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: Extra Bonus RP headed your way for a limited time!
I haven't bought RP Since they changed the amount and price of RP, guess I'm getting RP again
CatsaCe (OCE)
: ***
That shit is as fake as the girls on Pornhub who wants to fuck me.
: Ekko and Bard copied and pasted Dota 2's ult True facts.
No wonder nobody likes using {{champion:432}}
: am i missing sumthing, when did they do this?
Okay, so you know how Australia is in a Financial problem? They changed the Prices of rp(gave us less rp with the same prices)
: We’re relaxing gifting restrictions!
So they do this after they rose the rp price, Very smart but we aren't stupid.
: Dark Horses - Solo Lane Assassin Jarvan IV
Now we're gonna see {{champion:59}} Mid, thx riot, rip Ranked
: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
Well. Im gonna start maining Amumu now{{champion:32}}
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)
Where the Fizz fans at D:{{champion:105}} Gets banned every game though
: Free NA -> Oceania Transfer Window Now Open (Until Feb 8th)
wow... Im not that happy right now... Considering I had to pay to move to OCE... I was an old player and before there wasn't an Oce server, now that I started playing for a year now, people get to move for free... Big smack in the face for me {{item:3070}}
: Ocean Week is coming!
Wheres Championship Riven {{champion:92}}
Uninstall and pray to god it works once again you install it{{champion:32}}


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