: Am i really a Dick?
You can provide criticism or you can provide constructive criticism, the latter is much better. It depends on how you word it as to how people take it. If you try to provide constructive criticism to help them improve and they keep disregarding it and saying this that annoy you, just ignore the fact and move on. If they don't want your feedback and knowledge to become better at the game, then that's their loss.
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: hey lemon? do you get a warning when you get a chat restriction? because sometimes other players cant see my chat in champ select, is that just a bug or a chat ban? because it doesn't happen all the time and im just wondering if i missed the message where it might say "you have received a chat restriction"
Yes you will receive a message when you get a chat restriction. That sounds like a bug if they aren't able to see your messages in champ select. More information about chat restrictions can be found here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752984-Chat-Restrictions
: Is there anyway I can tag or get a rioter to come and check out this forum and answer some of DrHaxs Questions
Rioters do check the forums and they will check this once they have a chance I'm sure. Just sit tight, they are busy people!
DrHaxs (OCE)
: Thanks mate I've had chat restrictions before mostly for being on tilt. It's just I've been trying so hard to get this account back as it has stats,champions,skin and most importantly memories. I know I can reform and I believe riot should give everyone a chance to reform I have reformed in many other games before and hope riot considers reforming me. I'll also take your advice on talking to friends and family. Once again you mate :)
Sorry to bring some info that you won't like to hear, but if you have had chat restrictions before and have not reformed, it's safe to say there probably isn't any chance of you getting this account back. Especially if you have behaved like this in other games in the past and have had to be unbanned in order to reform your behaviour in those games, you really should have come to this game with a better behaviour and kindness towards your fellow gamers. Remember, every time you tell someone in game that they are trash and the other horrible stuff outlined in your above post, there is another person on the other side. Just like you. Maybe they are struggling IRL too and are using League as a break away from things they may be facing. It's not good if they have to then experience someone in game abusing them like that. Just something to think about for the next time you jump into any online game.
DrHaxs (OCE)
: Perma Ban UpLift?
It's good that you have acknowledged that your behaviour is definitely not acceptable. Looking at the text you have provided from the game, it is very severe, which is why you may have jumped steps in the escalation path outlined on this article. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286. The steps are; - 10 game chat restriction - 25 game chat restriction - 2 week suspension - permanent suspension If you had previously received a 2 week ban or chat restrictions, those are classified as your warnings and chances to reform your behaviour for the better. Very rarely are bans lifted, especially when the behaviour was so toxic. Also be sure to go to your friends and family and talk through any issues you may be feeling IRL. Talking to people definitely helps. They don't have to say anything back, just having an ear there helps a lot :).
: LoL and kids
Grats on leveling up to Father. Look at it this way, once she has grown up, eSports will be huge and you can live your eSports dream vicariously through her. Also if she isn't named after a LoL champ I'll be disappoint.
: for real? dang, pretty much only reason i could justify the ticket price last time was that sweet bag of loot. I'll just watch it from home and save 20 bucks this time.
There will be some sweet loot going to each venue that the community organisers will be giving away with their activities they will be running. How exactly you will win stuff is up to the individual locations, so reach out to the relevant organiser and see what they have in store!
Ventross (OCE)
: Seriously, there's no Canberra events ever. I'm not gonna lug me and 2 mates up to sydney ffs. There's a pretty big interest in Canberra too.
While there isn't a Hoyts viewing in Canberra, I have heard of 2 places that are doing viewing parties. One of which is at Reloaded Bar. Can't recall the name of the other. There is still opportunities for you to watch with others!
: Watch the Worlds Final at HOYTS!
Looking forward to running the event at Hoyts Norwood! If you're coming to the viewing in SA, be sure to say hi! Also for those who are asking why they aren't at every Hoyts or why they aren't in specific areas, these Hoyts events use a direct satellite feed so there is no disruptions to the stream that may be caused by internet issues. Unfortunately not all Hoyts locations have the ability to accept satellite feeds.
