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Raspo (OCE)
: smurfs
i assume it's limited per phone though. So unless the player has multiple phone numbers, it's still a pretty secure system.
: Agreeable in the sense that you should stick to a role and champion and master it however there is one thing i'll frown upon. The lack of skill on champions don't necessarily help improve cs, trades and lane control. Rather the inexperience to laning. In the old jungle meta, trades, cs and lane control didn't exist so rather he does not know how to lane than how to play the champions.{{champion:240}}
Reducing the variance by playing other champions simplifies laning too.
: mundo is busted
The counter play is don't focus mundo. Mundos job is to tank and sustain. Look to flank around and focus someone else. I play mid ekko so I'll usually try to sit in some awkward spot and wait for the team fight to start. If I see an opening I'll look to focus the priority target. Priority target is usually adc/mid, but it could also be anyone who's fed and squishy. Too difficult to label the target as it's different in every game, but It's definitely not mundo. I see you play shen. If you can't deal with mundo in laning phase, and I mean you really can't deal with him after studying the match up in depth and looking at every option, shove into tower, roam mid. If you can't gain in your lane, gain somewhere else. Steal jungle camps, help your jungler invade, force the enemy midlaers sums/recall. Idk top lane in depth, but I've played with top laners who can't gain advantages in their lane, so they come to mine creating a 2v1.
: Your transition from jgl to other lanes mean you are starting from scratch at those roles. Your cs is quite bad on akali and talon, and dps overal is 3rd consistenly. From here i can tell - You are weak at laning phase; Either get put behind too often, or roam incorrectly and lose cs. The thing am confuse about is. You said you main jgl before. Just because scuttle got change you swap role? Stick to 1-2roles and master it. Stop playing all over the place. You need a successful mindset. A master craftmen continuously hone his art. Not switch focus when he feel like he suck. You've pointed out that you're making bad trades and losing lane control because of it. I'd say, that is due to your lack of exprience on the champ you are playing into certain match up. I would advice you to stick to 2 roles, and main 2champs for those role.
nice post, i agree with everything you say except for 1 thing. id rather say 1 role 1 champ ecks dee
Shankš (OCE)
> I used to main Jungle (kha'zix) however after the recent changes to scuttle I seem to perform better in the Mid-Top Lane with a new champ pool consisting of Talon/Akali (the main 2) however with Garen and Kat on the side. I disagree with changing roles/champions. You're switching from one discipline to another which results in the majority of work invested in the initial discipline going to waste. You've played 314 ranked games total this season so far. 68 games as khazix. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Umm... is my math right? Somebody check... (68/314) * 100 = 21% 21% of your total games is your main champ. Doublechecking math 314/100 = 3.14 (1%) 3.14 * 21% = 66 66 is close enough to 68 given my roundings. That's actually fucked... I am convinced there is no better word to describe this. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ You need to play more more games as one champion. I'm not gonna offer to watch any games due to the large variance in your champion pool. You're focusing on talon now, before that it was akali, before that it was random for over 10 games, before that it was akali, before that it was random, before that it was leblanc, before that it was galio... Focusing on one champion limits your scope. There is a small problem with this; it decreases the number of options you have to achieve success (win conditions etc). Playing more champions increases the number of options you have to achieve success, but you better know every single option and when they're relevant to each game. I'm not gonna go any further with a focus on you. We use terms like win rate, cs, kda, rank, mmr, damage dealt... The list goes on. These are important statistics that measure the success of a player/team in a given game. However I don't believe these are important metrics to measure the potential of being successful in league of legends. I've been focusing on learning my ekko matchups in mid, and I've gotten to the point where I dodge every game I don't get ekko mid. I have a spreadsheet of every champion I've vsed as ekko with notes which I refine after I find something new to add. With this I feel comfortable going into the common matchups, and my overall game knowledge has increased dramatically in the past 2 months. This doesn't mean i still win every game, or even play the match ups effectively. I make mistakes even though I clearly know what the right decision is. The question then becomes: "Why did I make that mistake?". I was too greedy for CS, I was too desperate to influence the map, I assumed kogmaw would rotate without looking at the map. These are some of the answers I've come up with recently to some of the questions I ask myself. This allows me to use different metrics to assess my games. Did I play the match up effectively? Did I apply the correct map pressure? Did I focus the right targets in team fights? ... There is a thought I had which I don't know where to place. It is the thought that sparked all this. Did I learn anything from that game? We invest so much time trying to win and cry when we don't. Maybe it's time to stop focusing on winning games, and instead focus on trying to learn? I don't know if any of this is right. I'm just a shitty gold ekko main.
