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Nightjar (OCE)
: realistically though, the largest factors there was 83cs in 24min game is around 3.5cs per minute, only about 45% kill participation, and only like 400 gold per minute. The big 5 points to focus on in Hextech box score whoring are: - Kills/Assists (depends on your role, assists have different value, except for support, where they pretty much have 1:1 point value with a kill) - Cs per minute (ties into gold per minute, but is also a factor, low value for supports, medium value for mids but high value for adc/jg/top) - Gold per minute (also percentage of team gold is a factor, so steal as much as possible) - Kill participation (riot basically divides your kills participation by total team kills and gives you a value) - reducing the number of deaths to increase the KDA (each KDA is assigned a value) these 5 factors are worth the most points, and are really the only ones worth focusing on if you're trying to point farm. Also counter intuitively, damage is worth minimal points, and so it's possible to get an S with less than 10k total damage in a 40min game, as any champ. Riot then tabulates these values (and a few others like vision, objective damage, towers taken) and compares your total value to a bellcurve of performance of other players, and assigns you a grade depending on your z-score. If you want more information, join a hextech farming discord, they've basically refined the art of grade farming.
to be fair to him though. looking at that stats page everyone had worse than he did and i still see neeko got an S-.


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