: yea thats true actually our league community is quite big but there's no support for them in nz {{item:3097}}
I know that if you were to run community events localised to NZ, Riot would definitely help support you! They might not always be able to head on over and directly be a part of the NZ community, they will definitely be able to support you if you want to run community events, just like they do here in Aus. Definitely hit them up (Maraudaur will be one to speak to I believe). Plus there are a lot of other community organisers that would be happy to answer any questions you may have, myself included :)
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og1764 (OCE)
: Yeah, I'm drawing off that list of events. Last year (in Perth at least, and to my knowledge) there wasn't a viewing party for MSI or Worlds, so I just wanted to double check that it was a certainty :)
Oh? I'm fairly certain there was a viewing for Worlds last year. This only really kicked off near the end of the season, so there wasn't any viewings for MSI at the time as it was earlier in the year, but that list is what they have set to view. Those events are locked in to definitely happen (of course an official Rioter can offer a double confirmation) so there are definitely lots of events at Hoyts to keep us going through the year!
Sherk420 (OCE)
: Hi, I participated in an event at Broadway, and was supposed to get a mystery skin (I was the kid who didn't know nautilis) And haven't recieved it. Has this been sent out? Thanks
I'm sure Riot will be adding that to your account in the next day or 2. Sit tight :)
og1764 (OCE)
: Hey GeneralCoxy, The event last night was really good, and I was wondering if you will be screening the IWCI Final and the MSI Final even if the Chiefs aren't in the finals, or don't attend MSI? Thanks, og1764
This link will help. Here is all of the events that Riot are streaming at Hoyts: http://promo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/hoyts-viewing-parties/
: > [{quoted}](name=LemonHunter,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=Aa8sQElp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-04T23:02:26.530+0000) > > They are working hard to get other Hoyts venues the capability to accept direct satellite feeds. As they become available, I'm sure more Hoyts venues will be hosting League of Legends. i can almost {{champion:86}} {{champion:17}} . they can stream the game though twich/youtube.
Oh definitely it could be via twitch or YouTube, however, like many places, you do require a constant, stable connection. Also for larger event, such as Worlds, regardless of how stable your connection may be, there may be internet issues further down the line (which has been the case at many previous events). With Satellite, it provide a clear, awesome quality that is stable since it is being transmitted direct to the locations without having to go through the internet.
: Join us today with the OPL winners, 6th April at 3PM AEST @TwitterAU’s #BlueRoom + Surprise Giveaways!
Have you ever thought of putting together a team comp and practicing champions that all are part of a skin team? Such as Pentakill, Pool Party, or all Pirates etc. If so, have you ever considered putting one of those comps forward into a pro match?
Sherk420 (OCE)
: Where do we get the thundersticks? And are they free or do we have to pay??{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
The thundersticks will be at the venue when you arrive. Speak to the community organisers once you get there, they should have them for you. If you're heading to the SA viewing, that would be myself!
Sherk420 (OCE)
: Hey, i won a contest and i had my tickets booked by ChuChuZ, does that mean i still get the boost or not?
That would be something you need to ask the person who held the contest as the code is sent via email after you book the tickets from the Hoyts website.
: when will other hoyts cinemas get the lol treatment
They are working hard to get other Hoyts venues the capability to accept direct satellite feeds. As they become available, I'm sure more Hoyts venues will be hosting League of Legends.
Klasm (OCE)
: Are there any Rioters who would like to play with me on my 1000th Normal win?
