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: I don't believe that you're the owner of this account. If you want to dispute this then you will be required to answer the account recovery questions in your ticket.
Btw i am the owner of the account, i can't answer the account recovery questions. because i can't even make a ticket without logging in. as i don't know what the password is now i can't do anything about, so your saying now it's just RIP to my own account. with the money i've put into it aswell.... you guy must be able to help me somehow instead of redirecting me to a ticket... like seriously is that your jobs someone has a problem then you'll tell them to fill a ticket, why don't riot put their hand out to anyone and help them personally and be treated as a customer and now being accessed that i'm not even my own account. i feel very disappointed and unhappy with this situation. There must be away you guys can do something useful for once....
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: I Got Perma-Banned
Dont script or don't lose so many games and be toxic is either the problem
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