Mindstar (OCE)
: [COMPLETE / RESOLVED] OCE Platform Maintenance - 2017-08-30
Do you think the problem could be traced back to my failed attempts at sql injection and replicating the samy worm? Samy is my hero! Rito pls let me do something dumb.
ProZeroG (OCE)
: Hi, I was wondering if one of use if you have time come help me get better at LOL and hopfully become a pro player like all of you. My main is Teemo he is a jungler so I was wondering if I could 1v1 someone and you give me points and tips. Thank you so much From Pro
rest in piece mate. no response for the teemo jungle main.
Brucyx (OCE)
: We are Avant Gaming, Ask us Anything!
@Anyone I've learned that constantly identifying your problems and finding solutions for them is a good way to improve. What do you guys do when you can't identify a problem or find a solution for it? Thanks.
Brucyx (OCE)
: We are Avant Gaming, Ask us Anything!
Sybol, how much do you hate me. How can I earn your love and respect? When will you 1v1 me? All members, 1v1?
NZ kLutch (OCE)
: I coming from an OCE region, would say that could become annoying. Our region is the only chance we have of having competitive ping and internets speeds to server. For America this is more reasonable, maybe even in Europe bu maybe not some of the other regions.
OCE players used to play on the NA server pre season 3... Some had the elo equivalent to diamond players. It's a viable option.
: never. the current system apparently works. if you're a solo player, for something like 97% of your games, you're only getting matched with 1 or 2 man parties, not 3 man or more parties.
> [{quoted}](name=A steezy Scizor,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=9QmPpkmk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-29T02:43:15.046+0000) > > never. the current system apparently works. if you're a solo player, for something like 97% of your games, you're only getting matched with 1 or 2 man parties, not 3 man or more parties. What proof do you have of this?
Niji (OCE)
: Never Roit lied to us all
> [{quoted}](name=Niji,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=9QmPpkmk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-29T02:02:32.743+0000) > > Never Roit lied to us all
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DW Rippii (OCE)
: We are OPL team, Dire Wolves. Ask us anything!
Can you guys persuade Sybol into writing a book on attaining challenger?
DW Rippii (OCE)
: We are OPL team, Dire Wolves. Ask us anything!
If Sybol could pick any female LoL champion to be his life long partner, who would it be?
DW Rippii (OCE)
: We are OPL team, Dire Wolves. Ask us anything!
You want help getting into a decent rank, but you don't want to play with a try hard. Does that mean you don't want to try?
Offense (OCE)
Woah wtf?
Ezrah (OCE)
: u got malz on ur team?
naa, still in queue lol.
Ezrah (OCE)
: hello {{champion:6}} to be kidding me xD
that dodge just now, rip.
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: Lol sated.
> [{quoted}](name=Roguestoney,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=jIrVNTxZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-19T06:55:27.695+0000) > > Lol sated. Lol nothing wrong with sated.
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Sarvaeth (OCE)
: I hate when pro players bring SoloQ ranks into it... or say another pro player is just "bad" They wouldn't be a professional player if they were bad.. and who cares about his SoloQ Rank? **Childish...**
It's an act. They don't entirely mean what they say. >>professional player >>oce lol
fum422 (OCE)
: what to do
Safe farm. Safe farm = going for cs that isn't risky. Dying isn't worth 40 gold. Being too low hp to get the safe cs isn't worthwhile either. If you can, try to let the wave push to your side of the lane and try to freeze it just before it hits your turret. You want to last hit only in this case as multiple hits will push the wave.