Usually Maraudaur jumps into many games with people for their 1000th win, but you might be a little hard to come by a Rioter with spare time over the next few days due to the OPL Split final. I'm sure one will definitely be keen for a game though! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: sure but you cant really filter out a small phrase of two or 3 words. context is important too. for example if we filter out 'kill yourself', what if the whole phrase was 'dont kill yourself'. you cant just filter out words without context. if we were going to filter out 'kill yourself' why not keep going and filter out 'die' and every other word with a negative connotation. there is a limit to what riot can do. reporting and muting is what we need to do so that riot has the power to identify toxicity. if you dont feed the flames then they shouldnt have a reason to abuse you so heavily. the more you argue the more the toxicity grows. EDIT: I feel like since they finally implemented the new report system, toxicity levels have dropped and they will continue to drop. it will just take time for some people to be weeded out. riots doing a good job
I definitely agree, context is vitally important. I think understanding the system (from a players perspective) will help. If someone was able to shed light on how the system detects these from the reports and see that some are higher (due to context) or a lower level offence, it will definitely help me, and I'm sure will help many other players in understanding the reporting system, also perhaps the importance of what to write in the report in order for the system to learn correctly.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: So just so I understand clearly what you are proposing, before we begin going deep into discussion You understand we currently have an instant feedback system that is based on machine learning to detect negative/unacceptable language. Which punishes players by giving chat restrictions which escalates to a perma ban. In some instances these bans go straight to 2 week/perma bans. It doesn't pick up everything right now and definitely is something we are still improving and learning from your reports over time. What you are proposing is a system that specifically filters for the phrase "Kill yourself" (or any of the possible variations that have that meaning)?
I'm sure by this we all mean to add this to the current system. Perhaps some additional clarification (if possible) could be provided? Such as does the system learn specific words from the reports which the community deems as not acceptable? If so, how does it pick up those exact words? Is it possible for Riot to add specific words, phrases etc directly to the system? Does the system currently have the ability to rank certain words as harsher than others? e.g. If someone was to be reported for swearing, or if someone was to make a direct threat, does the system rank the threat as a higher offence? I think this form of clarification will help the community understand the system a little more when it comes to these types of behaviour.
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: Is this only for Hoyts cinemas? Because the one in Dunedin closed down recently, so we can't watch it. {{item:3070}}
There are only some participating Hoyts cinemas because not all locations currently have the capability to receive satellite feeds. The participating Hoyts are listed on the link: http://promo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/hoyts-viewing-parties/ Now I'm no mystic, but I'm seeing a road trip to Christchurch in your near future!
: I would do this if I could, but I love in a small town with like 10 people who play league XD. If I just buy ALOT of alcohol, can I have this viewing party in my own house? Riot members can join me in some lovely beverages.
I'm sure those 10 people would love to get together to watch some League! You should definitely do it anyway!
: Angel skin for Teemo
Angel Teemo, but when he activates Move Quick he becomes a demon during the speed boost?
Drakuns (OCE)
: Reported for chat that was not bad but in 3 games and get chat restriction
If they had reported you without you saying anything bad, the reports would have been ignored and there would be no restriction placed against you. If, however, you had been abusing them (even in retaliation) then there is merit for punishment, which would have happened for you to receive the punishment. I know it's hard and sucks when people have a bad game and try to blame it on you. My suggestion would be to (nicely) in chat say something along the lines of "ok, we are off to a bad start but we can come back. I'll gank more in mid and bot but can you not push your lane up so far so I can get in and gank?" If you don't wish to do this (as you feel you may be abusive) or if you try to be nice and turn the game around but they keep abusing you, mute the players so you remove the temptation to be abusive to them. Then remember to report those players that are abusing you. Definitely take this as a learning experience and try to keep your cool. If you do, there is no reason you can get punished any further :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
kami sora (OCE)
: Perma banned?
With many games, tampering/altering game data is not allowed as this is usually linked with hacks. It's possible that the system had picked up that you had altered the files and has banned you automatically due to the changes. As mentioned by DTN, shoot through a support ticket. But for future reference, I would refrain from altering game data (as hilarious as that announcer pack is though).
Ninox (OCE)
: Agreed 100%. And while I think OP could have handled it better, I can't imagine him being in any danger here. It's good to see people standing up to that sort of behaviour, even if keeping quiet is more likely to de-escalate things.
Agree, As for the OP, I think he could have gotten his message across with a few less swear words. Was good for you to stick up for the Annie though. It's very demoralizing to be attacked by another player in a game, but having someone stand up and have your back can turn a very bad experience around and make a player see that not everyone is bad.
