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: You'll find the volunteer's here are stuck in their on riot's side ways just fyi, it's basically the same as arguing at a brick wall.
I already know that, im yellowbrickroad back yet again kappa. Just wanted to see if hes really that full of himself or if it was just when me, you and other more vocal names tried to tell him hes wrong.
: I mean right from line 3 your entire chat is just abusing your team, probably one player in particular by the sounds. Would you want to play with someone spouting all that the whole game? You can hardly say you've never had a bad game, do you really feel it's worthy of abuse?
i mean the last time i got abused in chat you know what i did? /mute @championame I dont report someone for calling me garbage, because i can just mute them. I do report people for being blatantly racist however, not using racist words, actually being racist. Thats where the line is. If you are actively going out to attack someone, in a way that is universally regarded as offensive, then yes, you should be banned, but in all other scenarios the offense is not severe enough to warrant a ban.
Yaiamone (OCE)
: It is when its escalated through chat restrictions and somehow still don't understand why punishments keep coming.
that assumes its worth a chat restriction in the first place, just sayin.
: Just miss him spamming the forums of him being challenjour and his teammates holding him down. And the sovietstalin drama (what happened to him aswell)?
Ive heard rumors that hes been busy playing the new league of path of exile and so hasnt played enough league of legends games recently to provide rage fuel for his posts ;) Ive also heard that he hasnt gotten around to name changing his new account so he doesnt like to post on it. As for the soviet thing, i got him perma'd way back, recently popped back up again then disappeared as quickly as he showed up because he just honestly doesnt affect me anymore. In the last year ive improved to the point where i was able to carry him despite him trying really hard to troll me, so i couldnt actually get angry at him, just sad that someone can be that pathetic that they fail at even trolling.


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