Arkangyle (OCE)
: **Carbon** - how different is it being in a pro team now compared to when you first started? Obviously the gaming houses make a massive difference, but in terms of how your week works, what you do outside of playing League and just in general, is it a whole different world? **Tally** - your Master Yi from last season is probably still my favorite pick I've seen in the OPL. Any more borderline troll picks up your sleeve? **Claire** - Assassins or Mages? And why? **Lost & Cupcake** - why do you two seem to work so well together? Or I guess a better question is what do you think makes for good duo lane synergy? **Babip** - pretend the rest of the team didn't see this. If you could take one of their places, who would you boot out? **Soulstrikes** - what's your post-match ritual? Do you have certain standards in place for how long you wait til after the game to review it? And what do you think is more important to get right - your picks or your bans? #LGCWIN
Completely different, I used to play qualifiers for tournaments from the lounge room in my parents house. They used to listen to me shotcall on a thursday night while they watched the voice lmao. Nowadays it's training for most of the day everyday and me trying to fit in gym/analyst desk/lgc work wherever I can.
Emyrald (OCE)
: For everyone or anyone: 1. What is the best way to be playing your role? (for example, for jungle, what would be the best jungle path) 2. Any up coming events that may happen that we will be able to see you guys at, like conventions? 3. What are your thoughts on Kayn and will we be seeing him in pro play when he becomes available? That's all, keep up the great work and good luck in future -Emyrald :)
Kind of a broad question. There isn't really one best jungle path but I will say that doing Raptors will give you the most XP lvl1 so you should always try to start there if possible. We don't have plans to attend any conventions at the moment though we have been at PAX Aus the last couple of years. I think they're looking at buffing Kayn so I'm not sure whether we will see him before that. He's definitely a lot of fun but I'm not sure how viable he is.
Jason (OCE)
: Team; Do you have enough time in your schedule for other non league things, like relationships? Anyone; I won a LGC prizepack a while back, and amongst some of the awesome swag.... [was this thing]( I don't know what it is, and none of my friends know. What is it?
If you peel the back off you can stick it on your phone and put your Opal card or something in there.
: I got into the competitive scene at the start of this year, when I was 22
I was 21 when I played my first online tournament in late 2013.
jubjub727 (OCE)
: Claire what mid laners are you most scared of? (Claire again) Also name 1 thing wrong with each of the other top mid laners and don't give a pussy answer. Carbon, in an interview you said that you were used to losing, so how does it feel to always be second to the chiefs? (I may have selective memory around chiefs :P)
It sucks always coming second. At the same time it's a lot better than coming 3rd or anywhere else so in that sense at least I've gotten to play in the final every year!
: This question is for the franchise in general. Where would someone buy team merchandise from? like Hoodies, League Shirts etc? Also what role does the Adelaide Crows play within the Organisation? Do they influence team roster, structure, marketing, management, or just financing?
Our new website would be the place to do that but we haven't got any stock right now : (. We plan to have some in soon though! You can visit us [here]( The AFC don't have any hand in the Roster but they are helping out with all the things you mentioned. We're looking forward to the future with them.
: this is if for the team really what has been the best experience to date within the whole Esports career and what do you normally do before a game to get into the zone before you play a game?
The most fun I've had at an event was probably All-Stars in Melbourne 2015. It was in my hometown and I got to play with Chuz Raydere and Egym (and Ryoo) who were friends of mine. I also did pretty well in the 1v1s and heard about 2-3000 people chant my name so that was a surreal experience. To get into the zone I usually like to do some light exercise (star jumps or pushups) just to get the blood flowing. If i'm not feeling that though I like to meditate.
: @Everyone, how long does it take you to learn a new champion well enough to use them competitively in the OPL?
For me it depends on how long the champion has been out for. For something like Zac or Gragas that just came back into the meta this year it wasn't that difficult to pick them up because I've been playing jungle for years and those champs have been meta in the past. For something like Kayn which only just came out I would say it takes like 20-40 solo queue games/scrims beforehand. I'm not big on just playing things for the first time on stage.
Sybol (OCE)
: You have my vote
Juves here, I'm definitely down. Juves no longer here.
Mr Jazza (OCE)
: So this question is just related to solo q, What do you think has made junglers have such a high impact on games and how picks like Rengar, Graves, Kha' zix has shifted the meta into a very jungle reliant/heavy play style?
Tough to say, the new jungle has become more difficult to clear than last year and also spawns slower so champs who can't contest camps 1v1 took a pretty big nerf (think tank/scaling junglers like sej or yi). I also think warrior enchantment doesn't get spoken about enough, it gives an insane amount of AD and is pretty cost efficient so junglers spike hard much earlier into the game than the other roles.