: so wheres the rest of the chat ? joke system server full of trash nubistic players!
> [{quoted}](name=ForStSpyda,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=j1A7EdpN,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-19T00:28:45.570+0000) > This type of behavior is unacceptable in this community. When there is nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. As a community, **we also don't believe that retaliation is an appropriate response, so in cases where there is retaliation, both players receive penalties.** This is the only warning this account will receive. Further examples of toxic behavior can result in permanent closure of your account. As stated in the email you received (outlined in my quote) retaliation is not an appropriate response. When they look at your reports, they will look at you as an individual and your individual behaviour within the game, hence why you only get your chat log. As it stands, your behaviour (regardless of what the other players have said or done) is not acceptable. They will also be up on the block and will be punished for their actions, but just because they said or did something bad, does not give you right to retaliate with these kinds of responses. In the heat of a game, it could be very difficult to ignore toxic players, but in the future do mute them and use the reporting functions so they get punished for their behaviour. Definitely take this as a learning experience, as it is your last warning, any further punishments will result in a permanent ban as per the 4 tier punishment system; * 10 game chat restriction * 25 game chat restriction * 14 day account ban * Permanent account ban
6T9R (OCE)
: What do you think the acceptable punish is for this chat log?
Asking what the punishment would be is difficult and depends. Is this your first offense? I see this as punishable due to the kind of language used by yourself. One thing you need to keep in mind is how you use your words to get your message across. Failed a gank to your top lane? Politely say "next time I ping, e in with me and we got this :)". Don't be so quick to go on the defensive (or offensive) because that just puts you in a bad position (such as being punished for your behaviour). Regardless of what the other teammates said or done, the way you acted, or reacted, are not acceptable. You need to remember to keep your cool when playing. As far as the type of punishment this deserves, in my opinion it deserves the next level of punishment. The levels look like this; 10 game chat restriction 25 game chat restriction 14 day account ban Permanent account ban If this is your first offense, 10 game chat restriction. If you have recently received a 25 game chat restriction, then this deserves a 14 day account ban.
Sydannus (OCE)
: (Rioters pls Read) Possible work experience and where this company is going in the future.
Best of luck bud in your work experience, where ever you may be heading. I think the stance that Riot have on work experience (although the would be very suited to work experience to help younger people get a feel of the industry) is that the people who are working in the office are usually working on confidential stuff. Hence why they also turn down people asking for a tour of the office. There are some things that we just aren't allowed to see! Sure, with work experience, since there are contracts being signed, they could get you to sign an NDA, but that's at the discretion of them if they think it's worth the large effort and time needed. Either way, best of luck :)
: It simply does not make sense for there to be such a thing as a perma-ban in League of Legends, a free to play game. You're completely right! Maybe some people just won't change their ways... However, this doesn't stop them from making a new account, and repeating the process all over again. The two week suspensions are a brilliant idea, but having a perma ban system just to spite a toxic player who's gonna create a new account, who will now be even more salty because he's lost all his shit..? I feel like that's just RIOT shooting themselves in the foot.
No, you're correct, it doesn't stop them from making another account and continuing to be a toxic player, however permanent bans are something that I feel are needed, not only in League, but all games/services like this. And they exist in a large majority of them as well. I know if I were in a situation that I was getting warnings and 14 day bans, I would 100% make sure I do what I can to continue playing knowing that there is a risk of a permanent ban that will make me lose all of the skins I have purchased for my account. If there were only 14 day bans and nothing beyond that, there is almost no punishment for people who break the T&Cs that they agreed to when signing up.
Renzuko (OCE)
: Permanently banned too harsh.
