: P.s she better shoot lasers and her ultimate better be a big Death Star Laser type pulse of a beam 6 metres long.
Also Chompers can be starfish or crabs in the upcoming pool party skin I know you are working on.
: If Riot f-ck up Project Jinx
P.s she better shoot lasers and her ultimate better be a big Death Star Laser type pulse of a beam 6 metres long.
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Pikorey (OCE)
: 99 Lp and playing for 1 Lp
1st world Issues. http://i.imgur.com/XnOIqe8.jpg
Maraudaur (OCE)
: So in your example it sounds like it would be better to shift them towards the arrow (get stunned slightly faster while removing their ability to flash away...if you hit W) So it looks like it was an intentional change. Knockup in place was almost never the right thing to do. We decided to have it default to knockaway instead.
He/She means if zac is readying leap and aiming for X-spot, using Rock upwards will make sure theyre not knocking them -out of- the zac landing spot (which is a fair bit of damage missed) and can make sure they dont flash out of it when they see blob boy flying through the air.
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Hyde (OCE)
: "I usually get carried by my Support like Cleopatra used to get carried by her slaves." This is the best line I have ever read in these boards :3
Unintentionally referred to them as Slaves. Didn't notice that leeeeeeeeeeeel.
: Hi everybody. My names BloodyTompon and I'm a recovering boosted animal. *_applause from group_ * I've been clean now for 3 years. Every days a struggle. I'd like to thank you guys for supporting me through my continued struggle. *_wipes tears away_*
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: >The AD Jungle item is suh-weet for him wait people finish the jungle item for him? I thought the idea was to Death's Dance ASAP and basically ignore the jungle item (Cause it honestly still sucks ass.)
Yeah. Pros do too. That's actually strong though, probably better in solo queue (If they dont have too many tanks and if they're a bursty team, but even then its a strong item). I went Muramana the other day on him cause I was like 10-0. The stats you get for finishing the Jungle Warriors item are pretty sweet, something like 25 AD 10% CDR from caulfields into 60AD 10% CDR for the 525g upgrade.
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: What if you played Ahri as a support champion?
I play support Ahri sometimes. It used to be better, because Support itemisation was a bit better - they nerfed a lot of Support items. Charm is arguably one of the strongest CC's in the game. I play her as an ADC sometimes too: {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:14}} {{item:1038}} {{item:1056}} {{item:3006}} {{item:1053}} {{item:3086}} {{item:1038}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3033}} /{{item:3036}} {{item:3022}} U do have to push sometimes to harass with Q as support Ahri tho and this can cause problems in denying ADC CS and causing you to overextend but the mobility makes you incredibly strong with your dive/CC effect.
Delorial (OCE)
: Renektons stun
Flashes cannot escape me. (It sounds like he's saying Nasus coz he bites his tongues alot when he talks; side effect of a 2 foot long muzzle and 74-80, inch long teeth - but he says it himself.). https://i.imgur.com/81qyN1y.jpg Be aware of his ability to dash a second time if he hits an enemy unit on its 1st cast (450 range) COOLDOWN: 18 / 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 Also be aware of his ability to switch between putting levels in Q for more sustain/aoe and W for more Damage or even E in rare cases for the Armor shred for all-in trading etc. Plus if he takes fervor, at level 18 and a 50 fury Ruthless Predator with max Fervor stacks, it will hit for a bonus 240ish damage. Fight him when his fury's down. Consider Heal shred.
: Don't blame the Jungler.
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ChiYang (OCE)
: Thanks for all that info. I wasnt sure where to look before. I'm still having trouble with this. I feel like i'm doing everything right, but the CD does not seem to be reducing when i pounce on the marked targets... I place the traps underneath where each wolf would spawn, then i change to animal form. When they appear, i immediately pounce on them. At this point, I expect my pounce CD should reduce enough that I can almost immediately pounce again. right? This does not seem to be happening.
