the sheer amount of utility she has, even if she gets behind or doesn't buy enough damage, she'll still be relevant on all stages of the game. If you die just to land a crucial stun on their ADC since you're so unfed, your team should still be able to win the fight even after your death. > Gnar on the other hand does have a somewhat vulnerable laning phase until he gets a few levels and items, his first few levels he can be very squishy. After that, transitioning into mid and late game shouldn't be a problem. If you do get behind, your damage won't be too relevant but the passive pressure you give the enemies when you're hanging around them as Mega Gnar will scare them away. > > So overall, Lissandra would still be more reliable than Gnar, especially in terms of being a team player. Plus, Lissandra is usually played mid so she can roam and offer utility for all lanes, on the other hand Gnar at top lane is somewhat isolated. > > The choice is yours, but since I have both, all I can say is that if I were to play for a victory, it'd be Lissandra anyday. > > {{champion:127}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:150}} Thanks for the very detailed explanation, looks like I'll be choosing Lissandra. I've been going through my head on how I could utilise Gnar's ultimate effectively, but I can't think of any good ways to activate it when I want.
We shall bury the world in ice.
: Overall I quite like riven the best (I think she suits me perfectly) but is she good in the late game?
Yeah i mentioned her earlier, I believe she can completely stomp the enemy team in the late game, but i would imagine that you can't be too reckless with her in teamfights, especially if the enemy team has specific spells that can shut you down.
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: Off meta jungler suggestions
{{champion:84}} ! Pretty similar to diana, just with worse clears. Stickier during ganks though.
: Thank you I do enjoy all your suggestions ;) (Anyone else you can think off that's unpopular?)
I would probably then look at {{champion:59}}. High damage, can usually pick off lone squishies, good gap closer/escape although you won't be backing out of a team fight once you have committed, which is usually ok since you can trap many people in that massive ult of yours which I guess would be very useful in the late game. {{champion:38}} is also a good option if you want to be elusive. Theoretically, {{champion:240}} seems to be a great option that fufills most of your criteria, but I haven't played any games with him and Riot is probably going to play around with his numbers a lot. Even then, time will tell if he ends up being popular or not. He should be on the free rota soon so make sure you try him out.
: Looking for a main?!
Sounds like a {{champion:157}} main to me. Pretty much ticks all your boxes. {{champion:103}} would be my personal bias for those who are looking for someone to main. Plenty of damage, pick potential and mobility and she's such a forgiving champion to play. At a mediocre level, you can survive the trickiest of situations and at a mastered level you can pull off so many neat tricks and shenanigans it just makes the whole experience worthwhile. {{champion:92}} would float in the same boat I guess.
: How can you avoid having bots on your team in Intermediate?
To answer your question, this cannot be avoided. Your level 24 at the moment. I understand if you feel as if you aren't ready for PVP yet, honestly I don't think anyone ever feels like they are ready when they are still learning the game in bots, but you have to realise that bot games will not properly train you for normals, as you are only adjusting to bot behaviour and not human behaviour, and believe me, they are very distinct. Normals, although a bit scary at first, will not only be a surefire way to improve your gameplay, but you will find that the game is just more satisfactory overall, and trust me, it will only take a couple of games before you get used to it. The more you waste time on bots, the tougher your opponents will be on normals.
: unfair for sona
I don't see a problem with it personally, as she has an instant cast time and her ult travels very quickly. Braum's e isn't a reliable way to negate her ult, although I do agree that it doesn't make any sense logically. As for MF, I see her quite frequently when the team comp is appropriate. She's a situational pick that does her particular job well.
: I still dont like her chase, unlike draven, its permanent and costs nothing, but i do agree, silver bolts are hopeless, you can build health, armour or magic resist, and either way you'll die just as quickly. (no wonder tanks are doing so much damage atm, theres no other way to play them) I agree with Ryze, they did a great job on him. Personally i like champions being underwhelming on release, Both Aurelion Sol and Taliyah (yes... even with the changes to her w...) are 2 of my 3 favourite champs, and I'm glad that no one plays them. Yasuo has been fucked from day 1 and everyone (except Riot apparently) knows it. The reason Urgot and Yorick are not popular even though they are strong is because the aren't impressive to play. Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with how ugly they are (Jax is just as hideous and outdated and look at his popularity) They just dont have all the flashy mechanics of Zed and Lee Sin. People want to 'feel' skilled, so they play champs like Lee and Zed that make them look skilled while they actually aren't. Urgot and Yorick, just stand there and throw damage around you, its not that impressive to look at.
I think you're being a bit too hard on assassin players in general. Although there is a fair share of people who want to show off, I think one of the core reasons that assassins are so popular is that they can honestly feel exhilarating to play. Lots of games, nowadays love a game that is faced paced, and assassins such as Zed and Katarina promise this.
: I just vsed a Cassiopeia :)
Oh man, wait till you come across the beautiful Zyra mid.
: Is Sona the best support to rank up with? :D
I found {{champion:40}} and {{champion:16}} got me out of bronze pretty quickly. I also like to ban {{champion:53}} in bronze. Although you may be good at dodging skillshots, chances are your adc isnt and I find that blitzcrank can just abuse the hell out of this elo and snowball the lane heavily in his favor.
