ohmu (OCE)
: Looking to start a casual ranked team!
: Team bronze and silver
I main Jax and Garen currently in the top lane, and strictly play Vel'Koz in the mid lane. I'm very new to League Of Lego and never was associated with a team, but I'm willing to give it a try :). EDIT: Currently B3(Very New)
Lejester (OCE)
: Cant view pre and post gamer chat.
yes the entire chat box isn't displayed.
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Qilli (OCE)
: Ranked Teams Queue - Team JustTooGood [Any Rank]
I'm interested. Main: Support Secondary: Top lane Rank: B3 Best Champions in the Support Role: Bard, Leona, and Alistar. Best Champions in the Top lane: Volibear, Olaf, and Pantheon. Availability: Primarily on weekends, but slighty reduced on week days. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: looking for supp main (bronze)
I'm interested, as I'm currently B3 and main Bard, Leona, and Alistar as a supp. IGN: Lejeser
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: **In a game where your team does not work together well or if your team comp does not allow for a proper formation:** Depends heavily on your team and the enemy team. If they are a tanky team or full of duellers(Jax, Trynda etc.), do not engage. Chances are that you will lose in a head-to-head fight. If your team is full of pokers, poke the enemy to low health before you even think of engaging - if at all. Most of the time it's best to figure out whom of the enemy team are the biggest threats and aim for those first. And I don't mean which of the enemy team has the most threatening champ but who of the enemy is the biggest threat in terms of player skill, because you do not want that one to get fed and if he is fed you want to focus that one first at all times. Best would be to ambush him if you get the opportunity. Your position is of minor importance there. By a rule of thumb, try not to stay in the line of sight of too many enemies. That way you won't get focused as hard and can dish out damage from the side unnoticed if lucky. **In a game where your team seems to work together:** Stay as far away from everyone and everything that is an enemy as possible. Shoot at the target closest to you. Always. Doesn't matter if it's the enemy tank or a squishy, you never head out like an assassin, jumping into range of the enemy squishies. You stay at the back, in range of 1 enemy, your current target. You melt away all the enemies one by one and they die. In some situations(if you notice that your tank for example has a tunnel view or your support does not stick to you) it is best to just align to your partners and stay close to your allied champs like Support, Bruiser and Tank. They will try not to let you die and if you happen to get outside of their view during a fight it is very likely that you will get isolated from your team and taken out by an assassin or likewise.
: Normal Draft Pick?
Yeah I prefer normal draft picks cause say for example I choose Bard support in blind pick and I later find out they have Blitzcranck support ^^.
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: Super Galaxy ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!
I never knew fizz was so...well... let's say enthusiastic about his self.


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