: You ain't even played that long and you're already Silver. Keep going. Also, sounds like you're in high school. If you keep trying and learning, you'll be OCE's answer to Faker one day.
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: Theres more ARAMS than ranked in that match history... doesn't count.
: Stop playing those champs and start playing Warwick{{champion:19}} . Vi{{champion:254}} for more fun
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Sn4ke (OCE)
: I’ve heard they’re good but would Shen or Ornn be good? Tbh I’m looking to becoming either a Top Support or Top ADC
Ornn Is really good he can build tank and still do crazy damage and shen is currently much better as a support
Sn4ke (OCE)
: I don’t know what to play
Illaoi or Darius , they are juggernauts therfore are tanky and have alot of damage and both have really good turn around potential in many cases you may kill the jungler and the laner when they gank
Ninox (OCE)
: Reports for nothing do nothing. So long as you didn't flame them back, then you have nothing to worry about.
Thankyou now I don't have to worry :)
: If you said nothing that could be flagged by the system then your fine, but defending your teammates can still be used in a chat log as "negative chat". You are supposed to sit there and let the abuse happen.
I dont think that is fair and I think that should be cahnged but thanks for the response
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: Ill point out a what mistakes i can. Your cs is low. Consistantly. On shen your item build is not optimal. Why get sunfire cape when you already have titanic to push lane? Wrong boot type in quite a few of your matches. Other than that i cant tell if you are grouping, trading, team fighting or using tp correctly or not.
: No one can tell you that from your OP.GG alone, they would need to watch a game or something.
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: i think we just see it a bit differently to each other :). i have a second question though, this isnt meant to be attacking or rude, but i see you complaining about a lot of stuff on forums to the point it makes me think you dont enjoy the game and if you dont why do you still play/keep up to date with the game?
He's complaining about issues that can make the game not as good as it could be
: Lissandra The ice Witch Season 8 Montage
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