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Doublehit (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wean,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=UFXd179i,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-04T22:15:17.850+0000) > > There is Normal Draft pick right now, but it may not always appear in game console. > You must be at least Summoner Level 10, and you must have at least 20 champions (including the free to play ones) to play that mode. > I wonder how many champions you own right now. > Blind Pick is for the lower leveled Summoners. > > Edit: You don't get Smite until you are Summoner level 9, and draft pick allows only one role per champion, you are not allowed to have duo top in that mode. > > It is possible to get duo top in Blind Pick, provided if you do not have smite. I am aware there is draft mode right now but im not sure how long ago u leveled up an account but it takes a good long while to actually get 20 champions. i own 10 right now. (ones i dont even play just cheap ones so i can play ranked once im 30)
u can get the other 10 through free champ rotation so u can play normal draft atm.
: I have been one of those people that got a ban (14 day for for saying kys and %%%), and i totally agreed with why the bot gave it to me, no previous chat restrictions, and i'm just trying to work back up already, and when these people show the chat logs, yeah ofc it looks only like maybe a chat restriction, but people need to get on with it if it's a 14 day ban, but straight up permas i understand why people would be angry.
and the %%% was homophobic not racist
Niji (OCE)
: Haha yeah we should make this the official Niji appreciation board instead. Comment below what you guys like about me most!
: Every games forum you will run into players that get ban and then whine about it. Nothing news.
ik its nothing new but lately it's just gotten worse like either people need to stop being dicks ingame and be nice for once or the bot needs to be worked on
Essembie (OCE)
: no, they're complaining that 14 day bans are triggered by incredibly minor infractions with no escalation through the formal punishment tiers and player behaviour are being kinda dicks about it because they trust the bots absolutely but bots just look for the word and not the context. People are not complaining about other people being banned / suspended for genuine toxicity. People are complaining about the fact that the system is hypersensitive and that there is genuine punishment overkill from the new system which has, since about august, been coming down hard on otherwise committed and positive players who genuinely care about the state of the game. Dont conflate the genuine concerns many people have over the ridiculous state of the punishment system with a few crybabies shedding a few tears because they were punished appropriately. They are two different issues. I can only hope you say something innocuous and get a 14 day suspension so that you understand the depth of the problem and can contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way.
I have been one of those people that got a ban (14 day for for saying kys and %%%), and i totally agreed with why the bot gave it to me, no previous chat restrictions, and i'm just trying to work back up already, and when these people show the chat logs, yeah ofc it looks only like maybe a chat restriction, but people need to get on with it if it's a 14 day ban, but straight up permas i understand why people would be angry.
Swicky (OCE)
: Hypocritical Ban
i saw the chat log below, and tbh it more looks like a chat restriction/14 day ban than a perma ban, the bot is kinda out of control
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: It does already.
ok ill tell everyone to kill themselves in pre and post game chat and see if it works ;)
Doublehit (OCE)
: What's the point of blind pick?
I agree, but blind pick has just become a way of life, and i cannot see it going away.
: I have to agree there. I just got 3 games in a row of trolls on my team or the other side. Like one game.. This guy had over 2k games. But fed me endlessly. What is being done?? New rank is about to start and that is going to offer them a new way of trolling people. WELCOME TO S8 WHERE TROLLS ARE GOING TO RULE! Already they are making B4 stay trapped in a game for 5 hours. What is next? Placement match trolls.
Symonia (OCE)
: When one report just isn't enough
Zvezdaa (OCE)
: Kindred
who wants kindred? Trash champ that can ruin the game for allies with his ulti
: Copy and Paste responses....
I haven't seen them in a while, is this in ranked or normal games?
: Or we could just ban accounts that are obviously bots in the first place. The issue is that these bots don't actually get banned.