Had you received any other bans previous to this perm ban? Unfortunately (and it's not easy, I'm not saying that it is) but responding to others is classed as toxic behaviour as you are adding fuel to the fire. Yes, they are in the wrong, but so are you. The answer of "but they were wrong first so it's ok" doesn't work. If the toxic behaviour was coming from the other team, then switch off your all chat yourself while in the game so you don't have the temptation to respond. However from the logs you have posted, it looks like the toxic behaviour from all 3 games is being aimed towards your teammates, so blocking all chat would not solve that, which is your proposed punishment. If you are to continue playing League, then takes this as a learning experience.
: My Account has been permanently suspended
As others have stated, no, there is zero chance you can get any form of refund. As Trinity Force had quoted from the T&Cs that you agreed to outlines that. Yes, you aren't buying a tangible item, so you don't have anything to hold from the money you have spent, but you have paid that money to enhance the service that Riot Games are providing to you. By agreeing to their T&Cs, using the service and then going against those T&Cs, they have every right to terminate your use of the service. Also another note, by talking to your team in the game, letting them know what they could be doing better to win the game and improve their skills. That's great! I find it helps when someone helps me understand mechanics of a champ I'm playing against so I can get better. However, I feel you didn't just help them out. I'm assuming there were a lot of swear words used and personal attacks against the players. This is not on and no one wants that kind of behaviour in this community, hence the reports that lead to your ban. Maybe take this into account if you are to continue playing League. Permanent suspension (in my opinion) is something that is needed for players who simply aren't changing their ways. As you mentioned in your post, the 14 day suspension gave you time to step away from the game, look back at your actions and hopefully change how you interact with other players in the community, however since that behaviour wasn't changing and wasn't showing signs of changing, removing toxic players from the community is something that is needed. I hope you can look back at this and change your ways. There is no need to flame people and abuse them if they aren't playing to your standards. And if someone is being toxic towards you, the safest best is to avoid so you don't fall back into old habits.
drag66n (OCE)
: 1v1s a more accurate skill rating, you dont play 5v5 chess
But a lot of competitive games, such as CS, LoL etc are team based games. Not everyone works well with others in a team environment. This is definitely a skill that is needed to succeed. There is only so far individual skill can get you in team based games.
: hello everyone i wanna say
Merry Christmas to you too, buddy! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Vectroh (OCE)
: Reporting system and community:
It's always worth reporting them if they are feeding etc. I know this sounds difficult to do, especially when you have just committed your own time to playing the game only to have it ruined by someone else, but I strongly suggest you keep toxic behaviour out of all chat at the very least. You really should not get toxic at all, but by saying it in all chat helps no one. By all means, 100% ask the other team nicely to report the offending player at the end of the match for intentionally feeding and leave it at that. By getting angry in all chat, all you are doing is annoying the other team, who will end up reporting you. I'm not sure how the system works on the back end, perhaps a Red may shed some light on it for you, but I do know that you will only get a notification if you were in the last game where someone was punished. You have probably helped get a lot of offending players punished, but just haven't received direct feedback in regards to it. I for one would love to have feedback for every player we report if they get punished, hopefully Riot bring this in in the future. It can be hard in the heat of it all, but if you try to keep a level head, make sure you report the offending player and politely ask the rest of the players to report them as well (remember to not use unneeded language etc) then you will not be reported and the system can pick up and punish the offending player.
Jink (OCE)
: Is Skill in Video games Natural, or Acquired?
Interesting conversation topic. Here's my two cents. I feel it's pretty hard to narrow down to just gaming skills. There is so much that goes into being good at a game, ability to read maps, spacial awareness, reflexes, decision making to name a few. Some of these skills are natural, others are learned. Some people may have naturally quicker reflexes than other people, which can help them in very fast paced games such as getting that quick entry frag in CS, reacting to those skill shots in LoL or pulling off those perfect combos in Tekken. But, increasing your reflex time is something that you can also learn to do, along with the other skills required to excel at games. So I think that the fundamentals and the building blocks of gaming skill can be natural, but can also be acquired and improved upon. Some will learn much faster than others and a lot easier than others, but I think if someone has the dedication to and the correct practice, they can get better at games :)
: Ok riot, lets face the music.