: Have you got any Kindred tips? I love playing the character, but I find them to be one of the more difficult jg champs to master. Anything you've learnt from playing the champ that might help other Kindred JG players?
Ahh, I think kindred is really hard to learn, especially now that she's so weak. I've put a bit of time into her and I can say in solo queue it's extremely important you get your marks. Make sure your team knows where they are (with spam pings) and hope that the enemy isn't paying attention.. Her early levels are pretty poor in 1v1s but her 2v1 and 3v2 are extremely strong if she doesn't get focused so try to avoid even fights until you have a few items (devourer/hurricane/BC).
: Juves here, Honestly I dont play much shaco or against it but I feel like he is easily punished by elise, lee sin, rengar. So I dont see why id pick shaco over those champions. Also keep in mind Shaco to me has a very linear playstyle and struggles to group against coordinated teams, where Lee sin, Elise and Rengar have varying purposes and abilities. I could be wrong but just my thoughts.
Yeah I think his linear playstyle nails it on the head. While in solo queue it seems like he can kind of be anywhere, in competitive where people can scout you lvl1 and make a strong educated guess on where you are/are going he actually becomes pretty predictable.
: Don't overthink the role, just focus on the basics. Some things to thing about - which lanes are the best to support here, who should I look to snowball? How am I going to help this lane and what is the best jungle route will be the best to support that teammate. In most cases you can get away with focusing on assisting one teammate in the lane phase.
Conversely you can also just focus on getting yourself fed as opposed to your team. Who's the easiest person on their team to farm with repeat ganks?
Sp4rk (OCE)
: Is rumble a viable jungler when he isn't using his rumble in the jungle skin?
No, if you don't own it I don't think you should be allowed to play Rumble jungle.
belquin (OCE)
: Ask Me Anything - OPL Casting Team
What's the hardest thing about casting? Does Hingers really play football for Germany?
: For Carbon: What is it like being on the analyst desk and critiquing play? Did you enjoy it and would you do it again?
Yeah I really enjoy being on the desk, it's a lot less stressful only having to critique and not come up with the plays myself lmao.
CapKebab (OCE)
: G'day Guys. I've just started playing league (about 2 weeks in). I really enjoy playing 'Ashe'. Does anyone in your team enjoy playing her too? If so, are there any quick tips you could give. 🍻 Cheers Legends. 🎩Cap'.
Hey Cap, Use normal cast for your ultimate, not smart cast. It'll help a lot with aiming! Good luck out there :)
: Hey guys, When are you opening up the house to us outsiders again ? (I won't leak anything to AV I promise) xd
The house wasn't treated very well the last time there were outsiders here so it may be a while. We're looking at potentially having people here later in the year.
: Greetings Legacy eSports! Big Fan :3 My question for each of you is, who is your favourite graphic designer in the OCE eSports scene? :P ~Elam
Come on elam that's not a fair question..
jubjub727 (OCE)
: Claire ur a god, have my babies Carbon, how often do you and egym talk about personal stuff nowdays?
Ah almost never really, mostly I just make fun of him.
Curses (OCE)
: I guess mainly for Tally and Carbon but Claire/Lost/Cupcake feel free to chime in too! What are you going to do differently this split/this year to make sure that a repeat of last year's final doesn't happen? Whether it be vs. Chiefs or any other finals contender.
Well we have a different team for starters! Outside that we're not doing too much different, I think we have one of the best practice environments in OCE and a fantastic coach in [Soulstrikes]( so hopefully with a revitalised roster we can finally jump the last hurdle!
: Did you play any MOBAs before league? (if so which ones) And how long have you been gaming for?
I played SotIS( Storm of the Imperial Sanctum) which was basically a DotA mod on the starcraft 2 engine. That was the first MOBA I'd ever played but a couple months after League got released I moved over to that because the friends I played SotIS with told me it was the same game but an actual game and not just a shitty mod lol (I say shitty but that game was actually hella fun).
: Whats the feeling (in a non BM way) to always placing second? Do you enjoy the normal week in, week out league enough to keep doing this? Will not going international finally break your will to keep going? How do you think other teams that never even get a sniff keep doing it? Is coming second all the time worst than coming 3rd -> 8th?
I do enjoy the normal week to week League. It gets overshadowed a lot because we lost both finals but finishing first on the ladder both seasons last year meant a lot to me even though there was no direct reward for doing so. I've been lucky enough to get voted into the All-Star event the last two years as well so I still feel like I get a small taste of the international competition and that has sustained me so far haha. To be honest I think coming second all the time realistically isn't as bad as the other places. I'm sure there are a lot of teams who would like to be second and play on stage. But that being said, from my perspective, coming second really does feel like losing only because we've done it so many times. We can't seem to progress and so it does feel like we may as well have come last. How other teams do it? I don't know honestly haha, I'd never really though about what they think. I suppose they would just have to enjoy the week to week LoL the same way we do!
