Jink (OCE)
: Please nerf Draven.
I remember playing a normals game and the enemy team had a gold 5 draven while our whole team was pre 30. It felt unfair and he obviously steamrolled us completely but surprisingly, even though he was that ahead, if we bring some good cc and lock him down so he cant pick his axes up, we can easily 3v 1 him. Keep in mind, this is a snowballing draven so a 1v1 or even a 2v1 is out of the question. Without his axes, his damage is mediocre. Also draven's trading power is really strong but he's like a completely single target melter. Sure his stand aside and his ult is multi target but those arent the reason why draven is so strong. Shut him down early with a gank from your jungler and he wont be able to snowball. You see the longer draven goes without dying, the more dangerous it is to die to him. And draven's snowball potential is only really unlocked with kills because of his passive. Meaning he *has* to play risky to snowball in any way. He also has very little utility. Laning against him is a pain but if he got nerfed he wouldn't ever be viable. Picking draven into a game means you're either really confident with your skills and you believe you can snowball, or it means your bot lane is gonna feed hard.
: Some people will troll games by only collecting CS and not participating in team fights simply because of this. If it's simply playing games, people will grief them to shorten and play more. If it's champ kills, well. Tahm Kench can still team kill, right? I'm not too sure but I'd accept it if it was implemented.
To balance things like this out, there would be challenges for more than just csing. Yeah if there was only killing minion challenges you'd get people doing that. However throw in things like "kill the dragon with your team 250 times" or "take 1000 towers" and you get people who actually play with a more proper mindset and new players kinda learn how to go for objectives and things like that. I highly doubt you're gonna get people who just care for the csing challenge and dont care for the "kill 1000 champions" or other challenges like those.
: I think this was the point of them introducing the champion mastery system
The champion mastery thing kind of flopped. There's not much in it. If the level 5 mastery emote actually was like a signature emote for each champ then it'd be cool but just the badge thing appearing on your head seems lame.
Shotky (OCE)
: what happens when someone is chasing 200000000000 minion kills. all they are interested in during the game is killing minions. they don't bother helping the team they just want minion kills. then there is the support chasing player kills so they ks from the adc whenever they can again ruining the spirit of the game. it would be a great system if everyone played normally and didn't care about it.
To balance things like this out, there would be challenges for more than just csing. Yeah if there was only killing minion challenges you'd get people doing that. However throw in things like "kill the dragon with your team 250 times" or "take 1000 towers" and you get people who actually play with a more proper mindset and new players kinda learn how to go for objectives and things like that. I highly doubt you're gonna get people who just care for the csing challenge and dont care for the "kill 1000 champions" or other challenges like those.
Lilja (OCE)
: Personally I enjoy playing the game... That is why I play, nothing more, nothing less.
Then this sort of update wont affect you at all to be honest. You can keep playing, you don't have to change your summoners icon or anything to whatever you unlock. :)
: It should go to a certain extent though.
Of course, we can't have endless goals xD There should be an end goal for players who play for a really long time. Something like "200,000 total minions kills" or "1000 champion kills" etc. That way the people who played for that long and got these things can show em off :3 It's something to aim for.
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asmusian (OCE)
: I need help.
Play games. Just keep playing. Watch pro players and ex pro players stream. You learn a lot from watching other really good players play. Id recommend watching voyboy (mate of mine told me to watch him and ive improved heaps) You probably wont be able to win but you can surprise him by putting up a good fight and maaaaybe getting a kill in if you learn how to pick out a few mistakes. Take that duel with him as a learning experience tbh, its hard to beat experience. Unless you're mechanically blessed and have a genius mind at gaming, the odds of you winning are slim lolz
Saythes (OCE)
: Bard or tahm?
They're both really strong when played by a skillful player. I think id hate bard more but maybe that's just coz i havent played against any good tahm yet. I guess his permaslow on his attacks would be really damn annoying. But i've found if you play against tahm, just stay behind your minions and he's pretty useless besides throwing minions at you and his ult.
