Skyla (OCE)
: Looking for ADC main to duo with Gold - Plat
Yo. G3 AD main, feel free to hit me up, sent you a request if you're keen.
PurpIe (OCE)
: Gold 3 Janna main LF ADC
G4 ADC main, feel free to add me if you're interested.
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LunĂ¥ (OCE)
: S3 Support LF Rank Duo
Yo i'm a s3 AD Main / jng off role feel free to add me if ur keen
Lurenza (OCE)
: Low silver support player looking for a duo partner
Hey mate, Silver 4 AD main, feel free to add me "Life ls GG"
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: LF Dynamic Duo Partner
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: Support main! Silver 3 looking for other climbers
Silver 5 ADC main, hit me up if your interested IGN : BloodNgutz
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Life ls GG

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