Skumzy (OCE)
: For the whole team: Were any of you guys ever stuck in Bronze/Silver? If so, what did you do to get out and how long did it take?
I was stuck at 1200 elo (which was "bronze" back then.. there was no leagues system) for almost the entirety of season 1. I played warwick and udyr only and I really had no clue about the game, I started playing ranked as soon as I hit level 30. At the very end of the season I started to grasp it a bit more and that helped me climb out! By season 2 I was platinum (1900) in NA :)
adsmofro (OCE)
: For Carbon: Thoughts on Dragon Ball Super? What's the key to a great Ivern? For Tally: Where is this Riven cosplay (for science)? If it hasn't happened then when is it happening? For Claire: How does it feel to be back in OCE? What's the difference between playing in Japan vs playing in Australia?
I haven't watched dragon ball super.. I only really said DBZ cos I was being pressed for my favourite anime.. A great Ivern is somebody who has a good grasp of the oppositions pathing and knows how to abuse it!
Lysaaer (OCE)
: Anyone know when Twisted Treeline Ranked is Available?
: AKA the BIG BO$$ carbon
Bookbash (OCE)
: HI Carbon, I got into League after watching Winter Finals 2014. Enjoyed Minkywhale's play in the top lane (Shyvana especially). Got a question about loyalty. Why is it that players are swapping teams so frequently this season? Aren't players loyal, or is there no incentive for them to stay?
I think it's a mix. I mean players will be loyal if you give them a reason to be. One of the big issues in OCE is only first place really gets a prize (The wildcard trip means everything) and a result players don't really want to be somewhere where they don't think they have a realistic shot at winning. So you see a lot of players shuffling until they feel like they've found a roster that will win.
: Who is the best jungler and why is it you?
: Hey Carbon, what is your thoughts on OCE + your streaming? Do you like doing it?
Yeah I like doing it, I'm trying to do it more at the moment. Hopefully I can get into the habit of doing it daily!
: If SIN Cardrid is a 10/10 and SIN Juves is a 2/10, where does the mighty carboss rank? {{item:1041}}
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. and this eye beholds a perf 10/10
: Hey Carbon, just to start thanks for being such an amazing player in my favourite team for such a long time. My question is what has been your highlight of competitive play since PAX 2014 final, which is where I started following. P.S. is there somewhere I can get some top notch LGC merch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hahah feel free to check out our online store [here.]( My highlight since PAX.. [probably my 1v1 vs Kami]( The 1v1 tournament was a lot of fun and this was probably my favourite moment. Having the whole crowd chant my name after the game was a moment I'll never forget.. fucken wicked
Daveyion (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jhin Howard,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=b1jEi9Mm,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2016-03-11T07:41:47.126+0000) > > What made you continue to play LoL? You finished a Uni degree and you were potentially set for the future, what kept you going? What is your Uni degree and how was your uni life?
I have a degree in health science, my uni life was pretty boring to be honest. I didn't enjoy it very much and as a result probably spent a bit too much time on LoL. I was actually going to drop out at the end of second year but because I had completed two years already the academic advisor convinced me to stay just to finish it - which in retrospect was probably the right idea. That said though I don't regret going to university, I learnt a lot there about myself and the world and while Health Science may not be directly applicable to what I do in the future I'm still glad I had the experience.
Starjun (OCE)
: Hey Tim! Do you have any tips for people who might want to get involved in eSports but don't know how to start out? Good luck against Chiefs next week.
Thanks for the well wishes. It's tough to say, in my experience you just need to figure out how to get noticed. If you're a player you need to be on the challenger ladder or in amateur tournaments where people can see you. If you want to be an analyst or a coach, making videos, articles or some other kind of content where you can show off your abilities. Same goes for people who want to become casters. Practice casting and send a reel of yourself to someone you think could help. If you want to get in on a support staff/management level it's a lot more like applying for a job. You need to approach orgs with a resume or something to that effect.
Keyes (OCE)
: What's your favourite place to visit outside Australia?
Definitely Holland, getting to see my family is a very enjoyable experience for me. Other than that though, I've been to NZ a few times and it's pretty sweet.
: Do you think League/Competitve League has the potential to grow even more and be a long lasting unlike other past competitive games/esports
Tough to say to be honest. I think LoL still has room to grow but I believe we will definitely start to slow down in the next 5 years or so.
