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Ninox (OCE)
: You can, a quick google turns up some reasonably easy methods, however it is a do at your own risk kind of scenario since it's not officially supported. If you break your game, you'll probably have to clean reinstall it if you can't remember everything you've changed. It may not work as intended or you might have to try a few methods to find one that works. I would also recommend not using any 3rd party program to change the language, as they can contain other software than can get your account instant perma banned for cheats. If you use a 3rd party program and it does more than simply change the language of your client you risk your account.
Just did some research and yeah,all the ways are a bit more complex than I would have imagined. I still think it should be as easy as pressing a button in settings,but eh,we'll see what happens
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Dezath (OCE)
: Invasion quests
Add me! I play it all the time
CharSiu (OCE)
: Invasion premade
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I also love how you have such a high mastery for Urgot aswell :D
Robin1Hood (EUNE)
: Yorick is HEERE
His kit confused me,I need to see some gameplay but in general im glad they finally reworked him <3
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: Taliyah's new cast mechanic on W is so frustrating...
I literally dont understand ANYTHING these rioters are saying...?
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: What is your most 'hellish' lane?
{{champion:51}} into {{champion:236}} is pretty oppressive,not hellish tho. {{champion:55}} into {{champion:9}} is hellish for me
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Ròb (OCE)
: Really? The same terrible Game Mode AGAIN?
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: Looking for adc or support duo
Lets play sometime!! I main Jinx and Cait however I tend to switch it up and play other adcs such as MF,Trist,Sivir etc
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Shurima Art Contest top 10
Congrats to all the winners <3
Threxes (EUW)
: People from Sydney?
It is bullshit. Dont listen to them. My ping is a constant 19
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Nah the lack of skill is still cancerous though at some times he can retain a hint of normality.
I heard that all of his games are custom. He invites friends that are Plat or above and everyone on the other team is low elo.
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: My experience with Ranked on OCE so far.
Thats weird,my ranked games are quite enjoyable. I'm often the only salty person. Must be because of ELO difference? Then again,im B3 and my ranked environment is enjoyable,no complaints :)
: Dark Souls 3.
Tweak (OCE)
: Everyone seems to be forgetting what it was like before hextek chests were released.... You payed for skins. Now they're giving away free skins and people aren't happy that they have to work for them. Riot wants you to buy keys or chests. It would be bad business if they didn't. **A good way to gain chests or keys, based on my experience:** - Play different champions. - Try to play with people who can get an 'S' on their champions (or get and 'S' by yourself). Overall though, the point of the system is to give dedicated players free items, but still make money in the process. Just be happy they're giving us free items that are usually purchased with real money.
That is understandable. BUT you are forgetting that there are many people (like myself) that have been playing for weeks and barely gotten any key fragements or chests. Are we forgetting that there are things called gemstones aswell? If getting a single key fragement is rare imagine the drop rate of a gemstone! League of Legends is a FREE to play game. And if someone cant afford to buy skins hextech crafting is a good way for them to get skins/icons etc.
Shashe (OCE)
: Key Fragments
Me and my duo have been playing for the last 20 games aswell and we have not gotten A SINGLE key fragement. Numerous times both of us have gotten high ranks (S,S-,A+..etc) and we still havent gotten ANYTHING. This is quite frustrating because we both have 3 chests just sitting in our inventory waiting to be opened. And I do not want to spend rp on a key that i can get for free by playing games.
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DK Dizza (OCE)
: Reef name list
I shrugged off ocean week last year and now im totally regretting it {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} well atleast ill be getting my name on the mural! hopefully its in Sydney :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: New skin for Shyvana
How about a water themed one where all her abilities are replaced with an aquatic theme and she becomes an awesome water dragon in her ult :D
íce (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Too much rage,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=P1El8aAE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-04-10T09:26:00.977+0000) > > Pridestalker's shadow sounds AMAZING yo! IKR! :( This cap is killing me to be honest, I need to start a petition to increase summoner name characters to max 25 (from 16)
aww that sucks ass :c try Zed's Pu$$y :D (like another summoner suggested)
: Remove the surrender button in ranked.
Scoreboard: 50 v 2 "no dont surrender we can still win this!1!!11!1"
: How do I play adc?
íce (OCE)
: Name suggestions
Pridestalker's shadow sounds AMAZING yo!
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: Looking for adc to duo bot with (Silver)
add me, i main Cait,Jinx,Trist but i play others :) IGN: Too much rage
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Manyula (OCE)
: bed stay in bed
Learn to know signs of a stroke
: It's a punishment, end of story. In no way should it be convenient for those being punished.
So what youre saying is...."You CAN NOT talk to your friends! This is a punishment!"
Ninox (OCE)
: Having played with a friend in low priority queue, I noticed and suggested this, and the response I got was "don't play with people in the low priority queue"......right yeah that's definitely gonna help them.. I agree, the low priority queue shouldn't lock down the client. Or at the very least should mark you as In Queue. Or how about it doesn't put you straight into queue after the 20 minutes, so if you do afk you don't have to wait all over again cause you missed it.
**"Or how about it doesn't put you straight into queue after the 20 minutes, so if you do afk you don't have to wait all over again cause you missed it."** yesssss i forgot to mention that
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: Can we have some champion diversity please?
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GigaPube (OCE)
: everyone that complains about heimerdinger are riven mains who are too young to understand not to fight him in laning phase (cos they're 12)
When you play heimer in one for all there is no laning phase, they all go mid. Honestly did you not even read the title??
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