: Competitive Ruling: Calvin “k1ng” Truong
No surprises here, watched it play out and all. OCE twitter wars are nothing compared to NA ones though.
: Champion Insights: Illaoi
"Northman. There are motions I would like to show you." WAIT....WAIT...WAIT is she cracking onto Braum? ;)
Mcfishing (OCE)
: Halloween Event
Still waiting for the new Jinx skin so I can buy it.....
iScorpion (OCE)
: LF Silver/Gold duo Partner to climb before season ends!
Hey I am also looking for a duo partner if you are interested.
riodio (OCE)
: _**> Remove The Leaverbuster **_ if u can plz remove da leaverbuster or reduce da time like maximum is 10 min.everyone hate this.or u can take IP or RP and remove this it. **example ** 500IP per 1 leaverbuster or 20 RP ** Why we Leaving ** sometimes we are having some connection errors and drop connection. **Wht u guyz can do ** some summoners are spend their whole time for this game.and every day their playing lol.u guyz can make membership system.its like hold silver or whatever.and u guyz can reduce leaverbuster for that members. and do something for who troll da game. ** Thank You**
: Hello! Let me try and answer some of your questions! 1) The minimum age to join the OPL as a pro-player is 17years old. 2) 3 out of 5 Starter players must be residents of an Oceanic Country. A resident is defined as a player that has lived in an Oceanic country for 24 of the last 36 months. Maybe expand further what you mean by "team requirements"? That can mean a bunch of different things.
: riot can we have a black champ
Well Lucian does seem to be that kind of champ. He is cleaning the streets of dark and sinister creatures.
: They couldn't come unfortunately. University commitments :(
Damn D: I know them university feels.
: OCE All-Stars take flight with Red Bull
: How PROJECT Champs Transcended Humanity
Can someone from Riot explain the storyline behind the Project Skins? Are they clones of these Champions in a futuristic world? Or were the champions kidnapped and altered to look like this?
: Chef Lu Bu - Kench’s Catfish
Best thing I have seen all day.
GigaPube (OCE)
: journo leopardus on the case
Not even I just think at events of this size they should have better protection against ddosing.
: Hey mate, The issue is on the players end, the games themselves are not happening, all of the other language broadcasts have also turned off for today. The games we missed today will be replayed on another date (which will be communicated asap).
What about the rumours of ddosing? Is there any truth to them?
Wiltim (OCE)
: Who will {{champion:13}} to the challenge? Who will {{champion:86}}tee the {{champion:150}}ly victory? Remember players, always {{champion:64}} to your heart <3
Give that man a cookie.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Oceanic Pro League Round 1 tipping! Who are you backing?


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