Kairutox (OCE)
: (LFM) Support
Current Rank: Silver 4 Highest Rank Achieved: Silver 3 Top 5 Support Champs: Thresh, Leona, Morgana, Blitzcrank, Annie What do you want from a team: I'm looking for a dedicated team that wants to build their knowledge of the game and strengthen relationships with team members.
: Windows Sensitivity resets upon entering LoL game
Well these forums are incredibly helpful, so I've proceeded to submitting a support ticket. Thanks for your attempted help Wuks. The most genuine of thanks goes out to the Rito staff. Thanks so much for your time and support through this agonizing time of which I contemplate killing myself.
: Windows Sensitivity resets upon entering LoL game
This is still a problem, any help is appreciated.
Wuks (OCE)
: Can you go into your League of Legends/config/game.cfg file, and copy/paste the contents here?
Tried it but sensitivity is still changing.
Wuks (OCE)
: Can you go into your League of Legends/config/game.cfg file, and copy/paste the contents here? Here you go man, I appreciate the help. [General] UserSetResolution=1 BindSysKeys=0 SnapCameraOnRespawn=1 OSXMouseAcceleration=1 EnableTargetedAttackMove=1 AutoAcquireTarget=0 EnableLightFx=0 WindowMode=2 ShowTurretRangeIndicators=1 HideEyeCandy=0 RelativeTeamColors=1 PredictMovement=0 WaitForVerticalSync=0 Colors=32 Height=1080 Width=1920 SystemMouseSpeed=0 CfgVersion=5.24.249 [HUD] ReplayScrollSmoothingEnabled=1 ReplayMiddleMouseScrollSpeed=0.5000 GlobalScaleReplay=1.0000 ShowSummonerNamesInScoreboard=0 MirroredScoreboard=0 ShowTeamFramesOnLeft=0 GlobalScale=1.0000 MinimapScale=1.0000 ShowPlayerStats=1 SB_MirroredCenter_Names=0 ShowAllChannelChat=1 ObjectTooltips=0 ShowTimestamps=1 FlashScreenWhenDamaged=0 ShowMetrics=1 ShowSpellCosts=0 NameTagDisplay=1 ShowChampionIndicator=0 ShowSummonerNames=1 CameraLockMode=0 MiddleClickDragScrollEnabled=0 ScrollSmoothingEnabled=0 KeyboardScrollSpeed=0.5000 MiddleMouseScrollSpeed=0.5000 MapScrollSpeed=0.5000 ShowAttackRadius=1 NumericCooldownFormat=2 DisableHudSpellClick=0 SmartCastWithIndicator_CastWhenNewSpellSelected=0 SmartCastOnKeyRelease=0 EnableLineMissileVis=1 FlipMiniMap=0 ItemShopPrevY=37 ItemShopPrevX=317 ItemShopResizeHeight=76 ItemShopResizeWidth=260 ItemShopPrevResizeHeight=1080 ItemShopPrevResizeWidth=1920 ItemShopItemDisplayMode=1 ItemShopStartPane=1 [Performance] ShadowsEnabled=1 CharacterInking=1 EnableHUDAnimations=0 PerPixelPointLighting=1 EnableParticleOptimizations=0 BudgetOverdrawAverage=10 BudgetSkinnedVertexCount=200000 BudgetSkinnedDrawCallCount=100 BudgetTextureUsage=150000 BudgetVertexCount=500000 BudgetTriangleCount=300000 BudgetDrawCallCount=1000 EnableGrassSwaying=1 EnableFXAA=0 AdvancedShader=0 FrameCapType=8 GammaEnabled=1 Full3DModeEnabled=0 AutoPerformanceSettings=0 ShadowQuality=3 CharacterQuality=3 GraphicsSlider=5 EffectsQuality=3 EnvironmentQuality=3 [Sound] DefaultFXVolume=100 DefaultMusicVolume=100 [ColorPalette] ColorPalette=1 [Volume] MasterVolume=0.16 PingsVolume=1 