Arkangyle (OCE)
: Ok first off, improve your CS. Not trolling here, but if you can consistently get it up above 6cs/min (which you've only done once in your last 11 games, not including jungle games) you'll find you reach your power spikes quicker, so you'll be less likely to be shit. Just generally (without seeing you play), learn when to trade and when not to trade with the common matchups you get in your lane. In a nutshell, if you can deal more damage than you take, or if you can make them burn resources/escapes/potions/summoner spells, it's a good trade. If it's not any of those things or you burn anything, it's a bad trade. In terms of champion specific mechanics, watch streamers who play those champs. Pay attention to how they trade, how they position, when they choose to engage and when they play safe, where and when they ward, what items they buy and in which order (and how that changes depending on matchup). Try to do what they do as best as you can without overextending past your mechanical ability, and you'll improve. Also realise that sometimes you get losing streaks. Take them on the chin and enjoy the win streaks when they come around.
Ty, the only thing is that i want to get into yasuo and the only streamer that mains yasuo is moe (yassuo) (trashuo)
: Can you please keep us in the loop Riot?
Yeah, i agree with you here because I haven't heard anything lately about stuff they talked about such as Aurelion and Yasuo rework. Tbh i would look forward to the mini yasuo rework like maybe changing one of his abilities becase imo he either gets destroyed or pops off so I would like to see a yasuo mini rework. But it does annoy me that they say that and never speak again about it.
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: I feel so sad for you getting one bot when I have 4 on my team.
yeah it sucks worse on aram but i dont really play it :/
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: You make some good points, I'm going to structure my reply around the 'paper scissors rock' metaphor you use because I like it and think it sums up the situation very nicely. The short of it is that assassins aren't included in the paper scissors rock game! Assassins are and have always been the optional extra mould-breaker class. _(I intend to make a big post on this point later, but this is just a good a time to discus it as any)_ the vast majority of games revolve around 3 key positions: DPS, Tank and Healer. League with its abundance of CC and other utilities obviously expands 'healer' into 'support' and excess of damage blurs the line between 'Tank' and 'Bruiser'. But the key concept is the same, one role does damage, one absorbs damage, and one heals damage. That IS very much a paper scissors rock situation. The tank protects the DPS, the healer keeps the tank alive, and the DPS kills the enemy before they can kill the healer. That is the basic structure of the vast majority of team based games both PvE and PvP. Victory then comes down to who has the better team-comp and who out-plays who. ____________ Assassins however are the wild card, they are introduced to throw a spanner into the works, interrupting the usual paper scissors rock cycle, and putting the enemy team off balance. By replacing your DPS with an assassin, you can bypass the enemy tank and remove either the enemy healer or enemy DPS instantly from the equation. However it is always a risky move, you get rid of one of their high priority targets, but it is at the cost of your sustained damage output. So if you are successful, you give your team the advantage by outnumbering the enemy, but if you are unsuccessful, you give the enemy the advantage because your team is now without it's sustained damage output. So assassins are and have always been greatly specialised high-risk/high-reward picks. It's the equivalent of playing paper scissors rock, and your scissors cut both the enemy's paper and scissors, but you can ONLY use scissors. You sacrifice a lot by giving up a DPS position to have an assassin, especially if you're giving up mid lane _(usually an AP role)_ to an AD assassin. So if your assassin fails to do its job, it should put your team at a disadvantage! That is the bane of being a 'specialised' class, you excel at doing your one specific job _(killing the DPS)_, but the trade off is that you are very bad at doing any other jobs _(e.g. Killing tanks, healing damage, absorbing damage etc.)_. ___________ League forgets about this trade-off, and thats why assassins are always so strong. Assassins in league have become jack-of-all-trades without losing their speciality. {{champion:157}} blocks more damage than most tanks with his wind wall, lifesteals more then most supports could heal him for, and has a greater sustained damage output than many mages or even ADC's, all WITHOUT losing his ability to annihilate squishes. if {{champion:238}} can't jump on the enemy DPS _(his one job)_, oh well, he just jumps on and assassinates the bruiser instead. {{champion:245}} and {{champion:64}} are just as effective tanks as they are assassins. And this is why Assassins in league have long since abandoned becoming 'specialty, high-risk/high-reward' picks, and have become a necessity becasue they are just so much more versatile then everyone else. Which completely defeats the purpose! specialty classes like Assassin, by definition SHOULD NOT BE versatile, they have one purpose. If they succeed, their team gets the advantage, if they fail, their team loses the advantage. Thats the risk you take when you decide to take away the safe pick of mage from your team comp and put an assassin in instead. So in short, Assassins shouldn't have a wide variety of targets, if they did, it would remove the risk you take by picking one. It's no different than picking an early-game team comp, you have a much greater chance of winning the game early on, but if the team manages to outplay your strategy and stay alive to keep the game going into late game, you have royally screwed yourself over with your picks. It's not fair to have the early game advantage, then when late game rolls around be like _"Oh its not fair that I'm the one disadvantaged now!"