: my trinket is on T. Items are 1-6 for me. I always put HP pots on 3, Wards on 1 and "important actives" on 2 and 3 (if i have 2 active items). C is used because you can press it with your thumb easily since most people play with their thumb resting on space bar.
Ahh I don't play with an unlocked screen. Maybe thats why im finding it difficult warding with C in the heat of things. Interesting
: It doesn't really matter. Just tweak your bindings to carry out as much commands at one time as possible. For me, i use quick cast with indicators (smart cast). Replying about streamer part- Smartcast is quick cast with indicators. Quick cast by itself does not have indicators when you use ablities. I use smart cast because you can see where your ablities go without clicking on hud.
with indicators? Uhh hmm I watched a few streamers and saw they were quickcasting and it'd show the range for their abilities and I always wondered how to do that without taking quickcast off. Does this mean they're smartcasting? Is this what you're talking about with the range indicators? I just opened the controls in game and the little lightning arrow under all the abilities, i clicked those on. It doesn't give the range indicators so i guess im quick casting and not smart casting?
: I kinda hate the yellow trinket
If you took it away, the players who actually use it now probably wouldn't bother warding at all. Its fine it doesn't hinder anyone's game. If you see someone holding it and not using it, tell them to ward somewhere, and ping where you want warded. Surely if you tell them where to ward they'll do it. Most of the time people dont ward because either they forget or either they don't know a good place to ward and so they hold it thinking they'll ward later when its needed.
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Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Who is your....
Wukong definitely xD
Alamo (OCE)
: I can't decide whether to main Jayce or Rumble
From what ive seen, Jayce is really poke reliant and once he's poked you down he jumps in with hammer stance and usually kills you. He seems to be a burst champion and not sustained damage (this is just what ive noticed from players at my level, not very descriptive sorry but this is what I saw). Rumble on the other hand is sustained damage with his flamethrower thing. His ult is a DoT and zoning tool and yeah he has a movespeed+shield buff which kinda indicates he's more of a stick to your opponent and kill them sorta dude. I havent played either champ but this is what i gather from playing against them.
: Apparently New Zealanders (such as me) are getting a ton of lag??
Yeah i've been getting random lag spikes every now and then
SexP3ke (OCE)
: is there anyone who straight out wins Maokai in top lane?
Well i tried maokai the other day for the first time.. Went up against nasus. I didn't have a single clue what to do against him. I didn't deal enough damage to run him out of lane. If i spammed my abilities i'd go oom by the time i could get a kill.. He rushed spirit visage and didnt even poke me, he just kept farming. Come mid game, he was too strong for me to handle and we surredered at 20 because we managed to 3 man gank him and he just killed us all without breaking a sweat. I decided im not gonna use maokai again for a while :s
: Patch 5.13, discussion about Hextech gunblade on Vladimir as well as WoA
Gunblade costs a lot :/ If you're just after the healing then spirit visage should work but unless you're really really fed i dont think you should be buying a gunblade as vlad.. Then again, the active on gunblade is actually really damn good seeing as how i miss out on like half my kills because my enemies outrun me unless I build lots of movement speed
Hyde (OCE)
: How worth is a minion?
Farm safely. If you're adc, and you're learning, just worry about last hitting and farming adequately.. let your support make a play and then go in to deal damage. It's really important to farm especially early game.. Late game it's still important but by then if you're fed off kills you're better off sieging for the enemy's nexus or grouping up rather than farming up a few more waves of minions. When I play adc, I keep in mind what the enemy laner can do at all times. Meaning if i know he's got flash and heal and has a hp advantage or i know that he just recently backed with items and pots, i tend to either farm extremely safe letting him zone me a bit, or back. If river's warded and they're lower than you in hp or not trying to really poke you, then just farm away.. Farm as much as possible before you back. That way as an adc, you hit your late game spike really early and can be more helpful for the whole team a whole lot quicker.
: put your Riot mystery champion/ skin result here!
{{champion:57}} I guess its fine.. I don't have many tanky champs with cc anyways.
Holland (OCE)
: Anyone get mystery champ yet?
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R4iot (OCE)
: This game.
