Alamo (OCE)
: If u like gangplank ... buy pantheon, he's an ad bruiser with similar poke potential and a global ult
I mainly got GP because pirates are sick as
kJs (OCE)
: Unrelated Tip: Don't automatically buy champions with RP. ____ Buy {{champion:38}}
I only buy champs with IP, feels like you've earned them then. I don't get rp very often, so I mainly get skins whenever I have some
: why not buy crit runes for Critplank instead of buying a champ
This guy... Here ya go {{item:2009}}
: I have most the champions I want to play so now when I buy a champion, I usually buy "common" picks so I can trade people in ranked
I like the thinking {{champion:74}}
GigaPube (OCE)
: buy a support cos not enough people play it. annie and soraka are cheap as hell you can buy both of them with the leftover ip, and/or alistar, hes top tier support right now
I already have the supports I enjoy playing and I go supp whenever I play with friends. All those champs are really good and I have em but ty for suggestions :)
: You scared of playing ranked?
I play this game for fun and generally stick away from ranked because every time I've tried to play it, all my games have been toxic and the opposite of fun. It gets a little annoying when people think you're a bit shit just because you dislike the ranked environment even though you're ok at the game (I'm CERTAINLY not saying I deserve a good rank because I'm no master but I'm not a dead shit).
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Dynamax (OCE)
{{champion:86}} was hit the hardest {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} (some people played dfg garen alot)


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