_, Just like if your assassin is unable to assassinate the high priority target, you can't just say _"Oh its not fair that our risk didn't pay off, so it's only fair that he just kills another one of you instead."_ You forget that Assassins are supposed to be an 'extra' role _(thats why there are only 5 positions on summoners rift but 6 playable roles.)_ So the game SHOULD NOT be balanced around assassins, it should be balanced around the paper scissors rock trio of tank/damage/support, and assassin should be a feast or famine risk you take to get the upper hand. The problem is, assassins are fun because everyone likes getting kills. So Riot releases more assassins, and makes other champs feel more like assassins, so therefore lots of people keep picking assassins, so then Riot balances the game around them. and thats why we have this horrible 1-hit meta atm. _________________ You say yourself: > I do agree that if you play your cards right they should get nuked. This means that they have to stick with their team and play correctly to avoid this So pretend that the ADC did play correctly, and being in the centre of the team prevented the assassin from going in on him. Don't you agree that because he played correctly and essentially outplayed the assassin, that he should now have the advantage? But that's not the way it works in league atm. even if the ADC plays 100% correctly and puts the tank between himself and the assassin, then the assassin just goes ham on the tank _(Maokai to take your example)_ and then the assassin's team now still has the upper hand by being 5v4. The only thing that prevents that from happening is that tanks have enough resistances to stop assassins from targeting them, Lethality however removes these resistances.
Woah, Sessh, I just meant this as a little post man, haha gw on your detailed responese.
vts (OCE)
: More effective to main mage mids or assassin mids?
the lethality is getting absolutely nuts atm, go assasins
: Too much dodging
i agree with the dodging, its getting silly, and the other week i had to sit through 11 lobbies that all got dodged before i got into a game. And as for the bots, they're starting to creep into norms too, I personally just play with a bot akali (went to each lane and got killed repeatedly like a level 4 would) and i'm getting sick of tired of losing games just because of that.
: Yassuo's Chrome History
CrankyOne (OCE)
: Can some one Tell me how to counter Yasuo?
okay so i don't know much about countering yasuo but i do know one thing. let the lane push into your turret. As i've been playing quite a bit of yasuo recently, one thing i definitely know how/what to do is to not let the lane push into their tower for most of the laning phase. it takes his 1. escape away 2. if you push out a tiny bit you can still stay in tower 3. it stops him scaling in the late game.also take advantage of when his windwall is down as it's on a 25 sec cooldown and you will want to take advantage of that.
: r ranks really how you determine peoples amount of goodness at lol
To be honest, if you're in bronze/silver/gold you get mixed up with bronzies silvers and goldies in this server, as this server is quite small. So it isn't the rank you've gotten to, it's probably luck.
: I genuinely don't see the point of Lethality, the main people who buy it are assassins, and the 1 job of an assassin is to take out the squishies, but squishies only every build _(at max)_ 1 armour item _(and even then, its not a true defensive item, its usually a damage item with a bit of armour added on for a laugh)_. So when your enemy has only 1 semi-armour item, why do you need 3 full lethality items? Assassins are supposed to be shit against tanks, thats the trade off for being able to wipe the floor with squishies. You cant have it both ways _(well... you **can** evidently... but you shouldn't be able to.)_ _________ I fully believe that champs like Zed and Kayn _(shadow assassin form only of course)_ and other assassin-esq champs, _should_ be able to 1-hit squishes. But, they should have to play everything right, and even then have to use their whole kit to do it. And by definition of using their whole kit to do it, they should be vulnerable afterwards. But that isn't the case, champs like Fizz can 1-hit with just his E/R, Kha can 1 hit with Q and an AA. meanwhile champs like Vi or Gragas have gained enough damage to quite easily qualify as assassins themselves. Agreed the tank meta was horrible, and I have no desire to ever return to it, but the choice doesn't have to be between Tank or assassin, isn't it about time we had an ADC meta? _(which when you think about it, makes sense to have the high priority target, actually be a high priority for once)_ Tbh I think the problem is, now there is TONS of damage in the game, and Riot cant simply remove it without it feeling bad for lots of players _(wether it's balanced or not, it does just 'feel' bad when you have noticeably less damage)_, and people will adjust of course and forget about eventually, but it's that period where it feels bad, that Riot is absolutely terrified of, and whats why instead of removing power from those who have too much, they keep giving more and more to those who are already balanced, and thats why we have ended up with this one-hit meta in the first place.