You're level 14. When did you start normals? You will play against level 30's occasionally but not every game. As you near level 20 you'll start playing against players who have runes and you will have a disadvantage but just get through the games and once you're level 20 you can buy the runes too. Also one reason why I think new players get matched with players way past their skill level is because when you start normals on a fresh account, I heard you start with a mmr equivalent to a silver 5 player. Now from the next few levels and games this mmr will rise or decrease so you will get games where your team rages at you for not doing something obvious to a seasoned player but unknown to a newbie. Take these games as a chance to learn how to play properly. Once you lose like 10 games you'll eventually win one and get placed against players your skill level.
: Ekko and his W
His W is excellent as I see it right now. Use it on summoners rift though.. You can tower dive at like level 6 using its huge ass shield.. and not to mention the dash in you can use to outplay and stun your opponents. Bait em by running back then turn around and dash in and their stunned. If you find that you're not getting the stun in much, then use it only to tower dive or minion dive and also use it to slow enemies when they're running away. Its easy to get a slow off if you're not placing it in a place where you can dash or run in to.
You can outplay with both champs but I feel like fizz definitely snowballs harder than ahri. It feels much harder shutting down a fizz because of his playful/trickster which makes him untargetable and able to dive you under turret. Ahri's ult gives her the mobility but she can still die and its pretty easy to shut her down, just gotta dodge the charm.
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: Players playing Normal games as if they were Ranked games
I don't think people should mind if you picked an off meta pick for a lane. It's fine as long you know what you're doing and you don't feed the enemy team. You might be chilling but some people play normals to really practice for ranked. If I was really trying my best to get better, i'd hate it if you picked something like janna jungle or nunu adc because I know these champions doesn't have a good times in these roles and you're most likely going to feed or be useless. If you want to freely do these unorthodox things, then seriously find a bunch of other guys who like the idea and do it ! Who knows dude you might just create a new meta
SexP3ke (OCE)
: Getting sick of percentage based damage
Pretty hard to get the 3 stacks of your passive to actually use the ability in the first place though..
: Low Level Account, Account Sales and How Riot can help (any riot members want to comment?)
The idea of a winstreak giving you benefits like xp and ip boosts are actually pretty interesting. I dont think they'd ever be implemented though because they'd keep players from buying xp boosts and ip boosts from the shop. But honestly, I'd love to see it happen.
: Looking for normals partner or party who want to win!! Read :D
Im level 21 and uhh yeah i've been put in your position quite a bit lately having to carry the game but sometimes it gets boring using my good champs. Im confident I can play well but when I get put into uncomfortable roles with new champions, I tend to not do too well. But don't worry too much about that because i'll let you guys know if I cant play a certain champ or role very well.. and the only role i have problems with is jg/supp. I'll add you. Grouping up during the weekend will net some pretty awesome IP gains
mugsy (OCE)
: Duo MMR. It's a trap!
Does he play as much as you? I wonder why he isn't picking up the game as quickly as you are :o If he lost a 700 MMR game then its not your fault. No matter how much you would've increased his mmr with duo games, he would lose them anyways. Also when you duo then you do get matched against slightly better opponents from what ive heard. This is because you and your friend can communicate which can give you an advantage over the other team, but your opponents are only slightly better than usual. The ranking works like this now, if you play duo with him and lose, you'd lose a lot of LP and for wins, you'd gain less because you're overall being matched with easier players. Him on the other hand, if you carried the game and made him win, then he'd gain huge LP for each win and lose hardly anything for each loss. This is coz the players he's going against are really tough for him.
Alamo (OCE)
: > I've got a 50% winrate which is pretty average for a new player. That 33% you got probably is from my last 20 games which further proves what Im trying to say.. I can't use new champs otherwise I lose. If I play my usual champs I win easy but otherwise it's almost always a loss unless riot decides I can have the luxury of players that know how to play. When your level 20 you shouldn't act superior than other players at your level, generally your matched with newbies like yourself and just try your best to learn laning mechanics and shit. Don't worry about truly becoming a good player just yet. What I'm saying is just take it one step at a time, don't think to hard about it.
