: 9.5: Lore Update
: Where is my chat restriction? And help me!
EDGsucks (OCE)
: something unexpected happened while you trying to create your lobby
Mr Silly (OCE)
: Clash Banner?
My [second game crashed with errors](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/iWxeammU-second-clash-game-crashed) :(
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tieger05 (OCE)
: Yes, However, a lot of people did lose a lot of money preparing for Clash whether it was staying home from work, buying skins, etc. Since riot gained profits from their Clash feature, they are more than able of getting sued for fraud. The ACCC have already been notified of this trickery that this sickening company is imposing upon us.
A lot of people from my uni club went to internet cafes to make sure they didn't lag. EDIT: Apparently one of the internet cafes was booked out due to clash teams.
: So we lost the coinflip hey. Guess that sucks for us.
Mindstar (OCE)
: **UPDATE** When the scouting period ended and clash games were meant to start, there was a server issue which caused some games to fail as a result. ~~The clash system has resolved those games randomly and assigned a winner/loser. Teams that "won" will be able to proceed on, while teams that "lost" will be out of this round.~~ _EDIT: It appears that wins/losses were totally random, with some brackets seeing all teams "lose"_ If you were in a game that was affected, and your team was the loser, your tickets should be refunded automatically. We're really sorry that the systems haven't held up as they should, and our dev team is working on improving things for the next round. -Mindstar
Out of the 50+ people online on my friends list all went from scouting to nothing. NONE of them won. How can this be?
tieger05 (OCE)
: Where the hell is Clash?
Yeah I posted the same thing. There should be a tab where the red box in [my screenshot](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-oce/ERcAmGPd-why-hasnt-clash-team-signups-opened-yet-it-said-today-on-the-clash-tutorial-page) is.
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: One week left to sign up for the High School Esports League
#Riot are really hyping ~~universities~~ high schools in ~~2017~~ 2018!
: How to start a LoL club: Kristin School
So they gave up on university clubs and only interested in the school ones. They supported uni games twice and now it's dead. President of a uni club and since Woody Wu left we have heard nothing.
: Hey guys, we haven't forgotten about University esports don't worry! I was at the Unisport launch the other day and I think their restructure is going to be good for the tournament we run with them. Plus we've got some exciting news coming up regarding the OCS and a University as well (sorry for the sizzle, stay tuned)
My university told me League of Legends would no longer be part of the new Unisports event. Should probably reach out to universities so they can prepare. Mine has all their teams for other sports ready to go now.
Menarche (OCE)
: So when im in highschool you hype uni championships now at uni and you put highschool championships?!? >:(
It is pretty funny they've abandoned uni esports after only 2 years. I am president of University of Adelaide's League club and since Woody Wu (Marauder) left Riot Oce we've been completely forgotten.
: Regarding Riot and the bot issue.
I game I played a few months ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IrSQx09xMg 9 bots and me
Fitzky (OCE)
: This is the state of the OCE boards right now
They should just do all the main sections by language then have a looking for players section for each region.
: What happens to an account if you quit?
For anyone who might find this on Google. Accounts and information related to your accounts as of writing this are never deleted. You're name will be available after 6-30 months depending on your level. Levels 1-6 = 6 months, levels 7-30 = 7-30 months and levels over 30 = 30. If someone does take your name you'll be given a free name change when you next log in. I made https://lolnames.gg/en/ and I've had confirmation from a Riot employee about this.
Noobster (OCE)
: what rank are they all? it would be more of a fair chance if each team had similar mmr or ranks to balance out the matches or else it'd be a fiesta and end in 15 mins ff. if only my school wanted this xd.
I was there. It was a slight fiesta. A team was aced at level 1, down 5k gold in the early game and then came back to win the game.
You Pawn (OCE)
: Well here we go again. Aussies only though. Uni students are a burden on the Australian budget as I have said before. They borrow money and 80% of the bludgers never pay the money back to the tax payers. Us common folk have not much choice but to work as we need to live and these Uni guys get a nearly free ride to riches awesome? Wait!! Off our backs though, you know the poor people of Australia. I have seen a lot of these Uni guys and girls and they party, take drugs and etc....... They just get given their shit and look at us common folk and laugh at us. This is true I know, know you say! Yes they say to me and others hey man I have a Uni degree you don't know what the fuckk you talking about! Hhhuu talking about? I have been doing this job for 10 years I know what I'm doing. No you don't I went to Uni idot! Look Uni people will carry on about this but at the end of the day TAX PAYERS ARE PAYING THIER FOR THIER ED.
Maybe you should have tried harder at school and gone too.
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Glori0us (OCE)
: Just give us Normal Draft. Or replace Blind Pick with Normal Draft. Looking at how popular it is in NA, I personally think that Riot is insane for deciding to ditch it completely.
Normal draft would be my most played queue
Machismo (OCE)
: Can you PLEASE add a 'spell queue' like World of Warcraft. One of the biggest hindrances to playability and quality of life is that spells do not go off unless the GCD was completely finished when you cast it. If you hit the next spell .05 seconds early it should queue. I cry every time I see that person run away on 10 health and my ignite is still up. Crappy, fluctuating Gold Coast ADSL internet doesn't help!