At level 1 It reduces it to 3 second cooldown (Down from 5 second CD) on your first Jump onto a Hunted target - so it cuts 2 seconds off your pounce cooldown - killing a unit can be used to drop the cooldown so make sure u use it as a finisher if you want the cooldown reduc. Each time you put a new rank into Aspect of the Cougar (Level 6, 11 and 16) the cooldown it cuts off your skills when you kill something is increased (COOLDOWN REFUND: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70%) so with level 16 Nidalee (3 Points into Aspect of the Cougar) her Pounce will be 5 seconds and if you hit a hunted target will drop to 1.5 seconds. It scales with Cooldown reduction though, so since with 40% CDR your pounce will be dropped to 3 seconds - hitting a hunted target or killing a Unit will drop your pounce cooldown to 0.9 seconds at level 16 with rank 3 into Aspect of the Cougar. (So if you jump to a marked target it will be 0.9 seconds until you can jump again - but you wont be able to spam it on the same Hunt- marked Target -however throwing a spear or the unit stepping on another Bushwack reapplies hunt.
: With any knock up LUX is still doing her ult.
Heaps of skills are "click to launch" and they will continue to cast even if you get stunned after "launching them" - the same goes for things like Darius ultimate, where if you flash out of its effective cast range - if he's already begun to cast it; it will follow your flash. Other skills as well will continue when you are dead, Gnars boomerangs for instance - whereas some will not - there are special rules on these - certain Champions death deletes certain projectiles while others will continue.
Tele (OCE)
: _There's a few issues with calling out toxic players:_ + **It glorifies them. ** A lot of these people take pride in knowing they are the worst members of the community. So they absolutely love it when people call them out for being toxic. **Tyler1** is a great example of this. + **It leads to witch hunts** Imagine someone is a decent guy, but he has an off-game. He flames the team then AFKs. Someone screenshots that and posts it here to shame him. A witch hunt starts, and he starts receiving messages from people in the community harassing him and sending him death threats. Not everyone has iron skin for this stuff, and it could lead to him hurting himself or even worse. In short, we really shouldn't trust your average League player to pass judgement on people. They're likely to take things out of context and don't have data on that player's past behaviour like **Riot** does. I hope that makes sense :D
ITP: Riot = Illuminati. People = Masochists.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EnHZX44o_Q
Early Gamers are good vs Ryze. Nasus can't really do much. Probably one of the worst matchups you could take to be honest. Think: Spell shields still being semi useless if you can't bully him out of lane. He used to be worse. They're re-working him next patch. His Q is a skillshot so stand behind minions. Plus uhh.. his E shreds ur MR. So if you're standing with just him and yourself - it will bounce between you and him rather than around units and can shred ur MR down to nothing in these situations so try to fight him in minion waves and other than that, take an earlier game Champ. Riven can shred him but even she is vulnerable to his kit (Lockdown combo) Kennen is an all around uncounterable laner (Along with Nidalee and Lee Sin he doesn't really have counterplay but is a great top laner) and if you play well you can usually shut down a Ryze. He has no waveclear so pushers can be good too - but be careful because once he's past 6 - if a Jungler comes you will probably get chased down and demolished by him. Even solo if you let him catch u out or he decides to all-in his burst is pretty insane so play safe but play aggressive.
: What am I missing?
ChiYang (OCE)
: How to get Nidalee's W to refresh?