I don't act superior, but when your whole team backs after taking an inhib turret while no one from their team is up, someone's gotta shout at the team.. I am matched with newbies thankfully but these guys are seriously bad. I didn't have this problem all the way up to level 21.. It's started ever since I hit level 20. I keep getting matched with guys who really would struggle against beginner bots. Trust me, these guys really are bad. They're making mistakes I made when I was really new to league and they're level 20 as well. Im just quite frustrated because i cant use any new champions without knowing im gonna lose the game. It's boring using the same few champions every game >.<
Kenjishin (OCE)
: NG is for learning how to use the new champ in reality, as long as your basic skills are there, ie. cs, lane push/freeze should still be same despite which champ u r using (unless u r supp/jg) then you should still contribute to the team fight (doesn't matter if it ends up a win or loss), if it's a bad game, just gg at 20 and start a new one. it's good that you want to win/carry every single game, but RIOT's match making system has a secret rule that you gonna win some easy game and you will lose some really hard game, but if u can win those hard game, that just proved that you are better than the others, and that's how you get into the higher tier (Master/Champion, etc). gl n hf in ur games.
Thanks for your reply dude. I guess i do have to remember its just normals and losses don't really mean much.
Alamo (OCE)
: Ayy normals are for fun, go play ranked if you feel that way, there is more bullshit in ranked but the players all have the intention of winning (excluding the trolls).
You cant play ranked till level 30 my friend
Alamo (OCE)
: ugh and a with a 33% winrate ur not really benefitting the team rather feeding.
I've got a 50% winrate which is pretty average for a new player. That 33% you got probably is from my last 20 games which further proves what Im trying to say.. I can't use new champs otherwise I lose. If I play my usual champs I win easy but otherwise it's almost always a loss unless riot decides I can have the luxury of players that know how to play.
RonyStark (OCE)
: Seriously? It is just normal game. If you cant enjoy normal games, something is definitely wrong. As normal games are used for yoloing, at least in my case. My suggestion: Get a one or two week rest from LoL.
I get that its normals but new players have to play these to learn more champs and stuff.. I might need that rest tbh
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: Teemo Vs. Shaco
Well a good teemo would be pretty damn annoying and it'd be a pain to lane against him but during teamfights he'd lose some of the annoyingness (he cant shroom all over the map while still being in lane). A good shaco though.. I promse you'd feel like surrendering at 20.
: Nasus
Play aggressive ish early game and he'll be going 0 and 5 before you know it.
: Does ekko really need all those slows?
I understand the point of this post. He has too many slows. His passive, his Q and his W all slow you if you're hit. But I also know how to beat ekko's in lane now.. If you use a ranged champ its much easier. With a melee champ you just have to make sure you're not hit by his passive which is quite easy to avoid. His Q is a sure 2 hit+passive proc if you engage first so try to bait it out or let him use it to farm and then engage him, NEVER engage when he his the Q up unless you're way stronger than him. His W's easy to avoid unless its a _really _ good ekko but some ekko's are next level and turret dive you with its shield at like level 3 so be careful of it. His blink is a stupid get away/fight engager. If you're doing the above correctly and he engages you should go to town with him. If he uses the blink to get away, zone him like hard. It does have surprisingly good burst damage once he has some items though so its pretty annoying. Now the part I hate more than any of this is that when he has his ult up, you can barely ever engage him unless he gets ganked and he'll get away alive oh yes. Gank ekko and all you do is waste his ult which is pretty much back in a minute of him returning back to lane. Nerf his ult cooldowns seriously. The rest of his kit is.. annoying but it's alright. At max rank and with cooldown items its at like a 55 second cooldown! >.<
: Nasus might be due for a nerf?
With vlad you don't have to worry too much about damage, stay at like 70%+ of your hp and EQ him with 4 stacks constantly. You could also ask jungler for few early ganks to keep him alert. You'll zone him out easy peasy. Rush hextech revolver and eventually WotA. Just remember, with nasus, the more you deny him farm, the longer it takes for him to become that beast he is. Plus vlad turns into an equally scary beast late game just through farming as well so yeah you must've been doing something wrong there lol. If you really cant shake him off, maybe get that morrellocianclan thing coz that stuffs his passive up pretty bad. The reason why at low elo Nasus is so good is because people dont shut him down and let him farm up. The last thing you want is a farmed up nasus because he wrecks through everything then. But stalling him from getting there is really easy.