Keyes (OCE)
: How many push ups can you do in 10 minutes?
No idea man I've never tried, 10 minutes is a long ass time to be doing push ups for {{champion:36}}
Ch33zW1z (OCE)
: Not worried about mercury poisoning? Eggs and chicken breast just as good for your protein requirements. Sounds like you guys need a full time cook...
I cook every night, but eggs I have for brekky and chicken breast for dinner. I don't eat tuna for literally every meal lmao.
: What do you think of your excellent Mundo play at Wildcard Allstars? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} Will you be attending BAM8?
mundo {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Nah probs not, I think there is some league stuff that's on at the same time. IF I can find the time I might come back to Melbourne to check it out but at this point it's looking pretty unlikely unfortunately.
: What made you continue to play LoL? You finished a Uni degree and you were potentially set for the future, what kept you going?
Winning! Realising I could travel the world by doing something I loved changed my life. I love seeing new cities and their love for LoL. I get excited about travelling domestically too, just the experience of going somewhere to do the thing you love with your mates is one of the best feelings you can get.
VileHex (OCE)
: Hey Tim, big fan, I think you're a great ambassador for the game because of your attitude and commitment to the LoL eSports scene in OCE. Just wondering how you prepare on match day? Do you have a routine? Has living in the Legacy team house changed the way you prepare? Congratulations on such a successful split so far. I'm excited about what the new OPL format, the adoption of gaming houses, and the quality of the top OPL teams is going to mean for OCE's chances on the international circuit.
Thanks mate! Love your question (your icon not so much haha). My game day is usually pretty relaxed. I play 1-2 normal games on my smurf in the morning just to get my fingers warmed up, then I'll usually play 1-2 soloq games to get a little bit more in the zone. Outside that I'll go to gym like normal (unless it's leg day in which case I wait til after my OPL game because I get mega tired) and just make sure all the boys are ready for the game that night. Appreciate your support man!
vasboiz (OCE)
: Whats your goal ? Would you move to NA if asked or just finish school?
I mean I would consider moving to NA for sure but it depends on the circumstance. I love Australia and I'm not sure I'd be super willing to give it up unless I had a pretty good deal. As far as school goes, I finished Uni 2 years ago!
: I will be honest carbon, I didnt think of you as much of a jng last year, but this year, I feel like you have really come into your own. My question is thus: How do you feel you and the team have grown since finals last year? (overlooking the house, because thats a given :) )
It's really difficult to overlook the house rep4jesus because a big part of me improving was me moving away from my house. I used to have a lot of issues with my internet (living in da bu$h) and more importantly it used to tilt me really hard, if i lagged at the start of an OPL game I wouldn't be able to concentrate anymore and that would hurt me and my team. I don't have a problem with admitting I didn't have a very good year last year. I was a lot better the year before when we mostly played on stage.
: who do u think are the best toplaners in OCE?
Right now I think Tally/Chippys/Swip3rr are probably the top 3. Honorable mentions to Pacman, Sharp and finally raintear who I think could have a pretty bright future.
: Do you want to get tied up tonight? Do you want to get blindfolded and bruised? Do you want to come to bunnings with me and then chill
: Hello , if Legacy was to go to wildcards this year , do you think you would perform better then chiefs did last year? I feel as tho Chiefs are a really garbage team , and especially their ADC Raydere he seems pretty washed up , but i dont think you have that problem especially with your ADC calvin , he seems much better mechanically and he knows how to carry it seems. Also i feel as tho EGym is pretty washed up as well and has no mechanics or skills , and i think Curtis is a lot better.
It's hard to say, a lot of Wildcard depends on what the teams from the other regions are like. We never get to play them so we really have no idea how good everybody else is until we get there. On the other hand the Chiefs have been having a tough year but I don't think they're washed up. At least I know Egym could definitely use a wash.
: We're out of milk, can you go out and buy some? thank you timmy
Denian (OCE)
: What are your thoughts on Curtis "flying "regret9" joo" schembri and why is he a noob compared to denian
: Hey carbon , how do you think your jungling style is different from other OPL junglers , and what type of impact do you feel you have over your team and the influence you make to lead to victory. Also how do you think you will fair against the upcoming chiefs game , will you guys stay strong and keep dominating , or do you think chiefs will make a come back. Best of luck :)
I feel like other junglers are either more worried about making ganks or they commit really hard to the vision game. I like to think I'm somewhere inbetween because I kind of just try to do everything at once. I'm excited for the chiefs game, their bootcamp will help them improve so it should be a really fun challenge. I think we're good enough to take the series but we will have to wait and see.
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