Ahaha please don't make lol anything like wow. Wow is only fun pve.
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
My flash is on T. Weird right? I used to play a mage in wow and my blink was on T so changed a lot of my LoL key binds to match my wow stuff. How come there is no other option? I know I'm not the only one.
Lipâge (OCE)
The other team has a higher chance of having bad players if you aren't bad yourself. 4/5 chances to 5/5 chances.
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hey Aliask We do have one internally, and if you send in a bug via the "Report a Bug" button, we'll be able to see it. While the list of bugs is not public, we'll be trying to keep an up-to-date list of known issues in in the client for each release that we make. Cheers Mindstar
I think a public bug tracker would help. I often feel like I would be wasting my time submitting a common bug since it has probably been submitted many times before. It would be nice to comment and add to an existing report or just upvoting it if it covers my exact problem.
Cardboard (OCE)
: Alpha Client Feedback
I would have to strongly agree with an option to minimize the friends list. I mainly use windows but installed it on my 2014 macbook pro just to see and it does indeed use a huge amount of cpu just idling, my fans were all full blast after 5 minutes.
AP Trist (OCE)
: User Interface design - Aram Post game
I agree the chat should be larger.
: Chat Bugged?
Yeah same I have my status as "champ select" after a game has finished. It also says I am in a lobby 1/5 when I am not. I already reported this as a bug. http://i.imgur.com/d1JZvxf.png
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: Alpha client patch .01 changelog
Have only seen 2 minor bugs so far. Very good for an alpha :D
: University finals are on Sunday!
Too bad divison 2 was actually full of former plats and diamonds.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Nice catch! Updated.
Qld div 2 is still pointing to VIC
: Nationals approach
Go UOA! Dominated the wildcard :D
atree22 (OCE)
: ***
Giving out your phone number? Prepare for incoming spam calls and texts.
: Hey there, Could I get you all to answer these questions so this issue can be investigated further. * Is this happening every game or only in certain situations? * How many clubs are you in? * How many people are in them (each / total)? * What Operating System are you using (Mac / Windows 10/8/7/Whatever) * Are you queuing for games solo or in a party/group?
Hmm I have seen people complaining about similar issues in club chat. I will ask them to post here. **This bug is NOT happening for me.** Here are my details: 1. Is this happening every game or only in certain situations? Not happening at all 2. How many clubs are you in? 3 3. How many people are in them (each / total)? Club 1 (I own): 30+ Club 2: 5 Club 3: 5 4. What Operating System are you using (Mac / Windows 10/8/7/Whatever) Windows 10, also tested on my mac (doesn't lag on either) 5. Are you queuing for games solo or in a party/group? I have queued for games solo and in a group with club members and never seen this bug
: FPS drops when in club
I personally haven't noticed it but many people are complaining about this in club chat. It only seems to effect the client. In game is fine.
ghfusd (OCE)
I bet this is Mithril ;) http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=mithril
: Ummm, well... Champ select frozen at 0 seconds
: whats wrong with a lvl30 playing a game of norms with his friend who is new to the game?
They will likely lane against some new who has no idea how to play. How is that fair to the other person? With runes and masteries a level 1 kill is easy vs someone with no regardless of skill.
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi Laina What is broken about "view advanced details" for you? Do you mean match history on the web? It should be working just fine... Cheers Mindstar
I think it was fixed the day I posted this. For 3 weeks it just said unavailable and I found another post saying it was a known bug.
Benri93 (NA)
: Just wondering when oce will get the new normal and ranked draft queues? And will it replace blind pick? Thank you for your time.
I hope they remove normal blind pick and replace it with the same system as the new ranked draft. Make normal games so much better.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Queue Schedule (updated)
Will draft normals ever come back? I liked them the best. Not like a normal where I would pick sona into blitz and I don't enjoy ranked.
Aden (OCE)
: Honestly this is just dumb. I have 93 wins on dominion (from NA), and I bet the majority have a lot less. Most people will have none because we've never even HAD dominion. My suggestion would be to have a featured dominion game-mode in the coming weeks, and if you win a game you get the icon (like all other featured modes).
Sounds better
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Tele (OCE)
: 3000 MMR is average MMR to my understanding. So around Silver 5 - 3 in League. If you found the DotA community terrible though, I wouldn't be so sure that you'll enjoy League ahah. It can get toxic at times, especially ranked. As for your farm heavy split push champion, I'd recommend {{champion:75}} **Nasus** or {{champion:23}} **Tryndamere**. They are both Top lane champions, which I imagine is what you guys call _"offlane"_. Last thing from me, make sure you are very weary of ganks. DotA players always seem to forget there's a jungler in League, who will punish you for overextending. Keep wards and map awareness up.
I think League is way better especially now I am in higher ranked games (high gold low plat). When I started I remember trolls and ragers were in every game in bronze and silver.
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: Oceania is victorious!
: Patch 5.21 notes
Yay bug fixes!
PlayDis (OCE)
: From email@email.riotgames.com Seemed so dodgy
The last domain was riotgames.com so not that bad if not poorly named.


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