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: Rightio old chap! We're on the case!
You sir, are clearly, a gentleman and a scholar!
Lairdeth (OCE)
: Can't login
It works for me. You may now fix it for everyone else. Thanks.
BlueFox (OCE)
: the patch notes are in the client dude
And when you're on your phone or a computer that doesn't have the client? ie A workplace computer :)
HeartVine (OCE)
: On the top right there's a drop down box. Mouse over that and you'll get a list, click on "News" (or if you're going from the Home page, there should just be a list across the top of the page). If it's the day of a patch then the patch notes will definitely be one of the first few results on the page. They're also accessible in the client, as AoiKitsune stated.
When checking from a computer/device I don't normally use I don't have access to the client. I tried going through the news method you suggested, I had to go through 3 pages of skin sales and various local tournaments before I found the patch notes. I just find it very strange that from the front of the website you can't just click on Patch Notes from the Game page or something similar. I just have the google bookmarked now on my remote profile.
Fitzky (OCE)
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: [KNOWN ISSUE] Store Won't Work
> [{quoted}](name=Shurima Rise,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=rnLuo0Hj,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-15T04:23:17.857+0000) > > Heya if anyone can help me please do. The store just wont work I get Galio looking at me saying Session Expired. > I've done the riot trouble shooting page and restarted everything I even reinstalled the Launcher and nothings working. > > Please help ;-; Ditto. Store not working. OCE.
AmProTho (OCE)
: Unfair punishment / Poor Report Investigations
If I might offer some personal insight as someone who has worked for a Multinational company and one of my duties was to deal with reports/complaints (from Aus/NZ and PNG. It is VERY difficult to give every complaint the time it deserves, especially when you consider that an abnormally large percentage of the complaints and reports come from dis-enfranchised people who are merely complaining because someone in their game was tilted/having a bad day/first game of the day. I too struggle with the lack of response to many of the reports I put in, but ultimately, there is a small team of people who are paid to go through 10's of MILLIONS of reports. It's very difficult to expect them to catch the real trolls. The best thing I can do, and again, this is from personal experience, is encourage team mates and the other team to report as well. It's not likely to work, but if the behaviour was poor enough, they might. The more reports that are generated against a single person, the more likely it is to be investigated. Our system would float repeat/common complaints to the top of the priority lists. Maybe Rito works the same way? And as a closer, the worst possible thing you can do as a newer player (ie anyone with less than Mastery 7 on at least one champion) is to get into ANY arguements/verbal sparring. If you are re-acting, they are winning. Just open the scoreboard, and click the speaker icon next to their name. You will now not hear anything from them. Then at the end of the game, Right Click their name and select Block. You'll never hear from them EVER again, if you even get put into a match with them. Mute is your friend, it will make you a better Human. Hope you can find some enjoyment in the game mate, it's fun when you can build a small group of regular players.
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: Queue
Aram - Approx: 04:28 - Actual: 27:43
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moomies (OCE)
: Cursor For colourblind players
> [{quoted}](name=moomies,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=AE143QQv,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-15T12:06:09.082+0000) > > Im very colourblind to the point where i cant see the cursor at all during fights in game. does anyone know of a way to change the cursor in the game files? i would like a bold hypercolour blue or red X over targeted champions. the current state is a hand glove shape that is similar to the backgroud colour. There are petitions and ongoing requests that date past 2013 for support for Colourblind players and viewers, but Riot has actually made it HARDER for people to get a colourblind cursor by removing the previous methods where you could alter the cursor files and make your own Hi Vis ones. Riot has really let down that section of the community. I am not colourblind myself, but I frequently lose the cursor in team fights, so basically I have to use memory to track the cursor. The only thing I could find was the following, not sure if it's still active.


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