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Nidalee If you wanna check out more on Champs check lolwiki jinx or lolwiki nidalee or w/e on google or use the search tab here (its quick to just type lolwiki alistar or whatever champ you wanna check on google tho and then head to the lolwiki. - you can see a more indepth on the skills if you click "more" on the page - and the strategy section which you can switch to up the top -3rd one along - has some neat info and otherwise unknown strategies/facts. PROWL: Moving through brush grants Nidalee 10% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds, increased to 30% if she is moving toward a nearby visible enemy champion. HUNT: Hitting monsters or enemy champions with Javelin Toss or Bushwhack marks them as Hunted for 4 seconds, granting true sight of them for the duration. While moving toward Hunted targets, Nidalee gains Prowl's bonus movement speed and ignores unit collision. Additionally, Nidalee's first use of Takedown and Pounce against Hunted targets are empowered. HUNT BONUS: Pounce can be used to target nearby Hunted targets and gains increased range against them. Killing a unit or dashing to a Hunted target reduces Pounce's base cooldown an amount if it's currently at a higher amount. Bear in mind for some things tho it is a wiki so it can be messed with and also have out of date info or be wrong
spoodaman (OCE)
: Can someone of high elo help me with a question (silver 4 adc main)
Did you just say fed Ahri/Wukong/Irelia? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HKhKpWx1Uc Play safe. Try to farm. You can come back although Ahri can be problematic for people mid-game and a fed Irelia is a bit of a problem. Wukong is tank and gains stats in team fights so try to be aware it's not best to focus all your efforts onto him. You can come back from games like this although Wukong is good at picking people off (It's hard to get away from him because he can usually commit as much as he wants to and he can be kinda sticky with Mercs/Rage passive and his dash. Plus his ulti gives him MS so if you get caught out you can be annihilated. Fed Irelia is really bad news. Not much you can really do, even if you know her Kit and counterplay this is one Champion you do not want to focus on too much because she'll usually be tanky and hard to CC and mobile/sustaining so its best to not let this happen or focus other people and make sure you respect the range on her gap closer, her stun when you're higher health (Flash E W-Q onto an ADC can spell death before you have time to do anything) and be aware of her using the reset on her dash to minions. As for Ahri that's a bit complicated, try not to die - she is usually hyper-aggressive by this point and she can dive your team extremely quickly. Armor pen can help stop wukong in his tracks because he gets like 40 armor from his passive when there's 5 Enemy Champs nearby, Quicksilver Sash can be great vs Ahri because her Charm is arguably one of the strongest CCs in the game and Quicksilver Sashing it and flashing can stop you eating a 1200 damage burst and let your team wait until her ulti is on CD because it will usually be a flash R or Flash onto you - either of which is worth trading a QSS and flash in exchange for and can give your team a Chance to engage. As for Irelia. Hands down a big problem if she is fed because she can dive the backlines almost to her hearts content. Try to poke people down but a fed Irelia is something that you need to be careful about pushing against because if you go too deep into enemy territory or overextend she is extremely difficult to peel and excellent at flanking or starting or turning team fights plus she is relatively easy to disengage/escape with.
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: What Summs For Yasuo?
Exhaust vs Assassins/Burst mages. Ignite vs Healers or lanes u can kill or for basically every other lane, however if you are going to get trashed Teleport is also good (IE vs LeBlanc) however Ignite if you have the right team comp (A good jungler that can pull off ganks) or even exhaust if you are going to get trashed but will be able to get engages later in the game even if you cant CS a lot early. Same goes for basically any Champ but with new itemisation most AP can get away with ignite now instead of exhaust (Zhonya's/Abyssal are better atm). Teleport is pretty strong though as an AP vs a mid laner who wants to kill you /play aggressive or vs Assassins or just champs like Annie etc that aren't particularly great at pushing or need to kill you to carry. Barrier and heal are used sometimes too - Heal if the enemy laner isn't going to take ignite, barrier if they are - but when you want to be able to play defensive/aggressive or engage and deal with a burst with barrier/defend to deal with a burst with barrier. (Also to help against ganks).
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Sneed (OCE)
: lmao get good kid
: Smh, how many times -.- its not just about KDA
Yeah I should drag out the game and kill some fkn NPCs. Funfun.
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: And you don't even get an opinion, because this is the last account you'll ever make due to having been banned an innumerable amount of times. :^)
: Hi, I'm not Level1PentaKill ... I thought I'd join the discussion! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
No1 invited you bro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFzX1cr_Dgs
: Give us some tank destruction too it's a sad state of affairs.
Hard to stop tank deleters deleting squishies? Good. It's called squishy defense options. Stop making the game hairpinned and give us some freedoms. Stop crying about balance. The pro scene is small, a fun game isn't a pro one - people have lives. Lol.