yeah, let's hope they don't replace regular gamemode with urf soon, because it's verging on that point.
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ThatsBS (OCE)
: Should summoners only get to use level 7 champs in ranked?
But people can just ban the champion they're level seven with, but i get the idea that you shouldn't be able to play champions you're not skilled with in ranked
Essembie (OCE)
: Penta in aram? Thats where all the bots are.
haha, but that is starting to get annoying, and it's even started creeping into regular summoners rift games.
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Ondir (OCE)
That's were your friends go when u first friend them so it makes sense it's still there but they could also make an option to change your default friends list.
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Kryptic (OCE)
: To check how many rune pages you own go to - Collection then - Runes. Near the 'Create New' button it should have xx/yy. I have 20 and now it says have 14/20 as I've made one for each Keystone except Unsealed Spellbook (who would actually use this?) well as the preset ones. You can also click the checkbox for 'Hide preset pages' but this only works in this page and not in lobby. I managed to even remove one of the presets on an alt account which only has 2 pages but not sure how I did it. They also removed the ability to move rune pages as well which is annoying as my Fleet Footwork page is stuck in a random position so be careful when creating a bunch of pages if you like order like myself.
if you're that singed that used smite to steal the enemy jungle and then play normally maybe you can use unsealed spell book? i did it once and the other team lost so hard.
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Overburn (OCE)
: Reported someone who told me to kill myself and called me a %%%got but got no instant feedback?
I had a pretty clean sheet and then i said those 2 things in one game and got a 14 day ban. I'm not justifying what i said, because it was wrong, but why isn't he banned aswell?
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: I'm pretty sure Lord Sesshomaru is a smurf that they exclusively use for the Boards (you need to be at least Level 10 to make posts with the exception of Support and perhaps another). They have also posted images of match-history and in-game screenshots before with a different username in it (Itachi Uchiha). I believe they have this account to keep their gaming and their Boards separate, so that one should not reflect the other, if that makes sense? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Then again, Sessh may just read this and prove me wrong xD
Nah he just uses this for boards I'm friends with in infamy and he hasn't levelled up in a year
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: Loss Prevented in Promos
what rank were you going to be?
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: Thoughts?
i just want this new rune thing so i dont have to grind to get runes.
: Star Guardian Vi
but vi isnt getting a star guardian skin... right?
: Honor 5
lucky ducky
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: Haha, if you want to improve i suggest you play only ranked, forget the normals, normal mechanics and ranked mechanics are 2 diff things its like apples to oranges.. arams to rifts.
ill probably only play em on my smurf until im somewhat gooder
: Ok.. help pls ty
Ugh, the toxic community in ranked is starting to really annoy the shit out of me. I started playing League in season five, but when i hit level 11 I got bored and stopped playing. At the start of season six I got back into and played it a lot ever since. I got level thirty and I thought "oh maybe I shouldn't play ranked until I'm pretty good at a few champions." I sort of have gotten better, but it's weird because I can't seem to get better at the game. Anyways, I go into ranked for the first time and the whole team feeds, and I get blamed because I get autofilled for jungle, and I'm not that good at jungle. I get flamed half to death and I'm just not going to play ranked until I win almost every normal game i play. :/ sorry mate, ranked is toxic and Oceania is even worse.
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