: Thanks so much!!!
You have my vote, friend.
: The systems averages the levels out to make it a bit fairer but 1 lvl 30 lvl 16 duo can still probably beat 5 lvl 20s. I'll just add that this is an experience pretty much every lvl 30 has gone through. I was lvl 29 once and i duo'd with a lvl 30 and got matched up with a lvl 16 who was playing with a team full of lvl 30s. Pretty horrible experience for that guy :P
a long time ago i was level 16 and i paired up with my level 30 friends O.O, was scared out of my mind. i played ashe.
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} its actually perfect.
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: Huh weird you said that. I have indeed, a bit odd don't you think xD
just salty. wondered what it felt like to be the yasuo to deny me a penta.
: @YasuoHaters
Just out of curiosity, have you windwalled an {{champion:21}} ult yet xD
: Piltovian Development
bwahahaha excellent
Talon12 (OCE)
: The legendary challenge
who downvoted this -.- (i upvoted i gotchu {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} )
: Without his mask
HAHAH I loved it. Particularly this; > The tavern was nothing special a place for all of Ionia’s delinquents to strive and relax from the governmental forces or Irelia in general. no one likes irelia.
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Fallion (OCE)
: The next champion, will it be a Support?
another anti assassin support pls
: snow bunny Kim Kardashian{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Firebolt (OCE)
: Nidalee players rejoice!
Is it just me or does snow bunny look like Kim Kardashian.
OCE Yisus (OCE)
: Officially taliyah main now
Matchups ? I find laning agaisnt her incredibly easy as {{champion:55}} but can't tell if they are a bad taliyah or it's just a counter. Considering getting her, and just getting into the mage role in general, getting sick of assassins.
: Just be a tryhard every game. I just LOST and still got an S+ on Nidalee.
Don't have level 5 mastery on Sona yet, but apparently building full ap sona 'support' grants you an easy S.
: Low Champion Points, but I split my number of Nidalee, Zac and Fizz games pretty evenly (all together it's about 160, 000).
I haven't even gotten a token yet {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Evelynn would look nice in that purple ribbon :((
Talon12 (OCE)
: Yasuo is wearing her clothes :O always wondered why he never let his hair down
its so his massive hair doesnt get in his face when his whirling around doing yasuo things xD. EDIT: oh but then theres {{champion:55}}.
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: When i was first starting out the game i had a friend to show me the ropes, (back when i only knew how to play ashe) i asked him what is the odd joke champion in the game, he respondes its either Yorick or singed, back then i was really poor and couldnt afford yorick so i brought singed and i played the crap out of him (im currently sitting on 80k mastery on him), when i reached level 30 i started to pick up the proxy singed and how cheese it was. this made the game fun for me because i have only seen 2 other good singed players in (my) games on the oce (that was mainly because they were verse a jax and a garen litterly the 2 easist matchups (bronze players stop picking garen into my first pick singed like please dig yourself a grave)) other than that ive played verse 2 other singeds in a singed mirror matchup (and if you thought yasuo mirror matchups were stupid watch 2 fucking singeds, i swear you will fall asleep with the lack of action untill one has the rylias first) both crushed them (mainly because they rushed roa and tear the sandtrap items) Sooo yea ive always had a soft spot for the mad chemist, he will always be one of my top teir picks just because his play style is different to all the other champions (apart from {{champion:136}} ) and how he has so many build paths (eg. rylias into tornment, or zzrot into rylias, or spectres cowl into banner of command) rather than "RUSH THIS ITEM AND YOUR OP" - Every vayne build on mobafire ever.
Honestly, I wish every champion all had various viable build paths, experimenting with different items is really fun, and I love how you can do that on {{champion:28}} (AP Burst, AD Tank) which contributes to her being my absolute favourite.
: The champ that tilts you the most?
{{champion:223}} You know exactly why.
: Yasou has a friend coming to SR?
get ready for the ships.....
: New shurimian champion.
If she isn't mid I lose 5 dollars.
Tweak (OCE)
: You're argument is very convincing. I agree that her passive isn't as good as kog's. Although it always felt good when it worked. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it. Yeh maybe the change will be helpful. Apologies, I read your Annie comments after posting and was too lazy to alter my own.
I get what you mean, and I regret so much for titling the thread 'useless abilities' -.- I won't deny getting a kill with Zyra's passive particularly against a toxic enemy who just killed you must be satisfying. as hell.
AceAkali (OCE)
: true after 6 she is super strong, I think to beat mal the only way is be ahead of him, else he just use combo n u die for no reason -.- now am nervous about her re-make :/ I am not sure good or bad or what I like her w though, may b they wll change her w or e
In all honesty, I reckon they would tweak all her kit but her W, which they would buff, or at least keep the idea of being invisible. She should still be able to dash a lot and assassinate, but as much as I love akali, her 3 dashes + resets is pretty op and Riot would probably change her q and e a little bit to make her a unique character, which is what they have really been doing the past couple of reworks. In saying that, I love akali so much and I am equally as nervous for the changes O.o. They are probably going to make her harder to play, which I'm fine with as long as it still feels like Akali.
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