MusicMute=1 [LossOfControl] ShowSlows=0 [FloatingText] Countdown_Enabled=1 EnemyTrueDamage_Enabled=1 EnemyMagicalDamage_Enabled=1 EnemyPhysicalDamage_Enabled=1 TrueDamage_Enabled=1 MagicalDamage_Enabled=1 PhysicalDamage_Enabled=1 Score_Enabled=1 QuestComplete_Enabled=1 QuestReceived_Enabled=1 Disable_Enabled=1 Level_Enabled=1 Gold_Enabled=1 Dodge_Enabled=1 Heal_Enabled=1 Special_Enabled=1 Invulnerable_Enabled=1 Debug_Enabled=1 Absorbed_Enabled=1 OMW_Enabled=1 EnemyTrueDamageCritical_Enabled=1 EnemyMagicalDamageCritical_Enabled=1 EnemyPhysicalDamageCritical_Enabled=1 Experience_Enabled=1 TrueDamageCritical_Enabled=1 MagicalDamageCritical_Enabled=1 PhysicalDamageCritical_Enabled=1 ManaDamage_Enabled=1 ManaHeal_Enabled=1 [Chat] ChatY=0 ChatX=0 Transparency=0.0000 [Replay] EnableHelpTip=0
: ping before game this works too
Noxis (OCE)
: Toxic players and Baddies either kill yourself to escape the inevitable pain or stfu, we all have to deal with it.
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: Cereal killers recruiting
IGN: Lexhanatin Rank: Silver 3 Roles: Adc>Support>Mid>Jungle
: SUPPORT WANTED for TSSi (the secret spoon institute)
IGN: Lexhanatin Roles: Adc, Support.
: LF support/duo
IGN: Lexhanatin Rank: Silver 3 Can support decently through lane phase and team fights.
darkade (OCE)
: Creating a Ranked Team. Silver - Gold
IGN: Lexhanatin Rank: Silver 3 Role: Adc>Support>Mid>Jungle Sent you a friend request.
Threzh (OCE)
: Silver+ Ranked 5's
IGN: Lexhanatin Role: ADC>Support
: Super serious ranked team
In Game Name: Lexhanatin Role: Adc > Jungle/Mid > Support/Top
: Jungler looking for ranked team
: New player reform system heads into testing
I'm still extremely abusive and insulting and haven't been punished yet. 10/10 system.
: Hi i'm Derek 'Raydere' Trang, ADC for the Chiefs eSports Club. Ask me almost anything!
My friend Ricky peed next to you in the bathrooms at Gold Coast during Supanova a few years ago. Do you remember him?
: Looking for ranked duo partner: High Bronze - Low Silver
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Ksubi (OCE)
: [LFM] Creating Team Any Elo
Name: Nathaniel Age: 18 Gender: Male Location: Brisbane Skype: nathaniel-lexhanatin Elo: Silver IGN: Lexhanatin Lane: ADC, Jungle, Mid Secondary Roles: Support Additional Comments (Optional): Serious as
Skketched (OCE)
: LF Players S3+ Ranked 5's team
: LF Support/Jungle/Top Silver 5+
IRL Name: Nathaniel Age: 18 Ingame name: Lexhanatin What rank are you?: Silver 5 What role are you applying for?: ADC Which champions will you play?: Any What days are you available on Wednesdays and Sundays?: Every day Are you willing to use Teamspeak?: Yes Are you willing to compete in online tournaments? Yes
: >Previous Experience: Call of Duty 4 Promod 2011-2013. This holds no relevance to league whatsoever.
Edited it sorry, forgot to add number 1 CGO Ladder. It doesn't relate to LoL directly, it relates to team stuff.
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