As already mentioned, the pre-season is for testing new features. The patches and changes will come. This game is constantly evolving, but pre-season is when the big changes happen. Fixing them takes time. Provide your feedback to Riot, then sit back and be patient and wait for them to make the changes needed. There is so much more that goes into changing features, I wouldn't even be able to get my head around the number of team members and time it would take.
: HELP my riot points wont redeem
Yeah shoot a support ticket in and see what they can do. That would be your best bet at getting it sorted, plus if there was an error, the ticket will be time stamped in the bonus RP period so fingers crossed they can sort you out with that as well!
Rioter Comments
: What is the Rift Herald's problem, like seriously...
Harold just wanted to be your friend :( But yeah, tweaking will happen as many changes have come into preseason, but I like the addition of the Herald. Once tweaks are made, it should definitely become something key to fight over for some earlier game pushing power.
: so if we go to the $20 screening we wont get a showbag? can we pay to get one?
With the $20 screenings, my understanding is that due to the high response, Hoyts have opened a second cinema screen, however due to Showbag stock already being allocated to cinemas, there are not enough available for that second screen, hence the cheaper price. Only the tickets that state you get a showbag (the second screening for $20 states it does not include the showbag) will receive one.
Ninox (OCE)
: PSA to our lovely Rioters here on OCE
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Here's to the OCE Rioters. You guys rock.
og1764 (OCE)
: I'm going to the one in Perth. Also, at what time do the games start on Sunday? I swear that I read somewhere that they would run from 8am to 6pm, but the Hoyts session starts at 9am (Perth time), and the session time is 427 minutes, or only around 7 hours. Is this all correct? Thanks, og1764
I think there was previously a mistake with the start times, but for the Carousel viewing it starts at 9am. It's hard to say when it will be finishing up, as there are lots of games to play, including a best of 5, so it could go for 7 hours or it could go for longer. Going until 6pm Perth time I think is a stretch time, my assumption would be less. Hope this helps!
: So this is the naut reef all over again, not to mention you were willing to just leave us in the dark on this instead of inform us after you straight out screwed over the OCE player base with your actions regarding CR Kassadin. Like it's all good your donating to charity, but this is probably the most disgusting way to do it. EDIT: Just so we are clear, this doesn't need a Riot response, this just needs to be a reality check for Riot OCE.
The naut reef is a very different case. You can't just drop something into the ocean and be like "good job guys". There would be sooo much red tape to get through, I don't even want to think about it, it would do my head in! I honestly don't think they screwed us over with the skin. When other regions launched, they got a free region skin, yes. When OCE launched, they didn't have a skin ready, so they gave us pool party ziggs for free (which is an awesome skin). If the alternative was to hold off on the server until they had a skin ready for us, no thanks. I'm just glad we got a server, they worked so hard with ISPs to try and make our shitty Australian internet not screw over the OCE servers, and that we got a free transfer over to our very own server. I don't play Kassadin, if I did though, I would have 100% bought the skin because I get a cool skin for cheap and know that I'm helping our community raise money for a worthy charity. I do want it to go to a worthy charity though, so I'm glad they are taking the time to find a charity that won't have the managers line their pockets first, as unfortunately many charities do. Business decisions can take a lot longer than some people realise. It's not as easy as it may seem from an outside perspective.
Zorphiax (OCE)
: That's not to bad for just over 540 minutes of fun.
plus an awesome showbag as well. Want me one of them hats!
og1764 (OCE)
: Hey guys, If one of my friends are coming in late then what can we (myself and him) do to ensure that they get their swag-bag? Should I ask the Rito people to give an extra to me so I can give it to him when he comes late, or should he ask them when he gets in? If he's asking when they get in, then where in the cinema would they be sitting for him to find them? Thanks, og1764
Which cinema are you going to? Most are being headed by community organisers, so they will be in charge of the showbags. Tracking down one of these people on the day will help you out. If you're coming to the SA viewing, that would be me!
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