: Can we have Normal Draft Pick re-enabled on OCE?
Yes please. New players don't have a clue what to do when they start playing ranked in oce servers.
: Xin Zhao is a great jungler, thats who i started with. You generally want someone who can either support early or attack early, then do good in late game. Nunu is a good starter jungler IMO, since his Q is pretty much a smite (plus a heal). Shaco is also a god jungler, not sure how hard he is to play, but he is really good
Ehh from what I know, shaco's extremely high skill cap... every shaco i've seen either ends the game within 20 mins or ends up being completely useless past mid game. Thanks for that, im really leaning on to getting xin zhao, he looks like he has good sustain and easy ganks. Im not too sure how he scales into late game especially if i dont get any kills.
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RLG Shaky (OCE)
: The Three Champions I Can't Stand At The Moment
I agree with Ekko. Seriously I hate that champion so much right now. He's a hassle in lane and even in teamfights, its like having a 6th player there since he can always ult and regain most of his hp. Secondly, I hate Katarina. Even though she's easy to beat in lane, she roams.. and kat will always find that one really sucky player on the game and kill them over and over to get fed and then she's sort of unstoppable... Pisses me off how many games i would've won, but lost because someone fed kat. Besides these two, I'm quite fine with everyone else :3
: I can't carry if doing well
If you say you're quite good at top lane, try to win the lane quickly i.e. kill enemy a few times and farm up a decent amount. (If you're playing Nasus you might wanna farm up a bit more) but once you've pretty much wrecked the enemy laner, and they're constantly zoned out of lane, roam mid or bot, whichever seems easier. If you have tp then bot lane if they're pressured, otherwise help mid out. Also ward the river if your mid lane isn't and constantly look for where the enemy jungler is. That way you can push and be aggressive without worrying about ganks. It creates a ripple effect when you help out your mid, who then helps out bot, who then is back in the game. Of course it wont always work out as planned but just do your best at it.
Alamo (OCE)
: He doesn't need nerf, just deny his farm. Don't even have to kill him, just deny his farm in laning phase and he'll cry evertiem he tries to kill you.
Through some of the comments here, I decided to play again and yeah enemy picked Ekko. I still find him annoying as hell but im getting there. Now the problem is, **I** can beat him if i try really hard but he easily roams and stomps on someone else then. I dunno he's a fun champ but there arent too many drawbacks to using him. That sort of makes him feel unbalanced
GigaPube (OCE)
: i bet you've said the exact same thing to the last 6-7 champs released too, as it comes to you religiously no doubt
I never really had a problem with Ekko until now. I don't hate on newly released champions like the herd. And as i said, the only thing i have a problem with was the Q slow (which I think now is just his Q slow with passive proc tbh). That needs a nerf ASAP.
: The only thing that possibly needs a nerf is how much of a slow/speed boost his passive is. The Q slow is fine, the problem is that his Q+passive slows and the speed boost he gets means unless you have bursty trades, he just came out on top.
Okay after the second game i played, I realise you're probably right. Its his passive proc + Q slow which makes it stupid. I think if they nerf that somehow it'd be alright. Once you die to ekko a few times yeah he gets fed and op like any champion out there. But the problem are those first few kills which HE normally would get due to you not being able to juke/get away from his q at close range.
Olee (OCE)
: Ehh the second part is easy to dodge in lane, that's the part that hurts anyway. He is meant to be strong in the late game, just make sure you pick some hard cc and peel for your carries.
I don't have a problem with the second part. I just played another game against Ekko (probably gonna be in every game now, might have to play adc for a while till he's off the free roster). His Q and E alone would kill me. Once again, same problem. He slows so damn hard with the Q esp max ranked. If you've got even half a brain you could use Ekko and carry your team. Im seriously sick of him :/ I absolutely hate how he's free this week even though he isn't nerfed at all.
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