: Or up the Sheen price since Irelia, Ezreal etc - all these Champions can do without the extra power of a 200g early Sheen - upping the cost and slowing down those who use it wont hit many people and the ones it does hit are all MVPs in the current meta in most cases. Tanks are a pain in the azz and this goes for mobility Champs too - the meta right now made the game a lot about these 2 but it left a lot of Champions in the dust - in fact, a majority - because its not as rewarding or fun to play them. Stop kissing the azz of media and think about the actual game.
Give us some tank destruction too it's a sad state of affairs.
: Fizz Counterplay: and other League Myths.
Or up the Sheen price since Irelia, Ezreal etc - all these Champions can do without the extra power of a 200g early Sheen - upping the cost and slowing down those who use it wont hit many people and the ones it does hit are all MVPs in the current meta in most cases. Tanks are a pain in the azz and this goes for mobility Champs too - the meta right now made the game a lot about these 2 but it left a lot of Champions in the dust - in fact, a majority - because its not as rewarding or fun to play them. Stop kissing the azz of media and think about the actual game.
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Bunny (OCE)
: How to Climb?
They have counter-mechanics to Elo Staticness however those counter-mechanics are repeatedly matching you with that specific Elo and guaging your stats based on that and its called clamping - if you want to escape this, don't stress out about it because a lot of it is in your head. Riot kept secrets to stop manipulations but if you think about the game from the same level you probably do and accept that that's how things are, you'll probably perform bettr but not only that, relax and have fun - which is what it's all about. You learn from doing or watching so if you want to get pro, watch pro's or play more - practice more, educate yourself - asking how to climb and asking questions that are probably on your mind are two different things and using other peoples psychology doesn't unlock things like training yourself on aspects of the game and understanding the game and all they'll usually do is pat you on the back or tell you to push/farm/split push/gank/lane freeze/make calls/roam/focus objectives/focus/stay positive/learn counterpicks/learn mechanics/learn builds/get to know your enemies too/prioritise targets/indicate strategies/give tips/give ideas. Most things like these work on your base knowledge and if you dont learn things like this you wont come up with your own ideas or know the base rulings of the game to be able to even correctly identify and adapt to peoples tips or situations. There are billions of situations in the game and if you know the basics, which you can learn through things like lolwiki-champion-strategy section or by checking out pros builds and guides on things like warding or even checking streamers because a lot of other people adapt to their ideas which are usually (for pros) copied so even if you dont want to copy you can adapt based around metas. Abuse the meta/adapt to it. If people just tell you to CS and you're versing a Nasus you're going to get stomped on. Most tips people give you point at learning the game. Quoting your stats doesn't indicate your skill level. You seem smart. I was Gold 2. I stopped playing for a bit and deranked on adapting to ranked again (I would have practiced normals but the game is different there, with no metas or try-harding so you dont catch up with the meta in norms, let alone catch onto favourite of the months etc and because of the different attitude in ranked, games progress differently and just checking up on champ changes and stuff helps but if you take a break from ranked and go back in it can be difficult - which to me just goes to show that practicing -in- ranked is important; and even though there are no guarantees - there are abundances of the same thing which can be abused; but can also be used or turn against you. Be careful blaming your team, because that's what you're doing - it's easy to lose faith and once you have given up, you're a liability and you're no good to anyone. It's like Shinji from Evangelion, he's a useless whiny little b-tch that has to get dragged from place to place, carried and told what to do - turning into what you hate just makes you the same and that's not carrying, that's not turning games. (What, you wanna fkn dominate every game, or blame your team for taking it harshly when its low elo and its not fun getting stomped when you cant see the goals ahead of you) [having goals is important, if you cant see them - you might slow down not knowing you could get there quickly or easily] Also, getting dominated happens. Be realistic please. People can go from -relaxed- to hyped mode for 3 games then feed 5 games in a row based on their psychology and easily punish a bunch of golds as silvers because they are difficult to guage with a simple ELO equation; plus it can be luck based.
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