Ninox (OCE)
: If you could be more specific that would be great. Are we talking packet loss lag? Ping lag? FPS lag? If it's connection issues then LagReport is a good place to start: This page here also has the common fixes which may help you:
The kind of lag I'm getting is because of FPS, my FPS is like 17. It's really annoying. My internet connection is fine it's just my FPS.
CooMing (OCE)
: How I get restriction
"National wide game"
nerf jg (OCE)
: Is Returning to League of Legends after 6 months worth it?
You know a couple days ago, I started playing again after around 3 years. The last couple of days have sucked.
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: Gandri, Warden of the Mountain
Seems like a valid idea-hopefully a riot employee sees this
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Smite (OCE)
: No but I was casting next to him
Smite (OCE)
: So funny story about the spectator being disconnected there. APPARENTLY (I really do not remember doing this) while casting the game I somehow kicked out the ethernet cable to the spectating PC. On the issue of pauses the players were on new PC's they weren't used to so there are usually problems that come up with just not being used to the set up. There were way less pauses later on during the day.
Wait are you the person who was on the spectating computer?
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: your kidding right?
I'm pretty sure Soraka is getting worse and worse and causes lag for me. Especially her Ult. It could just be my computer thart's packing up because I've had it for like six years.
Nabroar (OCE)
: My snowdown shop is empty
Have you already bought all of the skins? If you haven't, try logging in and logging back in again. If all else fails, send a report to Riot.
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: Can anyone help me out?
Hey puma paw, try uninstalling and reinstalling league of legends. Don't worry, uninstalling the game won't delete your account. If uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work, try sending a report to Riot. I hope this helped -Liam


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